Dolthafaer Bregomael

Name Dolthafaer
Outward Appearance

He is of obvious Noldor heritage -- tall and lithe, dark-haired and eyes as grey as stone, with sharp features and a quick smile.  When he is afield, he wears somber greens and browns, but otherwise prefers a flourish of blues and purples.  


Dolthafaer was born in the 200th year of the Second Age in the city of Lindon. 

He is the son of Dolthamîr, a refuge of Gondolin and the Mouths of Sirion both, and Naurwen, a former follower of the Sons of Fëanor – two proud Noldor who had found each other after the War of Wrath, still struggling to come to terms with their new lives in a new city under a new king, and together, they had found new purpose. 

From his father, Dolthafaer learned of the beauty and might of Gondolin, and from his mother, he learned of the valiance and fierce pride of the Noldor.  He was raised in a time of unbroken peace in Lindon, but even so, Naurwen placed a bow and a blade in his hands as soon as he had the strength to hold them.  She took him far afield on their hunts and patrols, leading him over wide grassy hills and through thick forests while the other children near his age were laughing and chasing each other through the city streets. 

You are not like them, my son, she had whispered in the dark.  Never trust them.  Trust only your own.

Dolthamîr bore such talk with discomfort.  Pay her no mind, he pleaded.  She has lived a hard life. While he took his father’s advice to heart, he was not unmoved by his mother’s words.  His father sought to ground him by teaching him a steady trade – smithing, weaponcraft – and while he found satisfaction in the work, it was never his passion. 

The years passed peacefully and uneventfully for a time, and when the Last Alliance was formed, Dolthafaer was proud to fight under the banner of his king. He survived that bloody war, but Dolthamîr was not so lucky. Afterwards, he settled down in Imladris, though he never stayed in one place long. He found peace in the wild places of Middle-Earth, and purpose in picking off the stray orc and troll that crossed his path; and when the solitude became too much to bear, he returned to his home in Imladris.



Q:  Nuldafairë Tyelkomailë

Cousin: Ninimon
Thendryt wishes.
The Arrow, Vanimar, forests, mountains, snow, firewhiskey
Arrogance, wastefulness, laziness, blackberries.
Duty; honour.
"A threat understood is not a threat feared."

Dolthafaer's Adventures

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Dolthafaer's Adventures

Dolthafaer's Gallery

Dolthafaer's Gallery