Makanárë Angahyandë "Angril"

Name Makanare
Weaponsmith and Soldier
Outward Appearance

A Noldo of fierce and proud bearing, Makanárë immediately gives the impression of having been drilled in the rigor and precision of the military. She is seldom seen without her twin blades strapped to her side. A device bearing the eight-pointed star of the house of Fëanor is wrought on the shoulder of her cloak, and she wears it proudly. Her chestnut hair is cut to chin-length, framing her angular, plain features.


Her grey eyes are her only remarkable trait  - they are sharp as steel and just as cold. She speaks little, but finds what enjoyment she can in the slaying of yrch  and the forging of fine weapons. 


Makanárë's earliest memories are of a childhood spent within the fortification of the Pass of Aglon, where Celegorm and Curufin had their stronghold. Her mother Kalormë was a cavalry commander in the forces of Celegorm, who regularly led patrols of riders over the plain of Lothlann to the north, ever watchful against the threat looming behind the peaks of Thangorodrim. Artanáro, her father, was a statesman and member of Curufin's council, having followed the fourth son of Fëanor over the sea from Tirion. Though her father said little of his life before coming to Beleriand, he spoke of his elder brother Artamir with bitterness, naming him a turncoat and coward for following in the guard of Turgon the second son of Fingolfin. The brothers had been estranged since their youth in Tirion and never again met save in battle, and neither recognized the other.

Born in the year 70 of the First Age, Makanárë showed a talent for the forge early, and her mother gave her the name Angahyandë - Iron-cleaver. When she had barely reached her majority, she travelled to the lands of Caranthir in Thargelion to begin apprenticeship with a master smith. Her younger brother, Morináro, preferred word-smithing to weaponsmithing, and was an aspiring orator and statesman. Their strict yet loving parents impressed upon them early on that their duty lay to their people, and that meant first and foremost the House of Fëanor. Artanáro had strongly opposed Maedhros' abdication of his position as head of the Noldor to his uncle Fingolfin, as did many of the Noldor within the court of Celegorm and Curufin. In their home, the high tongue of Quenya was spoken openly, as was often the case in Aglon, a private act of defiance against the decree of Thingol which forbade its speaking in Beleriand. 

When both siblings came of age, Makanárë took up a position in the military, while her brother spent much time travelling with her father on diplomatic assignments. The few years of peace during the Siege of Angband, were the happiest and most content of her life. But they were not to last, as the Pass of Aglon fell to forces from the North in the Dagor Bragollach, and Makanárë watched as her mother was slain in battle. She, her father, and her brother fled to Nargothrond, where the people of Finrod welcomed them.

Makanárë was never at home in Nargothrond, feeling hemmed in by the subterranean passages and network of caves that constituted Finrod's halls, artfully carved though they were. It was there that she was forced to adopt a name in the Grey-Elven tongue, and became known as Angril, Iron-sheen, though she loved not the name. She joined the guard there as Angril, swearing oaths of fealty to Nargothrond while her heart remained ever with the Sons of Fëanor. Her father and brother remained in the service of Curufin, aiding his efforts to gain influence over the people of Nargothrond. When Finrod fell aiding Beren in his quest, she was among the supporters of Celegorm and Curufin as they attempted to wrest control of Nargothrond from Orodreth. When the sons of Fëanor were driven from Nargothrond in disgrace, she and her family joined them as well - for oaths of fealty and loyalty sealed by blood were not easily forgotten.

After then, the years until the breaking of Beleriand ran together in her memory, a constant stream of anguish, bloodshed, and the bitterness of exile. Her lords Curufin and Celegorm fell in the assault upon Menegroth, but somehow she, Morináro, and Artaná​ro survived, though it is not a memory she would ever wish to recall. Then she and her kin rallied behind the banner of Maedhros, and fought behind him until the bitter end. In their last desperate affray upon Sirion, she saw Morináro and Artaná​ro cut down by a young Noldo upon the steps of the great library beside the piers. She was quick to pursue, but the young soldier turned and fled into the library, slamming the massive oak doors in her face and barring the way. In that moment, she vowed to slay him and avenge her family, former comrade or kinsman though he might be.

The host of the Valar came, and she cursed at them silently, for how could they know the desolation and bloodshed that had been the lot of the Oathbound and all who had followed them into exile? During the chaos following the War of Wrath, she gathered all of her belongings that remained, chief of all her twin swords which she had forged in the land of Caranthir, at the end of her apprenticeship. Silently she passed over the mountains into Lindon, and settled in the realm of Gil-Galad, though she was loath to stay in a land ruled by an heir of Fingolfin. She refused to take up arms in his service and instead became a weaponsmith, finding solace by the forge and channeling her bitterness into crafting swords, spears, and daggers, as deadly as they were beautiful. 

When she heard of the founding of Eregion, she gladly left her life in Lindon to follow the last scion of the dispossessed house of Fëanor. In the city of Ost-in-Edhil she found welcome companionship in the craftsmen and warriors there, believing that they could indeed rebuild a realm of the Noldor that would endure in bliss and beauty like to that which the Exiles had left in Valinor. Their hopes were shattered by the bloody invasion of Eregion by Sauron's forces, and Makanárë dashed into battle once more, her blades drinking deep of the blood of yrch  and other filth. A fey light danced in her eyes, a light which had not been seen since she marched with the forces of Maedhros upon the Havens of Sirion. Laughing at death, she fought until her mind reeled in a bloodstained haze and corpses lay strewn about her. Yet it was not enough, and she fled into the Wild when Ost-in-Edhil fell, a mere shadow of her past self.

On returning to Lindon, Makanárë sneered at the news that Elrond had founded a refuge north of Eregion, in the valley of the Bruinen. Let Gil-galad's half-elven lackey retreat to his hidden refuge - she would never seek it, she was certain. For there would be no place where she could find rest, on either side of the Sundering Seas. Yet when the Last Alliance was formed, the call of vengeance for the rape of Eregion overcame her aversion to the rule of Gil-galad and she took up arms again, marching to the aid of Imladris with forces from Lindon. Upon the plain of Dagorlad she watched as Sauron and Gil-Galad fell, and a new age began. It was then that her proud heart bowed at the death of the last king of the Noldor, and she cursed herself for the unfounded hatred that she had borne toward the line of Fingolfin.

In grief and weariness she returned to Lindon, and spent the better part of the Third Age as a weaponsmith and warrior, in the defence of the rapidly diminishing realm of the Eldar upon the western shores of Middle-earth. And still her oath of vengeance upon her father and brother haunted her, the face of their slayer dogging her footsteps like a persistent ghost. Even after the defeat of the forces of Angmar in year 1974 of the Third Age, she was restless and longed for the clash of arms and the slaying of foes. When rumours reached her in the late years of the Third Age of a house of Noldor in Imladris, who had assembled under the leadership of a veteran of Beleriand, she set out to find if this was indeed true.

Cousin: Nolomir.
Annunghil, The feeling of a well-balanced sword in her hands, The field of battle, Weaponsmithing, Fine wine
Orcs and all other minions of the Enemy, All enemies of the Sons of Feanor, Finrod and the line of Arafinwe
To find the slayer of her father and brother, who perished in the assault upon Sirion
"Let the night fall - we shall fight on." "Takes more than that to kill me."

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Makanare's Adventures

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