People of the Shire

Founding date
Summer 2009
Make, eat and protect pies!
Main area of operations
The Shire
Kinship type
Kinship status
Dormant (not recruiting)
Recruiting Officer(s)


People of the Shire was formed when a small group of hungry hobbits were enjoying an evening in a local inn.
"Do you want some pie?" one asked.
Another of the hobbits responded: "Of course I want a pie, you silly. A hobbit without pie is like a fish without water!"
"Well, I do not have any pie on me," the one offering pie said.
"Why don't we bake some at dawn?"
"That's a marvelous idea! Let us form an alliance for pie!" they all agreed.

Next morning, they started baking all kinds of pies, mainly mushroom pies, though, because they liked these the most. When they were done baking sufficient pies to fill their bellies, they still had some pie left.
"Now what would we do with those spare pies?" one hobbit asked.
"We need a place to store them. It needs to be secure though, as we do not want the pies to be stolen!" the second said.
And so, they decided to build a kin hole in which they could store the pies.

When they started digging to create the tunnels of the burrow, one of the hobbits discovered an old chest. The hobbit alerted the others and they decided to open it. Pie crumbs were found inside, together with an old, red hat. One hobbit put the hat on her head. And thus, they had their first Chief.

Once the building of the kin hole was complete, the People of the Shire organized a party to celebrate the completion. The party attracted more hungry hobbits than they had imagined and they ran out of pie. To prevent this horrible event from happening again, the Chief appointed Shirriffs to watch over the stock of pie.

Months passed and more and more hungry hobbits joined the kin. Then, all of a sudden, the Chief was gone, no one knew where, but the hat was left behind on top of the pie chest. The kin started a search through all of the Shire, but the Chief was never to be found.

With nobody else to lead the kin, the Shirriffs decided to take turns: every few months the hat would be passed on to another Shirriff. Yarro was the first to carry the hat along, then Carme, then Firefern. After Firefern it would be Silkweed's turn. More recent "hat hangers" include Jadite, Bovso, and Wiberic. And so the hat tradition continues, as does the pie scoffing.


Chickweed Chickweed Shenanigan Hobbit
Matzo Matzo Shenanigan Hobbit
Nannie Nannie Hobbit

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