Diary from the South

Alas the time has come to leave all that i withold dear... Dark tidings from the south urge me to say farewell...for now. When we last gathered in Rivendell, we talked and talked....i knew this was the last time il see my friends and allies for a long time. However I am atlast glad it wont affect the kinship or the alliance. I left the People of Shire in good hands. As I ride through the ruins of Eregion my thoughts wander off to my childhood, when I first saw my older brother in his bounder uniform...From that moment I knew my fate is to defend the lands of my dear fellow hobbits. I knew that the South will rise again. Mordor will not stand idle for always. The proof of my thoughts were in front of me. The gates of Durin, the long lost entrance to Khazad Dum. The demise of the dwarves was familiar to me from my long talks with Lord Vunar and Lord Feldsparr, the dwarf lords of The Mithril Guard and Baruk Khazad. I only hope they, and the rest of my friends are fine without me... ((ooc: the south will rise again hehe))