March of the Shire-folk

The meeting place was set at the great stage south of Bywater.....Some ten minutes before the meeting time Alariana and a few hobbits were there but it seemed noone else would come.... We started to panic but we received news from our informers from Hobbiton that two dwarves were coming to our direction! Ahh Vunar has kept his promise! He sent his emmisaries to this gathering! Suddenly something moved in the bushes behind us! We turned slowly and were highly suprised as it was a group of my kinsman, the People of Shire, with them was a tall, proud man. Jamiodoc, one of my hobbits gave his report: "Greetings mylady, I apologise for being late, our party had to chop our way through a group of very nasty bandits on the way... "Worry not, you are here and unhurt which is all that matters" The conversation has begun and soon friendships were formed between hobbits, dwarves and men alike! We decided to follow a strict strategy which would cover most of west shire and free of danger some troubled place my scouts informed me off. I lead a group with the task of marching the north way and eliminating the great wolf threat that disturbed the peaciful hobbits of Little Delving and Waymet. We managed to arrive soonly enough to the wolf lair and fought valiantly against the wretched beasts. We soon killed their leader and the wolves ran away. We continued to Michael Delving. Second group was lead by Zirakil and was tasked to check what is disturbing a good hobbit of Tuckborough who hasnt been seen for a long time. They managed to find his house and had some troubles with rats but managed to overhelm them and continue their journey to the capital. On their way there was no troubles except they heard a few howls from the north. Third group, lead by Jamiodoc had a peaciful but hard task. They had to hurry before everyone else and inform the hobbits of Waymet and Michael Delving of what is happening. They had troubles getting some hobbit girl to move her carts so they could continue their journey. When they almost arrived their road was cut off by running wolves who whilst running to the south noticed this company wore no weapons or armour so they attacked them. Without any weapons they fought hands teeth! and they defeated the beasts! Than continue to Michael Delving. We all arrived there and filled our mising puzzles with each groups story. When there we marched to the Mayor. We insisted that he recruits more bounders, or if he cant than atleast supply us with supplies and we will fight for the people of shire. He refused so we retreated to the Bird and Baby Inn and decided that if the authorities wont help the poor hobbits we must! The Mithril Guard and People of Shire made a pact to help each toher and defend the lands of hobbits and dwarves!