Poem - A Hobbit's Favourite Dinner

Pies and tarts, a slice or two,
A bowl of soup, a bowl of stew,
Give me some bread to dunk in too,
And to that, a pint of brew.

A freshly caught and roasted fish,
With a big, full potato dish,
And of course a slice of quiche,
That is a Hobbit's dinner wish!

Some mutton always tastes fine,
If served with sauce and eggs in brine,
Then later some delicious wine,
Of course best servéd in a pint!

For dessert, I am fond of cake
And berry-pies I'll gladly take.
But if I should partake of steak,
I think my belly'd start to ache!

I'll grab what's there, and eat until
I'm full and round and had my fill,
Of course, the thing I never will
Grab from the table is the bill!