Seraphand "Sera" Dandyhill

Name Seraphand
Jeweller and Cook
Michel Delving
Outward Appearance

Standing between 3'9 and 4'3, Seraphand is tall for an average hobbit, even for a Fallohide. No one knows how or why she towers above most hobbits in the Shire, and generally, the Hobbits don't want to know.
She has a very cheery smile most of the times, young and enthusiastic, and her hands have some small burn marks from cooking - be it pie, or just simply bread.
Seraphand is slim, looking graceful, with red hair, and astounding blue eyes. However, the most peculiar thing many hobbits find about her (aside from her height) is her Stoorish accent. This is because her family, the Dandyhills, were originally Stoors from Enedwaith who migrated to the Northfarthing long long ago, and slowly interbred with the Fallohides dwelling there, until no trace of Stoorish could be found within the family's features. However, they keep the Stoorish accent a tradition.
Seraphand can usually be found dressed in an aray of dark clothing, particularly black, which makes her rather infamous among other hobbits.

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"Will ye get up, ye lazy bum, and help me cook?" - Sera's Gammer.

Seraphand, or usually Sera to friends, comes from the reaches of Northfarthing, having been raised as a Fallohide with a Stoorish accent. Her mother and father left Sera in the care of her Gammer while making a trip to Oatbarton - a trip from which they had not returned. Sera waited thirteen long years for her parents to show up, until it was eventually discovered that her parents were victims of Goblins nearing the border of the Shire.

Blueflower Dandyhill raised her Granddaughter with very strict morals and a rather grumpy outlook on life, but to her bewilderment, Seraphand kept herself cheerful until her Coming of Age, but did not relinquish her hold on the young hobbit, loving her too much. However, to mask this love, she kept on rambling on about how "useless" Sera was, accusing her of burning various meals, destroying the flower fields, or just being downright mean to her daughter's child.

Then there came the fateful day, Seraphand was just tending to the flowers during dusk when her best friend came to her and asked her to accompany him to the Plough and Stars Inn. Seraphand, eager and young, accepted and left her Gammer yelling at her out of the window, heading for the Plough and Stars. However, instead of finding the wonderous tale-tellers and poets that she pictured, she instead found a round of hobbits playing a cheerful drinking game, of which her friend was a part of. Seraphand ended up having a little too much ale and woke up in front of her Gammer's doorstep, her Gammer staring down at her hard. "You are in big trouble lass, get inside!" Her Gammer shouted, and Seraphand's punishment was a round of scolding which drove Seraphand to tears. Since that day Seraphand became a rebellious little handful, even when she became old enough to live on her own, and constantly disobeyed her Gammer, going out with those "silly tweens" (As Blueflower calls them) for some drinking games, and sneaking back home in the middle of the night either mildly intoxicated or just sober, the former which tends to be more common nowadays.

Gammer: Blueflower
Pie, the Shire, Ale, Cooking, Making Shiny things, Intoxication, Doing things she's not allowed to do, being Loud
Wolves, spoiled pie, being scolded by her Gammer, being ignored, being blamed for things she didn't do, getting caught doing things she's not allowed to do
To become a well commisioned Tinker and live her own life away from her strict Gammer.
"Aye! Why're ye disturbin' me readin' session?" - Sera to a particularly nosy hobbit.

Seraphand's Adventures

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Seraphand's Adventures

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