Around the Smoking Fire

Khyus rolled his shoulder and nodded to Gryffudd. "Five days have I been away from this place and still she is hidden somewhere unseen. If this woman even exists, I would meet her." He smiled somewhat, lightening his permanent furrow.

Cerrynt takes the skewer from the fire and tests the meat with the tip of her knife a few times before deciding it's done. She then brings it around to Khyus and offers it to him.

Gryffudd grumbled, but his hands were bound by the seer's words. Still, he had been asking for it. "She exists," he groaned. Some days he wished she didn't. "I'll fetch her. If she's going to have to wait for spring to lie in someone else's bed she might as well give up her quarantine." He turned lumbered off to his roundhouse, leaving Danhadlen to host.

Khyus took the skewer and nodded his thanks to Cerrynt, but blew on it before he would test it.

Danhadlen chortled. 'I've seen her, and heard her sing. She seems a shy one, but then... I suppose she might have reason.' She shrugged. 'Not that I ever was, so I can only guess.'

Cerrynt nods satisfied at Khyus taking the rabbit and returns to where she set out the furs, taking them to hang on the surface of a stone to better dry in the fire's heat.

Canwr watched the man depart. "There was a man, who lived far to the north..." He settled down by the fire once more. "In the land of the Trev Gallorg..."