Woodmen of Eriador Clan Moot

The Woodmen of Eriador are a small clan of folk from the Vales of the Anduin who came over the mountains with Radagast, and now dwell in a small clan settlement in the eaves of the Chetwood. Every week they gather for a clan moot. Friends from Bree-land are welcome to call on them for business or just to share in their supper.

August 16th, 2020
8:00pm servertime every Sunday
8 Long Street in Stanlinch (the clan lodge)

Event details:

A weekly gathering to discuss things that have happened, or will happen, affecting the clan, or to conduct business amongst the clan or with friends and visitors, or simply to share a supper.

OOC details:

This is an RP event to keep things moving amongst the kinship as well as with any others who wish to drop by and participate. In addition to the RP that arises from everyone's participation, there will be occasional 'plot seeds' to make things happen. All members are welcome to introduce such events; if you'd like help or advice on plot ideas to introduce or flesh out, contact Heriwulf.

See logs of all clan moots (no longer allowed on LA but hosted elsewhere).


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