The Forngarmo of The Dúnedain

Name Forngarmo
Middle Aged
Outward Appearance


Tall woman with medium dark brown and straight hair, of pale skin. Big round eyes, dark grey, are crowned with long eyelashes. Small nose, sets upon her young pink lips with no expression, but she is still a kind person. With all that happened to her through her life she gained experience that give her more serious and mature tone of woman in her best years. Strong, wide shouldered with muscular arms and legs  represents typical warrior. A scar runs down her right cheek as a reminder of the battle of old. "Forngarmo" (The Northern Wolf) or "Galad" (The Light) for many remains hidden for random people. She roams the lands wearing her white robe, while her hooded cloak and a mask guards her face before the other's sight. She removes her mask and hood only when she speaks with someone close to her or when she really trusts you. 


She is proficient with Great Axes, Greatswords and Greatclubs. Her favored weapon is Argalad (Noble Light) made of steel, heavy on her hand and with emblem of a star. She is an excellent fighter, using her force and skills to break weaker iron armor or chain mail.
In close combat she uses her Greatsword Argalad.


Armour and appearance:
If visiting towns she can be seen around wearing her white clothes. In first case she would be seen wearing a long white robe, with a hooded cloak and a mask.

Same goes for the winter, she would be seen wearing clothes that would help her stay warm, with furs. She regularly resides Forochel so you may see her in that outfit whenever you encounter her there. 

Only exception is the woodland, where she wears a light chainmail chestpiece, masked with a brown cloth, long boots also brown and hooded dark green cloak with hood and mask to alter the woodland camouflage. 

- Horses:
Randir is a blonde horse that is very loyal to Katrandil and supports her whenever she calls for him. It is a massive animal measuring in excess of 24 hands tall. 


Ramdil - dark brown steed that she uses if she wants not to be easily spotted. 

- Men:
Natoriel - Trusted companion of Katrandil, he helps her whenever she needs and calls for him.

Camlann - An archer who was saved by Katrandil during one of her adventures. He has sworn his bow to Kat as thanks for the rescue and can be found by her side sometimes.

- Other:
Valor - White wolf found by Katrandil in the forest, abandoned by his mother. She raised him and trained as her companion. He has now his own pack, but sometimes still can be found around Kat.

Faroth - A hound found by Katrandil on one of her journeys, from a puppy he has been trained by some unknown person, probably one of Katrandil's kin. He gladly follows her.


"Kate" Forngarmo was born long after the fall of the Northern Kingdoms. On 21st day of the Narwain on the year 2975 of The Third Age as a descendant of the Legendary bloodline of the Dúnedain. Others of her kindred were already scattered around the lands of Eriador, creating and settling in a small villages or living in the forests at the camps. There, in a small camp in the forests of Evendim the story of The "Forngarmo" begins. There in a small camp, near the border with Forochel lived a small group of the Dúnedain. It was also where Fornenar, the captain of the group and Nethinor (Arandil) Elendar, the master huntsman and tracker decided to marry each other. Not long after the decission they travelled to Tinnudir to fullfill their marriage, settle in and give birth to their twin daughters Forngarmo (Kate) and Niphredil (Alanza). The girl's heritage remained secret to her even when she reached the age of eighteen. Fornenar was waiting for the right moment to reveal the truth to her daughter, keeping her safe from any harm that may come. From her early years The "Forngarmo" was trained and learned how to fight with various weapons. She mastered using of the greatsword and learned the basics of survival and tracking. After the training was done, Fornenar decided to tell The Forngarmo of her identity and heritage. At the first days of the Spring Forngarmo has joined the hunting party that was looking for food for the others. She and her mother decided to part their ways with the others as well as with each other not long after that. Then she heard the sounds of struggle behind. The Forngarmo ran back to find out what is happening. She found her fellows fighting a medium band of orcs that were overwhelming them. "Forngarmo, run! Run, warn the others!" - she heard her mother shouting in her direction. She turned and started to run towards the small outpost of the rangers. Screaming and sounds of fighting were all that she was hearing during her way. She got the reinforcements but it was too late. The orcs had reached the outpost not long after her. Forngarmo, worried about her mother fought bravely against the enemies. After the battle was done Nethinor and his daughter started to tend to the wounded in the best way they were able to. Anyway, the outpost was destroyed and the rangers were victorious. After comforting the wounded, they decided to search for The Fornenar, who has not returned. Forngarmo still had hope as she knew that her mother is a really strong person. They found her not long after that, lying on the ground, wounded. With three orcs surrounding her. Forngarmo and Nethinor ran to aid her, trying to fight off the orcs. As one of them fell, Forngarmo leaned down to her mother to check on her. Fornenar looked at her "Go, help father. I'll be alright, Forngarmo.". Forngarmo ran towards her father and reached him in time. After he beheaded one of the orcs, the other one was going to reach his back but then Kate decided to stand between them. Forngarmo screamed in anger as the blade grazed her side. She beheaded the orc and then turned around as she heard the others coming. Her sister, Niphredil was still shocked about what happened. She looked at The Forngarmo and the blood soaking through her fingers. Kate looked at her sister. "Be strong, sister. And do not ever trust anyone until you will feel that you can." - She said then looked at the others. The day was saved but everyone was forced to find another spot for themselves and they did in the ruins. There another of The Forngarmo's siblings were born: Aredwenn, then another twins Netharion and Nethirion and at last Thorenion. With so many siblings she needed to help her parents. She kept taking on various jobs, from guarding to fighting to get money, mastering her sword play even more. After five years passed, she decided to leave again. Her journey began, with Rivendell being the first stop on her way. The Forngarmo was travelling through the Lone Lands and it was where she parted ways with her twin sister Niphredil (Alanza), then she encountered a man surrounded by goblins. She decided to help him and then he joined her in her journey. Half a year after that they ended up in Forochel assisting the Lossoth, she remained known to them as The Forngarmo.  After a year spent there the two became friends. Then they moved on together, on their way to Rivendell but never reached it together. The man named Gondorn decided to stay in Bree and there they parted their ways. Kate travelled alone to Rivendell and got mistaken as one of the evil men. The elves imprisoned her but hopefully the elf maiden recognized the white clothed woman, but instead of freeing her she was brought to Lord Elrond. He was spending his day in his library, but not alone. One of the high ranked soldiers, Ornessar by the name was keeping him a company. Elrond looked at the hooded woman. "Your deeds are already known to me, The Forngarmo. Make yourself at home, as I know who you truly are. And for your deeds I name you Galad, The Light. Do not ever fall into the shadows, young one." - She heard the words of Elrond. She bowed her head then Elrond turned to his trusted soldier. He was told to show Kate the city, anyway the two began talking. After another years spent there and assisting the elves the Two became close friends then Kate, "The Forngarmo" in the Northern Lands and now known to elves as "Galad" left the Trollshaws hoping to reunite with her twin and not letting anyone know where she can be found, but not being forgotten. As for her siblings, they all went separate ways: Niphredil, died in the ambush when she was trying to return to her homeland, Aredwenn ventured into the Bree-Land where she also perished, Netharion has left the north and began a new life or a Gondorian Soldier in Minas Tirith, Nethirion roams all the lands of the Eriador known as the Grey Pilgrim and at last Thorenion, who pushed his heritage aside and lives a normal life somewhere in Bree-Town.

She considers Padrasul and Ornessar her closest friends.
Husband: Faerollas, Son: Faethuil,Daughters: Fornelen and Forntirith], Mother: [[Fornenar, Father: Nethinor, Sisters: Alanza (Niphredil, deceased), Aredwenn (deceased), Brothers: Netharion, Nethirion , Thorenion
Enemies of her friends, but above all an enemy commander - Taechoo.
animals, joking around and music and wilderness above all
Servants of Sauron
To keep the world safe and peaceful, aid those in need and protect them.
"Never lose hope, friend..", "I was not born to be happy, I was born to bring the happiness to those in need.."

Forngarmo's Adventures

Forngarmo's Adventures

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