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Taraborn had never been happier, for he was home.

Not Minas Tirith, where he had spent his childhood with his father, or the Southern reaches of Rohan where he had spent the next few years of his life, learning the way of the soldier. Not even Bree, the town where he had settled down for a few years now. It was the longest he’d stayed in one place since childhood, but no, it wasn’t home.


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It passed two weeks since their farm was burned down by brigands and Briannons nemesis Taergor, brigand chief. Hiath was taken and gone missing, and any attempt of Briannon to gather enough men to help her find her husband and father of her child was failed.

Then night came and Hiath was on doors of small room near Beggars alley, her hideout. Many wounds of flesh and heart made them fragile, but their strenght came back with sight of each other.

- Tirandir. - she gasped.

- Skylark. - he replied faintly with smile on his bruised face.

The Search for Sir Damlan Sarrell. (Chapter Four; Reunited).

What kind of Adventure is this?: 

And so it ends.

The younger brother rides into Celondim.

The younger brother watches as Damlan boards a ship, embracing an elf, as if the elf was his father, but the brother knows it is not so.  Damlans father lies in a grave near Edunas.

He calls out, and both elf and man turn to him.

Shock appears on Damlans face, and he leaps from the boat into the water, closely followed by the Elf.  The sails are lowered and the boat stops, waiting for its passengers to return.

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