Narrators of Fate

Founding date
~June 2020
Facilitating roleplay (all skill levels, new and veteran roleplayers welcome!) and collaborative story telling in LOTRO
Main area of operations
Currently Breelands and Lonelands (This group is nomadic)
Kinship type
Atharann, Gregwald, The Blackbird Soothery staff, Windswept
Enemies to the Free People of Middle Earth
Kinship status
Recruiting Officer(s)


Ryheric the mercenary-bard blew in to Combe one day from "east-a-ways". He arrived as part of a very large and spread out caravan. People from Dale, Rohan and the Misty Mountains made up this caravan. Dwarven traders, human merchants, refugees, travelers, visitors favouring the safety of the large group.

The caravan dispersed once it reached Bree. However, from a few individuals who had arrived on the caravan with him, new Breelanders who had joined them, and other folk they had met along the way, the kinship Narrators of Fate was formed.

Ryheric's habit of involving himself to help locals with investigation or searching tasks began to turn into something different. He became a leader as the kinship grew in number and involvement.
The kinship is now a nomadic group which has a focus in all sorts of purposes helpful to the Free Folk of Middle Earth. Sometimes this is mercenary work, trade, building connections or possessing a skill that will help others adapt to what is required on the field. Sometimes investigation. Sometimes it is simply a willingness to stop by and speak to jaded locals, invigorating a spark of camaraderie or hope. Other times it is listening to the more seasoned adventurers passing through speak of their tales and experiences. Of course, it is also story telling, music, dancing and revelry!


Aerluinil Aerluinil Man
Atharann Atharann, Son of Athrandir Man
Finrost Finrost Man
Lavendara Lavendara Man
Mildwynn Mildwynn (Winnie) Man
Ryheric Ryheric Man
Sairona Silver Man
Tarsorel Tarsorel Man
Tatton Tatton Wiltswoe Man

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