The Shadow Walkers: Lhaereth The Stained

What kind of Adventure is this?: 

The three friends and the dozens of other Warriors might have just encountered Shelob but the joy and glory of having no casualties did not last lore. Almost immediately after they left Shelob's Lair they found themselves in the unending darkness of Mordor once again. And their next step would be Agarnaith. As they moved through Dor Amarth, they met with two other groups and raided not only the orc encampment of Fushaum Tum but several more other encampments of the minions of the Enemy.


What kind of Adventure is this?: 

Early summer, present days, Imladris


(Silwë - Ch 1) Silwë of Valinor

What kind of Adventure is this?: 

Silwë loved the stars, and that is how he was named; for that name means Star-light in the language of the Noldor, Quenya. In the days before the Sun and the Moon, the Noldor had been second to follow the path of the Vala Oromë upon the Great Journey from the East, through the darkened Greenwood and over the mountains, and across the great sea to Aman, the Undying Lands. This is where Silwë dwelt, near Tirion-upon-Túna, with the Noldor, his people, under the light of the Two Trees.

The Memory Seed: A Song, A Dream, A Silver Swan

What kind of Adventure is this?: 

Diary, Diary, Diary. I have so much to explain.

Through the yéni, the Vanyar and others have nurtured a song that, when sung to one asleep, heals the fëa through dreams. One travels, often in the form of an animal -- some soar as eagles, or even sea-birds as if they had taken form like Elwing. And one sees, or does not. One looks upon Valinor. 

So it was that I loosed my girdle, unlocked the door to my house, and lay down in bed to let my mind wander. I had one question in mind, and only one.


What kind of Adventure is this?: 

A voice speaks
to those who will hear.
Softly it comes, as the early spring breeze,
a whisper of joy and sadness, yet not of fear.

Upon the voices of gulls is it lifted,
by lapping wavelets is it carried.
Through summer's green grass,
and winter's bare trees.
Upon the wind, in the air,
passed on by bard and scholar alike.

Few enough there be who hearken,
who seek to understand.
But to them is given a gift,
a strength of longing, a restlessness,
a strange and silent calling;

The White Ships

What kind of Adventure is this?: 

There I sat and watched,
as the White Ships bare them hence.
I stood and wept, one so wretched,
left now alone, with no fence.

The White Ships bore them hence.

A seagull did fly upon the wing
its mournful cries tinged with darkness.
I felt for a time that my heart could not sing,
but still I knew my ending would be no less.

The White Ships bore them hence.

With a wild and insatiable heart did I remain,
now to explore, to learn, to fight

The White Ships: A Poetry Collection (excerpts)

Gallatrien "Lothfalas" wrote these poems during her spare time.

This is a collection of poetry written by Gallatrien "Lothfalas," which includes references to events in her own life (such as her brother's disappearance) and the life of Loth-i-Lonnath. 

At least some of the poems in this collection would likely be available in Loth-i-Lonnath's library in Thammas Lorn (across the river from Duillond.)

Alfirin like unto golden Bells

What kind of Adventure is this?: 

Alfirin like to golden bells

On plains of fairest Lebennin

with many of its sisters dwells

Ornessar's Diary: The Flight of the Noldor, Pt 2

What kind of Adventure is this?: 

Dear diary,

King Finwë was slain, the Two Trees were destroyed and the Silmarils were stolen. Darkness can be felt on every side of Aman. I saw a kinslaying with my own eyes. I, my sisters and my mother and father fought against the kinslayers who desired to steal our ships. My father was slain in front of my eyes. Many of the Ñoldor left Valinor, following Lord Fingolfin and Fëanor. Lord Finarfin would start a march as well, though he returned to Valinor. But I and my sisters and mother went on and caught up with Fingolfin.

Ornessar's Diary: The Flight of the Noldor, Pt 1

What kind of Adventure is this?: 

V.Y 1495

Dear diary,

The light of Laurelin is shining brightly, and Telperion is resting. I, my family and Calaerneth have returned to Alqualondë from the Gardens of Lórien, yet I sense something bad. While we were resting in the Gardens of Lórien, I saw a dream, a vision. I believe Lord Irmo is trying to give us a warning... 


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