Reinforcements and Victory (In House Event)

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Day two had passed quietly. However upon seeing a sketch in Winnie's book, Ryheric had sent Harold to Bree to request Silver's presence. When Harold returned, he brought with him a letter addressed to Ryheric from a dwarven leader of a small guild running out of the Harp and Hammer. "We have shared goals, come and meet with our company" the letter said. Ryheric had Winnie write his response. It said that indeed, if goals were shared, the dwarf's company would instead come to the Lonelands to help Ryheric's company fight orcs.

Day One: Intercepting Orcs Near Weathertop

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Day One. Daytime:
After arriving in the Lonelands, the group is debriefed outside the Forsaken inn. They see Weathertop (where there will be orcs attempting to make a foothold) from a distance. Airodir scouts for numbers, and Ryheric takes part of the group ready and present to get a better idea of what they are up against. They start out in the afternoon, leading into dusk of DAY ONE, deliberately choosing a time when night will fall to ensure they are getting the proper scope of orc/goblin activity.

Day One. Evening/night:

Gregwald's Story of the Lady Finch

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The Lady Finch (Click to Listen)

This is Ryheric's theme for a story he heard told by Gregwald.

To the best of Ryheric's memory, the tale was about a lady finch, hatched in captivity from an egg. The birds nest was found perched on the shoulder of a troll, turned to stone.

Knife Juggler

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Knife Juggler (Click to listen)

Ryheric composed this piece after convincing Loakee to juggle his knives outside the Prancing Pony in front of a small crowd. Loakee impressed the audience not only by juggling knives, but also balancing along a narrow wooden beam, leaving a few of the characters nerve wracked, but ultimately entertained at Loakee's showmanship.

Juggling Knives - The "Modest" Entertainer

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Screenshot: General screen

Ryheric was surprised to see Catalinna so tolerant about a thieved seat and the compromising position the newcomer had put her into. He and "Greggo" looked on. He found himself enjoying Greggo's company, surprised the boy had a wit and was keen to play along with a few good natured shenanigans. But eventually Catalinna had her way with the bench. The newcomer disappeared to the bar - and returned with drinks only for himself, refusing to sit at the table again for some time. Ryheric felt some pity, and pried when Loakee finally sat again.

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