Reinforcements and Victory (In House Event)

Day two had passed quietly. However upon seeing a sketch in Winnie's book, Ryheric had sent Harold to Bree to request Silver's presence. When Harold returned, he brought with him a letter addressed to Ryheric from a dwarven leader of a small guild running out of the Harp and Hammer. "We have shared goals, come and meet with our company" the letter said. Ryheric had Winnie write his response. It said that indeed, if goals were shared, the dwarf's company would instead come to the Lonelands to help Ryheric's company fight orcs. Day three arrived, and with it, Airodir finally made his appearance. The orcs were massing and the main assault on Weathertop would take place that night. Ryheric had asked the other group to come to the Forsaken Inn. Therefore his company traveled there and found the dwarven leader and two elves joining him to reinforce Ryheric's group. Airodir briefed them all and split the entire new company into two. The dwarf and elves with Ryheric, the others with Airodir. Ryheric and the Windswept company engaged in what Ryheric had called "aggressive defense tactics". This involved fighting large swarms of orcs that began to close in on Weathertop. The aggressive defenders covered Airodir's group while they made their way to the top. Though it would have been folly to expect that way would have been any clearer, the journey up was violent and costly.

There was no keeping track of the passing time in the chaos of that bloody combat, nor the number of orcs slain by dwarf, elf and man at the foot of Weathertop.They all saw it, however, the other group's distress signal when the flare sparked high into the dark sky from above. They hastened through what was by then a sea of orcs to reach the other group. When they reached the top, Airodir was missing. One large orc remained, a leader of some sort - and a troll. The ensuing violence was tense. In the end, both troll and orc were brought to the ground. Many in the company were injured and dazed. Finding Airodir was a task that would need to wait until they had recovered their strength and wits. They all returned to camp.

Ryheric farewelled the dwarf and his duo of elven reinforcements on Weathertop's corpse-strewn slope. Airodir's absence did not sit well with him. Besides, where were Clothillde, Tate and Cwenawynn? Those answers he would learn in the following days. For now, he rested in the safety of the camp.