Ecladhreth 'Clay' Thistleberry

Name Ecladhreth
The Infirmary
Outward Appearance

Ecladhreth is a short lad with auburn hair and green eyes woven with brown lace to create an odd hazel with one eye more green and the other more brown. His skin is a honey tan and his cheeks have a rosy glow. His form is lithe and clothes that should fit him well rarely do. He is young still. He has no wrinkles only a few freckles where the stars landed on his skin as his mother told him. He is in need of a good meal and thorough bathing. His clothes have been tore and patched and dirt has long since stained them. He holds a pack with his bedroll and everything else he has the need for. 

Credits: A.S.I / Abby for Ecladhreth/ Clay

(Credits: A.S.I / Abby for Ecladhreth/ Clay)



First glance:

     Eclad is a shy young lad of about seventeen winters who is voluntarily mute/ mute due to wounds that have long since healed and is terrified of anyone carrying a weapon or seems like they could or wish to hurt him. He runs and hides when he feels he made a mistake in doing something. He constantly sticks to corners he can press himself into and he begins to freak out if the noise levels are too loud or there are too many people talking to him at once. If you actually get close to him he has a very warm personality. He can write a few words but speaks in signs most of the time unless the need is far too great then he might try to speak.


Where he is from: 

Eclad was raised in a brigand camp in Ost Forod. His mother had been taken from a farm a full year prior to him being born. None of the men in the town came forward in claim to be his father so his mother raised him as much as she could. She taught him was little writing she knew along with how to sew and cook. He learned to hunt when he grew older from the men of the outpost along with how to fish and tan hides. Towards the age of fifteen winters, they began to take him with them when they raided farms and tombs. He found hate for the work rather instantly.  He sat wrong with him and he began to refuse to do as he was told. At first, the men laughed it off but as it continued one of the leaders tried to order him around. He refused again and quickly lost the fight again a man larger than he was. The hands around his throat that day took his voice and after a healer took care of him he packed, sealing a horse on his way out, and ran for a place outside the reach of the brigands. 
Credits: Me

His personality: 

Eclad is very wary of people getting to close to him and will lash out if people try to touch him. He can often be found lacking a good meal and a bath. It isn't uncommon for him to try to ask for leftovers of people's meals once he notices they are done eating as he hasn't found a way to earn coin. If asked where he came from he will not answer but rather move to another corner or try to leave altogether.

There is another side to him though that a few people have gotten to come forward. Aside from being a bit more outgoing, he will react to danger if it is threatening someone else. He was raised to fight and though the skills have weened they are still there. He will do what he can to protect those he had become close with. 

     Other facts:

Eclad knows a bit about herbs from his mother and can help with minor wounds and has become a decent healer.  He started under the mentoring of Doc to make sure he had coinage to take care of Berry, the mount he took with him when he escaped the brigand camp he came from. He now knows skills from a few other healers and tomes he has found within the library in the city of Bree.  If the neck of his tunic is undone scars in the shape of fingernails can be seen. If someone happens upon him sleeping they will find quickly that behind the smile he gives is a troubled mind. He bares mental wounds that keep him from speaking compared to physical ones. He believes he wants solitude but in truth he prefers company. He fears many things, the biggest being people though they are also his greatest way of healing. 

   Ramsay Wingate, Doc, Ed, Ash and Co. 

Eclad used be spotted around Ramsay Wingate, Wyetta and the Black Watch quiet often. They are the ones that started calling him Clay and the name stuck. He used to help them out with his limited healing and his skill with a blade when they needed until Wyetta left and Ramsay died. Other times he could be found joining in whatever antics Ramsay has gotten up to along with getting thrown out of the town to sober up along with him. He still tries to keep himself out of trouble but he doesn't mind a bit of fun. Doc is his teacher in all things medicinal. The dwarf also used to join in on the trouble at times and is a large comfort to Clay. Ed is Clay's brother but not of blood and Clay enjoys his company very much. Ashnell is Clay's protector and has seen Clay at some low points others have not.

Reily: Clay spends most of his time with Reily. They fish to bring a morning supply to the market to sell and Clay makes dyes along with tea and medicinal herb bundles to get a bit more coin from visitors and locals that know of their trades. 

    Berry:Berry by Eclad who goes by VBD or VampiricDarkBat on social media and art accounts













Berry is a gentle golden creme colored / light palomino with a dappled coat. She is young and has an easy temperament. She is pampered by Eclad when it comes to how he cares for her. He goes hungry to make sure she has food and a place to stay while he tries to find work in Bree. Most of the coin he earns making bridles goes to her care and he sleeps in the stables with her most nights. 

Onyx: Onyx is a wolf-dog pup Clay found on one if his adventures around the Bree-lands. She has become a part of his odd family now. She has an all-black coat except for a patch of white on her chest. She is hyper and enjoys playing with anything she finds that she believes to be chewable. 

Sun: Sun is Berry's half draft foal who likes to chew on everything and isn't shy. He seems to love to chew on sleeves if he has the chance and is sure-footed when it comes to climbing on things he isn't supposed to be on. 

Sun the colt by Ecladhreth (VDB or VampiricDarkBat on Deviant Art)


Special items he carries:
A carved whistle that was carved by Ces and a journal bought for him by Sedrynn that he uses to write and draw.

Eadegwen , Wingate, Wyetta, Maddoct, Ashnell, Eddmond , Reily , Arlis, Aeglarond
Eclathryth (His mother) Jarlfred (Non-player/ deceased father)
The brigand who ran the place he came from
His horse he calls Berry, sweets, exploring and spending time with his friends.
Violence, Fighting, weapons, and having to relive past memories.
To live life as well as he can even if he can not speak.
''I ran to survive. I am not what they are. I cast the title off.'

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