Thoughts and Sketches

Clay sits next to the stairs, sketching silently while the inn bustles around him. People chat, drink, and eat as he continues to sketch. A huff from the dog laying next to him gets him to move a bit to pet her before he picks up his charcoal again and continues on the sketch. His eyes lift to the patrons as he did so, looking for familiar face both good and bad but aside from Ces there are none that catch his eye. He blows a breath up to push some hair out of his eyes as he continues to work and watch. The redhead was feeling better at least, less faint and nowhere near as weak as he had felt when he was brought to the inn. Another huff had him scratching at the ears of the dog while blowing some stray charcoal away from the drawing. A dark horse stood there on the page in front of him but something was missing. Clay grabs some chalk he carried from his bag and adds the legs and hooves carefully. A smile comes to his lips at the finished product on the lightly stained page. 

The Sketch he was working on

The lad puts the chalk away and grabs the charcoal again before starting to write under the picture. 'Unknown day of Spring. I am feeling better, far better than in the last couple of moons. I have seen some old friends and though I haven't been able to be outside I have been lucky enough to sit at the window and watch. As boring as it seems I asked the lady from earlier to help out in gathering me some supplies from the market to keep my mind off of things. She was more than happy to help. Onyx,' he pats the dogs as he writes her name, 'Berry and Sun have all been returned to me by one of Dom's men. News has come that he will not be back for some time due to an errand he has to run in repayment of causing both worry and issues with those he serves under. They would not tell me more than that.  I do not blame them. Ryn has also written me with troubling news of him. A fight has caused them to fall apart. Dom raised her longer than I was with him. She was his daughter for a very long time. It troubles me to hear either of them blaming the other for the deaths of Ryn's lover and the lover's brother. That is not for me to step into however. I know both of them are too stubborn to ever stop or to admit that they themselves might have had a part in it instead of the other. My mind has been traveling other places though. The sight of a familiar friend has caused me great joy. My thoughts go them now often just as they did for another a long time ago. Still I need to keep busy. I have lost everything that was made. I need to start by buying or gathering herbs and working to make potions once more. I used to have more than I could ever handle. Thankfully there are those who have been willing to help. When I have the chance I will try to make gifts for all of them.'

Clay runs a hand softly through his hair as he sighs. He needed to have it cut again at some point. It was a mess, it would have to be a problem for later though. For now, he would be able to tie it back and make sure the tangles were out. The red mess was at least washed though it was in knots and uneven in length in places. A few strands fell as he runs his fingers through it and falls on the nose of Onyx causing the beast to sneeze. The lad pats her and goes back to his journal. 

He grabs the charcoal and begins to sketch out some of the plants he knew before writing their names and uses next to them on the page. Flipping it he does the same for a couple more pages until his hand gives him grief. The red-haired lad leans back against the stairs, dog next to him and closes his eyes to rest for a bit in the hum of the inn.