Berry Returned

The ranger laughed as he walked the horse through the group of children in the camp who had helped groom her and put flowers in her hair. "She has to go home now. A lad has missed her very much I am sure and she has missed him." A few 'awws' in disappointment rang out before someone caught all of the little ones' attention. They all rushed over leaving the ranger to walk the mare, her foal, and a black wolf-dog into Bree. "I am sure he will be excited to see you all back safe and well cared for." Berry snorts and nudges the man's shoulder. "No, no more treats for you. You have had too many from the children this morning. " Her colt bounces along behind them with snorts and huffs clearly wanting to run with the dog who was chasing a butterfly as it fluttered by. The man was sure all of Bree must think him mad but for the lad who had been a part of their camp for some time before leaving, he would gladly let them. 

Ecladhreth (VBD or VampiricDarkBat on Deviant Art)