Edmond Northroot

Name Eddmond
Outward Appearance

 The man before you stands tall at 6'5".


His auburn hair ends just at his neck and curls at the ends. His skin is lightly tanned. He is quite muscular, due to a life full of physical work. His hands are rough for the same reason.


His eyes are the color of warm honey. Or at least one is. His right eye has a long scar running through it, and the color does not show well at all. His tilting head may show that he is at least mostly blind in that eye. If one can look past that, he may be considered a quite handsome lad.


He seems to be a gentle and friendly man. He rarely wears anything more than a simple tunic, or if working in the sun, a pair of worn out trousers without a shirt. (Of course he usually has some form of footwear also.)


There isn't much to tell about Edmond's life.
Pa (Buckley Northroot) built a house for himself and Ma (Carreen Thornley) to raise a family. From that, and his three horses, he began a little farm west of Bree. She was 15, he was 19. A year and a half later, Ed was born. There were two miscarriages before his baby brother was born, when he was 6. They were a beautiful, happy family.
Until Buckley died of fever. Ed was only 11.

Ed would have grown into an angry, empty young man if it weren't for Buckley Jr. (Aka Buck). He needed a man to look up to and so Edmond decided to be that man.
It definitely paid off...Especially about two years ago, when Buck married Lilac, his childhood sweetheart.
Now Ed runs the farm with two farmhands (NPCs), while Ma, Buck and Lilac live near Trestlebridge.
He recently started working for a young healer by the name of Ceowen, whose company he finds pleasant and agreeable.

Ecladhreth who is like another brother, Ashnell, Bellindah whom he views as a little sister. He was friend with Ramsay Wingate before his death.
His brother, sister in law, and ma. All living in Trestlebridge.
He's not the type to have enemies, nor rivals.
Horses, tending animals, farming in general and all that entails, outdoors, whittling, children, calming disputes. Find out more.
Vulgar men, cowardly men, promiscuous women, fighting without cause, false friends, abuse to animals, brigands, splinters shoved beneath the fingernail. Find out more.
Run his farm, better Bree-land, and eventually start a family and pass on the name of Northroot to children.
Nothing yet.

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Eddmond's Adventures

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