Apples, Peaches and Cherries, oh my!

Clay looks at the pie on the table, poking at it. The crust was soft and the apples inside seemed to have been cooked too long. The lad pouts and grabs his coin pouch and basket before moving out of the kitchen and towards the markets of Bree. He pauses here and there as his eyes spot wild herbs. A collection of mint and small onions cover the bottom of his basket as he makes it into the gates, his feet carrying him with springy steps over the stone paved roads. 

The lad makes it to the market towards the highest point of the sun. His eyes look around until he spots a vendor selling peaches and some small tart cherries. The red head's feet quickly take him there and he begins to barter for a basket full of the fruit before handing over some coin. A bit of butter follows into the basket along with some honey and spices as his coin pouch became empty. He offers a few waves to vendors who had seen him there before and moves towards the kitchens he had been using a large smile across his lips. 

The lad's head turns as he sees a large dog moving down the streets. She was clearly ready to have pups soon the lad felt a ting of hurt as he watched he lumber along. He grabs a bit of soft jerky from the bag slung across his shoulders. The dog gladly takes the food and Clay gently pets her head and chest, mindful of hurting her. The golden colored dog takes a couple of more pieces of the soft jerky before trotting off. Clay watches her go with a small sigh though he quickly shakes himself from his thoughts, continuing on his way. 

As he finally makes it back to the kitchen, he notices his mess with a small sigh. The barman seemed to notice as well. After a few stern words, he quickly begins to clean up the flour that had been spilled along with the first pie. Maybe when he learned how to make meat ones he would see that dog again and give her a much better meal then he had....