Thin ivory fingers brushed over the spines of many books stacked onto dark wooden shelves. A smile tugged at the corner of his mouth, seeing his library finally complete, filled with hundreds or even thousands of books, sourced from all over Middle Earth. Removing his hand from the books on the shelves to look over towards the room with his writing table in, though he blocked it off with a patterned screen so that he would not get distracted when he needed to focus, Mornenion nodded to himself. It was time to help them again, it was her wish after all and he would respect that.

The dark-haired elf wandered casually over to his writing room, moving past the screen to get into the room. He circled round the large oval table to sit in the single chair tucked in at the middle of it. Paper was stacked in a pile on the right side of the table, with a inkwell and quill on the left side, alongside a couple of envelopes and a wax seal. He pulled out the chair and made himself comfortable at the table. When he was ready, he took a piece of parchment off the top of the pile and placed it squarely in front of him. Mornenion then opened the inkwell and picked up the quill, dipping the tip in and covering it in ink. Furrowing his brows in thought, he began writing...


Greetings to the Black Steel,

It has been a while since you may have seen me, Mornenion, in your lands. It is because I departed to continue working on my library at my home, in Ered Luin. I am glad to say that is complete and I must say that it is a rather wondrous collection of books, scrolls and other resources. I think that because the Black Steel often find themselves in situations that can be beyond the understanding of Men, I would like to offer my library for research purposes, if you need it. Although my collection contains many books in various languages, that you would not be able to read, I would be willing to help you translate passages for you that may be helpful, whilst you search the books I have that are in Westron.

Here is the address of my library, if you wish to visit:

8 Haven Way, Sirith Ninglyr, Falathorn.

If you don't know the way, make your way to Duillond and ask for directions there.


Mornenion Darkwater


After letting the ink on the letter dry, Mornenion tucked the parchment into an envelope that he'd previously written the address on, which was:

Fiontann and the Black Steel,
To be delivered to the Thirsty Boar, Hamglen, Bree-land.

Soon the envelope was sealed with wax and in the hands of a dwarven courier travelling to Bree-land within the next few weeks.