Letter to Cedwyn

An envelope is placed in Cedwyn's mailbox, the letter inside to be read once she returns from the trip to Ered Luin...

Lady Cedwyn,

I probably should have written back sooner, but much has happened and I hadn't quite gotten round to it.

You wrote to me asking me to help Gæded and the company of the Black Steel pass through Lorien, after they passed through Moria. I did not hekp them, for two reasons. Firstly, I am strongly disliked by those of Lorien and was once banished from those lands. It has been a while since the banishment was made, but I didn't want to take any chances. Secondly, as the Black Steel went through Moria, they are most likely dead. It was a very foolish decision to go through there - it is full of foul creatures and beings much worse than any man could probably imagine, as they were the kind of things that were alive when I was young. I would say to borrow the book I have in my house in Hamglen so that you understand, but the book is written in Quenya, so you wouldn't be able to read it. If you come across any books about Moria though, you should read them. Or ask a dwarf. That may be easier.

There is another reason why I write to you. It is something that has been on my mind often, as of late. I am currently in Felegoth, the elven halls in Greenwood, or as you may know it, Mirkwood. The Silvan elves have been recovering lost relics from ruins in the forest as well as Dol Guldur. This makes me think back to Eriador, how there are probably lost relics in the ruins of Eregion, which was once a great elven land fallen to ruin. There is also another place that I think may harbour interesting relics, but it would be better to discuss that in person. What I ask is this - if the Black Steel survives Moria and return from Gondor, or if there are new members of the company, could they help me reclaim lost relics in the land of Eregion and other places that may fruit them? This question is more directed at Fiontann, to be quite honest, but I didn't want to send separate letters.

I will be heading back to Bree soon, though it may seem like some time for you, as I would like to return to my house to research - Bree is in the middle of Ered Luin and Imladris also, so if I needed to travel to either, it would be easier to stay in the middle at Bree. 

Also, please may you, if you have the time, make sure my house is clean and tidy for my return to it. Feel free to borrow some of my books if you wish to also - the Black Steel and it's friends can also borrow some too if they wish, as long as the books are returned.


Mornenion Darkwater