Hospitality of the Rohirrim Pt. 1

The company had made way into Edoras from their last dreary camp site. All particularly excited to finally have more than but a simple bedroll, some warm cooked food and honied mead. 

Thorvall had arrived before Orduin, and had paid for food and drink which surprised the man, not terribly so but righteously.  Though after Gamforth had Orduin pay for an entire keg of mead in Grimslade he was short on coin, which Thorvall hastily replenished before making his leave. 

"Take good care of the company my friend, make sure they're fed and watered." Did Thorvall say with jovial tone. Orduin found himself laughing, at such a simple statement. He saw there in the Tavern with him Barst, Alweard, Wrecca, and Brynleigh

All of them did he greet, but not for long did he remain in the warmth of the halls of the Edoras Mead-Hall. He spoke kindly unto Wrecca, and Alweard yet he did distance himself. As he could hear the stressed neighing of Sioltar outside.

The doors were barged open, as if this company of misfits hadn't any manners. An ugly rather tall fellow with chestnut hair called out "Who's got this annoyin' horsey out here that ain' lettin' me touch 'em?" 

Every single rider looked at them wearily, the other three making their way in before Orduin quipped something smart at them. "You shouldn't be touching steeds that aren't yours, swift way to a broken back I'd say."

That chestnut haired man stared at the back of Orduin with daggers for eyes. "Why don't you come outside, if you've such a smart mouth?" 

Orduin obliged, not for some foolhardy chance at a fight but for his horse.