Wrecca son of Wiglác

Name Wrecca
He has endured over forty winters in the Riddermark.
He has lately taken to a life of errantry, wandering the plains of Rohan with his steed Ellenróf.
Outward Appearance

A proud knight of Rohan with powerful limbs, a red beard and waxed moustache, and the wolfish eyes of a man seeking to reclaim his lost status. His garments and armament are of fine make, his tunics richly embroidered and his helm decorated with gold, but his fur-lined cloak is stained by long months of travel. When he speaks the language of Rohan, it is evident that he hails from the Sutcrofts, his register and tone indicative of a prestigious upbringing and pride in his education, though it is clear from his manner that Wrecca has always been fonder of war than of words.


When riding to battle, Wrecca wields a spear and red shield in addition to the weapons he wears at leisure: a seax inscribed with victory runes and an ancient sword named Walhréow, its golden hilt adorned with a gem the colour of blood.


Banner image: Anglo-Saxon Warlord by Zalan Kertai


Once a knight in the service of Thane Dagred of Snowbourn, Wrecca rode as a member of the thane’s personal retinue and won himself renown for his prowess in battle. Wrecca’s love for his lord grew over the years, deepening through warfare and celebrations at the mead-hall, though it was not to last. His kinsmen had an ancient enmity with the thane’s family, originating in the days when Calenardhon was first settled by the Rohirrim, and though they had been at peace for some decades, their feud was soon to renew.

Wrecca married at twenty-five to a woman called Sungifu, a landowner’s daughter of proud bearing whom he wooed with tales of battle and glory. She bore him a daughter called Frideswíth who took after him in boldness and a kind son whom he named Wiglác after his own father. Their household grew once more a few years afterwards when they fostered Wrecca’s sister-son Elfnóth at the request of his sister, which pleased him for Elfnóth was strong for his age and much alike to Wrecca in temperament. Though the first few years of their marriage was peaceful, their household soon became a quarrelsome when Sungifu discovered that Wrecca was arrogant in his dealings with women and favored tavern maids over his own wedded wife. Sungifu in her proud nature chastened him, but she was aware of what her marriage meant for her family’s standing in the Sutcrofts and believed that the man she came to love would finally change his ways each time he falsely promised her he would—for this she stayed, though the hate between them grew ever deeper.

Despite his disdain for his wife, Wrecca grew fond of the children, teaching them wrestling and swimming and the games of strength he favored as well as the Westron tongue and the songs of Rohan. Things turned for the worse, however, when a young kinsman of the thane challenged his boys to a wrestling match. Elfnóth easily submitted the boy, but the younger Wiglác was clearly outmatched, and Wrecca shouted at the kinsman of the thane for his aggression towards a boy of only ten. The match did not stop, however, until Wiglác’s head was suddenly dashed against a rock, the boy’s skull leaking blood as he died before his father’s eyes. Though the thane’s kin paid restitution for this accidental killing, Wrecca was not quick to forget this death and the recklessness of the Thane’s kinsman.

Though he mourned the death of his son, Wrecca was pleased to see Elfnóth grow into a fine warrior, joining him as a housecarl of Thane Dagred. In time, Wrecca’s hostility towards the thane’s family subsided and his love for his lord returned. They rode together and drank together and Wrecca was well rewarded by his lord for his years of service. Though the death of their son had brought Sungifu and Wrecca closer together for a time, soon Wrecca returned to his old ways and neglected his wife and daughter in favor of the company of his lord and the knights of Snowbourn. He consorted with other women once more, but Sungifu remained in the fraught marriage for the sake of making sure Frideswíth had a father. For a time, things returned to the way they were before Wiglác’s death. This all changed, however, when Fastred, the hot-blooded son of Thane Dagred, took on leadership of the thane’s knights. He fell to arrogance when pursuing a band of raiding orcs into an ambush—there Elfnóth and ten other knights were shot full of orc-arrows and died, with only a few making it out alive.

In his grief and his rage, Wrecca remembered the past injuries he had suffered from the thane’s kin—the death of his son and sister-son and too the past feuds that had once embroiled the two families. Though he spoke fairly to his lord, Wrecca did not forget these pains, and served his lord with a bitter heart.

When a band of orcs came to Rohan the next summer and Thane Dagred sallied out to meet them with but a few of his warriors, he and his men were surprised and pierced by orc-darts—dying, he cried out for the small band of reinforcements that Wrecca led to aid him, to which Wrecca replied:

‘Recall the death of my son and my sister-son for the recklessness of your kin, Dagred Thane; yours is a bolder line that mine and more lucky. The Thane of Walstow requires aid up the river, and we shall join young Fastred in defending him. Yours is a storied lineage of lords, and you descended from such noble blood shall surely not perish so easily.’

Dagred soon died after Wrecca’s riders rode past him and Fastred became the new Thane of Snowbourn. Fastred, angered that Wrecca would let his father die, banished the knight from Snowbourn. Wrecca attempted to have his wife and daughter leave with him, but Sungifu refused, not wishing to put up with the man’s feud any longer. Wrecca then struck her in anger, slapping her across the cheek. For this he was quickly divorced, and Wrecca left Snowbourn alone, with only his steed Ellenróf as a companion. Now he wanders the Mark fighting as he has before, searching for glory and fame and the status Thane Fastred ripped from him.

He grows fond of Alweard and has developed a rivalry with the young shieldmaiden Osythe. In his youth he trained Gamforth and is pleased to reconnect with the grown-up youth.
His ex-wife Sungifu and his estranged daughter Frideswíth remain in Snowbourn. He remains fond of his sister Wulfrún and his brother-in-law Elfstan, and at times he will speak of his dead son and sister-son.
The foes of Rohan, wherever they might be. Fastred of Snowbourn and all others who have slighted him and his kin.
The play of swords, games of strength, and the battle-songs of Rohan.
Unpaid debts, the lonesome wilderness, and the cruel turn of Fate.
To win glory and have his name live on after his death.
‘The fearless, the ruthless, these alone will achieve victory.’

Wrecca's Adventures

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Wrecca's Adventures

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Wrecca's Gallery