Alweard, "Adder"

Name Alweard
Soldier, strategist
West Rohan
Outward Appearance

Alweard is a man of the Mark whose fine, boyish features make him appear younger than his years. While he stands at an unremarkable 5'8" (1.73 M), he is slender and spry, almost never seen without an easy smile and curiosity gleaming in his blue eyes. His hair is reddish-blond, hanging to his shoulders; he wears no beard. Even after years on campaign, he remains rather pale save for a few freckles scattered across his nose. Over the years, his delicate looks have given him a reputation as a "pretty lad" among his fellow soldiers; he takes the teasing in stride with a wink and a smile always at the ready.

He draws little attention to himself with his attire in the field; his light leathers do not gleam with honors. With his youthful face shadowed with a hood, he cuts an almost forgettably inscrutable figure, easy to overlook or see straight through.

While he is discreet about his past, he claims no illustrious lineage. Nonetheless, his diction and soft, refined tenor call to mind a nobleman's education. His accent, when it traces anywhere in particular, suggests the speech of the rich lands of the Folde between Edoras and Middlemead. Though he is not particularly muscle-bound nor exceptionally sturdy, he is graceful on foot and in the saddle alike.

( banner by Orduin).


Alweard keeps his past close to his chest. An enigma among The Oathsworn, his boyish appearance belies a steely, hardened gaze only earned through years spent in a constant state of war. He does not hesitate to reveal that he has sworn no oaths to Lord Thorvall, riding with his present company upon the request of Haneth. While his voice is soft, his spear-arm is quick; he steps swiftly and silently, smile lingering whether he is a welcome guest or an unwelcome nuisance. As a man of letters, he is eccentric among the Eorlingas, but he claims that his literacy is of great use to any man of the Mark.

Rumors in the Westfold and Folde alike insinuate that he served long under the Second Marshal, a strategist and scout in his service. For years, he has claimed no hearth nor father, letting his new companions address him without titles and epithets. Any past honors or glories he might have are not the subjects of song; though in some villages near the Isen's edge, his name is heard in the evenings, amid the flickerings of the torchfire. 

Marhred, Haeneth, Orduin, Wrecca, and Dytha are closest to him.
He claims none; Alruna is his cousin.
As few as possible.
Stories around the fire, reading, his homeland, riddles and games of wits
Little if rumor is to be believed.
To serve the Mark and his people by any means.

Alweard's Adventures

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Alweard's Adventures

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Alweard's Gallery