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28 January 2020
To encourage RP in Forochel.
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dwarves of Zigilgund
Angmarim, Gauredain
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Active and recruiting
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Forochel is located in northernmost Eriador, north-east of Ered Luin, north of Evendim, and west of Angmar. The only road runs from north-eastern Evendim via Kauppa-kohta and further north. The Blue Mountains form a massive barrier on the western border of the region, but the previously mentioned road does eventually leads east into the even more inhospitable Forodwaith.

These frost-bitten expanses surrounding the infamous Ice Bay lie encased by steep mountain sides but connects to the Great Sea to the north. Beasts accustomed to the grim climate are roaming the tundra, most famously the massive Mammoths, but recently large numbers of Angmarim and Gauredain have set up camps and disturb the wildlife in addition to causing the hardy Men of Forochel much trouble.

Tribes of Men, known as Forodwaith, which also is the name of their land, have inhabited the frozen wastes of the north as far back as First Age. The extreme cold is a lingering remnant from the time when Melkor ruled out of Utumno, located in these areas. That stronghold was destroyed in the end of the First Age, during the War of Wrath, when Middle-earth was partly reshaped.

The Lossoth are based on The Sami, the indigenous people of Scandinavia. Like most indigenous cultures in lotr, not much is known about them and their way of life, so much lore is taken from The Sami.

If you have any questions, feel free to shoot Sofie or Ilyna a PM!



  • Please join our discord.
  • If you are underleveled, it takes one mithril coin from West Bree to Sûri-kylä to join the RP!
  • Be Respectful: Be respectful of other people and keep your language respectful. Any bigotry (homophobia, transphobia, misogyny or other) will not be tolerated and will result in an immediate kick.
  • Keep On Topic: Please avoid discussions of politics or current events. We’re all on lotro to chill out from the real word, so let’s keep it separate.
  • No Powerplaying: You cannot control someone else’s character and you cannot force things to happen upon them without discussing it beforehand. Do not say that someone’s character did something without first checking with them.


Agoir Agoir Man
Ilyna Ilyna of Forochel Man
Jaska Jaska of the Mammutti-heimo Man
Ruhte Ruhte Man
Sofie Sofie of the Hylje-heimo Man
Vuohkku Vuohkku of the Hylje-heimo Man

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