18 February: A Feast

Sofie | In the days and weeks following the snow storm, the village had spent all of their time and energy making repairs and replenishing their stores. The villagers now gather in the Great Lodge again to have one large dinner and make any trades they had not made during the day.
Vuohkku blinks, then waves back. "Not yet. Not sure what distracted her."
Ristiinna says, "Well, I hope she comes soon, she wouldn't want to miss the feast! Olavi got a lot of extra fish! I even got some of the oily ones to make lantern oil from."
Ruhte walks in with a basket overflowing with fish and covered in snow. She shakes and stomps the snow off and quietly walks inside.
Vuohkku moves up closer so as not to be shouting, but is careful not to cut the line. "That's good to hear."
Ruhte walks around the food liine and sets the fish down by the cooks.
Ristiinna adds the last bit of fat to cook down into liquid and keeps stirring. She smiles over to Ruhte as she comes by, but is mostly focused on her work, until the cooks urge her to make room. She takes the pot off and moves away to make room for cooking.
Sofie turns around and approached the large file in the middle, her gloved hands clasped together. "Is anything ready yet?"
Ruhte gets the attention of one of the cooks and points to the fish. She nods and walks away without saying anything or grabbing food.
Ruhte walks to an out of the way spot and stands by the fire.
Ilyna enters the tent. She brushes her hands across each shoulder to dust off the snow before moving them up to fiddle with the fastenings of her headpiece, in the attempt to remove it soon enough. After such, her gaze would wander around the tent - most likely in search of her sister in the first instance, yet when she was unsuccess she'd simply saunter over toward the main fire +
Ilyna + in search of someone she recognised.
Ristiinna hauls her pot of tallow out of the way of the cooks and the line forming for food.
Sofie steps foward and helps herself to a bowl of soup, and then retreats back to the fire she had previously occupied.
Vuohkku nods to Sofie as she passes, and watches the queue idly, finally spotting her sister when she rounds the supports.
Ilyna had spotted Sofie initially, yet didn't have the opportunity to greet her, since she had already began to move away from the main fire as she arrived. However, her sister was the next her eyes landed on and she'd smile a little, speaking to her whilst her gaze remained around the fire curiously; ''What're they serving this time?''
Ristiinna hums to herself as she steadily works with the melted tallow, repeatedly dipping wicking into it, cycling through several wicks so one can harden while she does the next. She watches the line for soup but seems in no hurry to claim her own bowl.
Ruhte | Ruhte brought a basket of fish for the cooks to prepare.
Vuohkku shrugs. "Seems to be a thick fish soup? I was waiting for you, and getting distracted by watching people. Haven't looked in the pots or bowls."
Sofie sits down on one of the log benches and crosses her legs, holding her bowl in her hands.
Ilyna nods, taking a step closer to the fire when it was required as the queue in front of them got smaller, until it was their turn. She'd signal to the cooks for two bowls, taking one in each hand, smiling thankfully, before she'd turn to hand one to Vuohkku.
Vuohkku smiles warmly to both Ilyna and the cooks. "Thank you!" Despite having been waiting inside a while, she's glad of the warmth on her hands, and it shows in how she holds the bowl.
Jaska gets in line.
Ristiinna hangs up a couple of dozen taper candles to fully dry. "Excellent!" she says, almost clapping. She then moves to join the queue.
Ilyna wrapped both of her own hands around the sides of the bowl once she was able, before taking yet another look around the tent in search for a more suitable place for them to sit. She'd nod to the left of her, toward the fire where others were, a brow raised; ''Shall we get out the way so..'' She'd pause, noticing Jaska now joining whatever queue there was left, nodding in her +
Sofie stretches out her legs in front of her as she drinks from her cup, occasionally dropping a piece of fish onto the ground for Karhu to eat.
Ilyna + direction; ''So she can get her food.'' She most likely doesn't remember her name.
Ruhte sits back away from everyone and nudges the snow around with her foot.
Ruhte sits down.
Vuohkku turns to look even as she nods in answer. "We should." She chuckles. "Maybe even eventually eat this, once my hands are warmer."
Ilyna nods, diverting her gaze in the direction her sister started walking, in order to follow suit. She'd nod again to Jaska, and then to Ristiinna as she passed, before replying to her sister; ''Did you not wear your gloves?''
Vuohkku chuckles as she meanders over toward the other fire. "I did, but you know me. Always colder than almost anyone else."
Sofie glances up and smiles at Vuohkku and Ilyna when they join the fire she's settled at.
Ristiinna takes a bowl and peers into it. "Oh, I think some of Olavi's fish are in here! My mom sent me to collect some from him yesterday for the feast." She turns to find a spot to eat. "I thought it felt a little warmer!"
Ruhte says nothing and hopes to become invisible. Tries to blend in with the snow and furs she is sitting on.
Ilyna shakes her head, chuckling herself at her sister's response. Once they had reached the fire she'd look to Sofie, and she'd get a smile in return for hers, but she'd also look to the other end of the fire to pay Ruhte the same courtesy, even if she wished to reject it or not. She'd then swing her leg over the bench, lowering herself to sit, resting the bowl on her lap; +
Ilyna + ''Sofie.'' would be her only verbal interaction, but it would her own way of a greeting.
Ilyna sits down.
Ruhte nods to Ilyna with a blush and shrinks into her hood.
Vuohkku nods, settling on the bench as well, with a smile for each of Sofie and Ruhte. "Oh, good! Might get to see some snow-sculping again. I don't know how she can do well at it with almost just her feet."
Vuohkku sits down.
Jaska gets her bowl soon enough and approaches the group she somewhat recognizes. "This is a familiar bunch," she notes, taking a look around. "Can't remember anyone's name though, except... Sofie? One of you is Sofie."
Vuohkku snorts in amusement, and points with her chin. "Yes, one is Sofie, Jaska."
Ristiinna looks around and spots Ruhte. "Hello!" she says as cheerfully as if the woman weren't trying to vanish, then finds a spot to sit down. "Thank you for bringing some fish!"
Sofie crosses her legs again, glancing over at the pair of siblings a second time. "Ilyna," she replies, and then smiles. "And hello, Vuohkku. Oh, yes, Sofie is me. I am Sofie."
Ristiinna sits down.
Ruhte blushes and nods. "Welcome."
Jaska nods and has a seat where there's room.
Jaska sits down.
Ilyna lifts the bowl up toward her lips, yet paused before she tasted any of it, taking a sniff at it. In the end, she'd lower it again to look over her shoulder to Jaska, for which her gaze followed her as she sat next to her, blinking. She'd then turn to her sister, who clearly knew her name, nudging her a little as she'd mumble quietly; ''Am I meant to know who she is too?''
Ristiinna sips quietly at her soup, seeming pleased by it, or everything. "Everyone's been doing such good work on the repairs after the storm! It feels like the Lodge is even warmer than before! Hardly a chill breeze. And all the feast preparations too! The hunters and cooks all working so hard!"
Ruhte nudges the snow about with her foot and make a tiny pile in front of her.
Sofie gazes at Ristiinna but says nothing in reply, and her attention turns back to the twins. "How are the reindeer? Did all of them make it through the storm?"
Vuohkku shrugs. "I think you'd wandered off when she introduced herself before?" her reply comes quietly, but not really any more private than the question. "I really only barely met her." She turns then to Sofie's question with nod and a happy smile. "They did! Thank you for asking. Some rubbed themselves too much for warmth, and we're watching that, but they're good."
Ruhte makes three little piles in the snow. She starts using her hands to shape and 'carve' the snow.
Ilyna nods at her sister's response, now taking the time to taste the soup. Her nose would wrinkle a little, as she now realised she might've taking a larger sip than she should've, since it was still so hot, and she'd shake her head quite a lot as a result. As a result she'd not respond to Sofie with an answer, yet appeared gratefully when her sister does, as she simply looked to +
Ilyna + the pair with a sense of discomfort, now deciding to place her bowl to the side of her for now.
Sofie nods, smiling back at Vuohkku. "Oh, that's unfortunate. Hopefully they will heal soon," she comments, taking another sip of her soup.
Ruhte forms the piles gradually. One pile begins to look like a seated woman with a dog.
Ristiinna looks over to Vuohkku thoughtfully a few moments. "Do they have sores? I can make some oil cream that can help with that!"
Vuohkku nods, still cradling her bowl in her hands. "They should. We just have to keep them from making it worse for a few more days." She looks around a bit again, including up at the freshly-made candles, then at the chandler when she speaks. "That might help some. But they're pretty close to healed now. We've kept them covered pretty well." She shrugs and looks to her sister.
Ristiinna nods, bobbing her head enthusiastically. "Well, if you think it would help, or next time, speak to me about it! I have the lard to spare right now, all that was left for the butchering for the feast. Lots of candles to make!"
Sofie shifts her attention to Ilyna, offering a smile her way. "How are you doing?"
Ilyna takes some time to recover from the burning feeling in her mouth, avoiding the soup at all costs for now. She'd pay Jaska another look, yet shrugged her shoulders, diverting her gaze to Sofie as she addressed her. She'd offer a similar smile; ''Now that the storm's over and the reindeer are recovering, or the few that need to, I'm alright. How are things with you?''
Sofie inclines her head just slightly. "I am doing well. I've been helping with the healer's hut, it got pretty bad damage during the storm. But it's as good as new now."
Ilyna nods; ''That's good to hear. Have you paid any more thought about visiting your grandmother?
Sofie nods. "Oh yes, I have certainly thought about it. I don't know, though, it is becoming more dangerous to travel these days."
Ruhte finishes the first mini snow woman and moves to the next pile. Her hands move delicately and purposefully over the snow as she forms a figure. One seated close to the woman with the dog.
Vuohkku ponders, and finally starts sipping at her soup.
Jaska looks up from her silent eating and nosily asks Sofie, "Where's your grandmother?"
Sofie glances over at Jaska as she finally speaks. "She's in Kauppa-kohta with my parents."
Ristiinna says, wide-eyed, "That's quite far! I haven't gone that far since last summer!"
Jaska nods some.
Sofie glances over at Ristiinna again and she nods. "That is where I am from originally. But now that I have taken my grandmother's place here, she has returned home to my family."
Vuohkku sighs softly and shakes her head, looking pensive as she carefully has a bit more of her soup.
Ristiinna frowns, looking suddenly verly glum. "How sad to be so far from your family," she opines. But she brightens almost immediately. "You must just make many friends here so you won't feel lonely!"
Sofie , on the contrary, doesn't look sad to speak of it at all. She only shrugs her shoulders, and vaguely gestures with her hand. "I do not miss them," she bluntly replies. "And I have friends here. I do not feel lonely, I am very content."
Ristiinna beams. "Oh, that's wonderful," she says. "Plus you can always go visit them and then have people there -and- people here!"
Ruhte finishes the second female snow figure and looks up at the group by the fire. She makes a couple of adjustments on the location of the next pile of snow and pauses to look a moment at Jaska. She nods once to herself and goes back to the pile of snow.
Jaska gives Vuokkhu a look. "Something wrong with your soup?"
Ilyna looks to each individual around the fire as and when it was relevant, before looking back to her own soup. She'd pick it back up, yet place it on her lap, turning herself toward her sister. She had opened her mouth to speak, yet closed it again, looking back over her shoulder to Jaska as she had addressed her first. Instead, she'd take a sip from her soup, hoping not to burn +
Ilyna + herself again.
Vuohkku blinks, then shakes her head with a faint flush. "Oh, no! It's fine! I'm just thinking about the dangers of travel, and all the terrible stories people have been telling."
Sofie takes another sip of her own soup. "As said. It is very dangerous to go all the way down there right now," she replies, glancing around at the other faces settled at the fire.
Jaska gives both sisters an apologetic look and goes back to focusing on her own soup.
Ristiinna says, "I hope it'll be better come spring. I want to go do some trading. Mostly I just trade with those who come here or I go to Pynti-peldot, but I'd like to see more places and meet more people!"
Ilyna looks to Jaska again, turning herself a little to direct her attention to her, yet did so rather lazily; ''I'm Ilyna. I don't really remember you the last time we were here, or I didn't even meet you. But, there we go.'' She'd shrug, taking another sip from her bowl of soup.
Vuohkku nods over a bit more soup. "I occasionally let the traders' tales give me daydreams of travel. But I watch the herd. And while it's not just me, I'd be shirking my duty to wander off. And I'm not sure but what half their tales are just fancies, anyway."
Sofie shakes her head. "I have no desire to travel, truly," she comments.
Ristiinna has her enthusiasm undiminished. "But you get to go out and walk under the sky with them every day! You must see so many beautiful suns and moons and dancing lights."
Vuohkku chuckles. "I see much of that with the herds, anyway. And I hear the sky is better around here than where else the traders go."
Ruhte finishes the third seated snow woman and moves onto the last pile. She looks at Ristiinna a moment before looking back to the snow.
Ristiinna sets her soup bowl down by her feet. "Yes, but I have heard from travelers that it's even more grand over on the glacier at Kuru-leiri! I bet they could use candles and creams for the cold wind and lantern oil!"
Sofie shakes her head ever so slightly. "You are not the only candle maker in all of Forochel," she comments idly.
Ristiinna nods. "No, of course not! Why, do you think I couldn't go there, then? Someone else must already be bringing candles there, or making them there? Hmm. Well, I'll have to find another reason, then!"
Jaska looks up at Ilyna again, raising her eyebrows slightly. "There we go," she agrees. "I think I saw the back of your head, at least."
Sofie lifts her brows. "Why do you need a reason? Just go. But yes, I do imagine that someone else is already making or trading candles there, for they are not useless if we are not useless."
Ruhte finishes the last snow woman and sits back from her work. She looks at the group around the fire, then back at her snow people. The four snow women and pup look just like those gathered around the fire, complete with little bowls.
Ristiinna wrinkles her little nose. "I don't think my mother would like it if I went off so far for so long and wasn't at least doing some trading for something of value. Especially on so dangerous a journey. I suppose I should just be glad that we can see beautiful skies here, too, and the shine on the ice on the bay!"
Ilyna blinks a few times, perhaps not expecting her response to be as blunt as hers, yet she did appreciate it somewhat. She'd simply nod, taking a sip from her soup, before looking back to Vuohkku, a brow raised; ''Have you warmed up now?''
Sofie gazes at Ristiinna and then finally looks down into her bowl as she finishes the rest of her soup and sets it aside. She instead turns her attention to watching the twins.
Vuohkku nods as she has a bit more of her soup. "I have." She smiles. "Almost enough." Her eyes twinkle in mischievous amusement as she tries to keep that addendum deadpan.
Ristiinna looks around the fire, and grows quiet. She glances curiously at Ruhte a moment, then picks up her bowl and brings it to the cookfire to rinse it.
Ilyna smiles back, nodding at her sister's response. She would look past her sister for a moment to Sofie, as well as Karhu, for which she'd waft a hand in their direction; ''Did you have.. That with you last time?''
Sofie lifts her brows. "What?"
Vuohkku looks between them, confused, not having caught the point of the gesture.
Ristiinna goes over to the workbench and takes down her dried candles, carefully cutting the wicks with her little bone knife, looking (for her) subdued. She starts working on dipping more wicks into the cooling tallow, starting another batch -- this time shallower and wider pillar candles, since the tallow is cooler and clings in thicker layers.
Ilyna tilts her head a little, at first not actually grasping why there was any confusion, looking between them just as confused as they appeared to be. Eventually, however, she seemed to obtain some sort of idea and so she'd directly point a finger to Karhu, nodding.
Sofie glances down at the hound. "Did you forget how to say 'dog', Ilyna?" she asks, reaching over to pat Karhu on the head. "Yes, he was here with me last time."
Vuohkku manages not to choke on her soup, caught with that response being rather unexpected. She checks to be sure she didn't spill any.
Ilyna frowns, clearly unimpressed; ''I didn't forget.'' She'd look away from Sofie, and Karhu, taking a sip from her soup to sulk quietly at her own misfortunate.
Ruhte scoots to another spot by the fire with more snow.
Ruhte sits down.
Sofie glances at Vuohkku and smiles ever so slightly, hiding it behind the bowl she raises to her lips.
Ruhte looks around the lodge a moment before making a large pile of snow.
Vuohkku smiles at Ruhte, and cranes her neck over to see what she'd made already. "Oh! Did you see those?" She points at the snow-sculptures. "She's pretty good at that!"
Ruhte sits down.
Sofie leans around the fire to see what she's pointing out, lifting her brows as her gaze lands on the sculpures. "Oh, those are very good, yes."
Ruhte looks up at the mention of her snow doodles. She blushes and goes back to working on the big pile of snow she just made.
Ilyna looks to Vuohkku, and then in the direction of Ruhte at the mention of her work. She couldn't overly see from where she was sat, yet instead of standing up and physically moving herself to gain a better look, she'd rather abruptly lean across her sister slightly to take a look herself. She didn't seem overly bothered of the consequence, if there was any since it would only be +
Ilyna + for a few moments, before she'd incline her head slightly; ''What are they? I can't see them properly.''
Ristiinna having finished dipping the pillar candles, takes a moment to roll them, smoothing them into more regular cylinders. She sets them carefully out on the table to cool and harden.
Ruhte has moved to a different spot around the fire and is working on a new snow 'doodle'. This one is starting to look like a mini replica of the inside of the Great Lodge, minus people.
Sofie crawls over to sit closer to the rest of the group, so that she could see them better, and leaves her bowl behind and forgotten.
Vuohkku points around the edge of the firepit to where Ruhte was before. "That one, I think, is Sofie and her dog. I mean, it's hard to be sure from this side, but that's sure a matching dog." She shrugs as she has more of her soup. "I think it'll be worth looking properly when I've finished."
Ruhte | The snow doodles next to Ilyna look like the four of them. Right down to their little bowls of soup and the trim on their clothes. They would be far enough from the fire they wouldn't melt.
Ristiinna tidies up her work, then turns and walks back, slowly, to the group by the fire. She sits and tucks her legs under herself, and gazes into the fire.
Ristiinna sits down.
Ilyna returns to where she was sat, taking another sip from her soup and finishing the contents of the bowl, placing it down beside her. She'd then direct her attention to Ruhte, and although she seemed relatively impressed by her art in the snow, she'd rather abruptly ask; ''Do you not speak?'' She wouldn't necessarily mean to come across rude, merely curious, but if she did would +
Ilyna + depend on how the others took it.
Sofie shakes her head. "I can't do anything like that with snow," she comments, standing. She returns her bowl but pauses as she begins returning, leaning down to scoop snow into her gloved hands. She forms it into a ball, and then throws it at the back of Ilyna.
Ruhte looks up confused someone was adressing her. She blushes and says in a small voice. "I speak."
Jaska stands to try and peek over the fire.
Vuohkku giggles, trying to repress it, and hurriedly works on what's left in her bowl.
Ilyna adjusts the way she was sat, now kneeling whilst she leant forward slightly to pay more attention to Ruhte. She would also intend to answer her, yet didn't get the opportunity, due to the sudden force that impacted her back. She'd wince a little, yet tried to disguise it as best she could, slowly bringing herself to her feet to face Sofie, looking to her through narrowed eyes; +
Ilyna + ''And /what/ was that for?''
Ruhte looks down at her mini Great Lodge and keeps forming pillars. She has little fires and benches, textured the snow so it looks like furs, and is building the steps up to where the chieftain sits.
Ruhte sits down.
Sofie is already leaning down to scoop more snow into her hands. "I don't know /what/ you're talking about!"
Ilyna huffs, clearly trying to hide her amusement - even if it was at her own expense, and would intend to avenge herself. She'd step over the bench, lowering herself down to scoop some snow to form into a ball, perhaps stupidly not watching Sofie as she did so; ''You know /what/ you did!''
Sofie threw the second snowball at Ilyna as soon as she lowered herself to get more snow. She did not linger to see if it hit or not, and darted around the nearest pillar.
Jaska blinks to her right, smiles some, and sits the other way on the bench to spectate.
Jaska sits down.
Vuohkku finishes the last of her soup in a rush and moves off with the bowl, walking carefully. She'd rather not get cold again so soon, and wants to see the snow-sculptures better, without risking them before she can even see them.
Ristiinna rises again and goes back to the table to gather all the candles she's maded, as well as the pot with the thickened leftover tallow in it, all of which she wraps up in a few pieces of hide.
Ilyna dropped to her knees as the second snowball collided into her, and she'd exhale loudly to indicate her frustration. After forming her own snowball, she'd rather quickly lift herself up to throw her snowball at Sofie - perhaps too quickly as she was now a little disorientated. As a result, she quite pathetically threw the snowball in any direction she thought Sofie was, yet in +
Ilyna + reality, she was nowhere near.
Sofie peeks around the pillar at Ilyna, lifting her hand to cover her mouth and muffle her laughter.
Ristiinna pulls her furs on one by one, then gathers up her candles and makes her way out into the cold.
Ilyna looked to locate the snowball she had thrown, a proud smile crossing her features as she'd believe she was success in her attempt. Yet, once she had realised Sofie wasn't where she expected, she'd frown, now kneeling down again to form another snowball.
Ruhte finishes her snow sculture of the Great Lodge and grabs a stick from the fire. She lights the little fires she made and steps back watching the over exaggerated pillars melt into perfect replicas of the actual pillars, but with different totem animals on them. The melting of the excess snow making the features of each more defined.
Sofie throws another at Ilyna, but it arcs far over her head and lands a few feet away on the other side of her. She laughs, completely giving up her location.
Vuohkku keeps a cautious eye on the exchange, but is admiring the snow-art.
Ilyna completely freezes, slowly moving her head to look toward the snowball, blinking. She'd then turn her head again to the other side of her, pushing herself up to face Sofie, now locating her through the fact she gave herself up. She'd inch a few steps toward her, before rather carelessly throwing the snowball in Sofie's direction, hoping it would at least hit her this time.
Sofie squeals as the snowball collides with her chest. She throws her hands up, laughing. "Alright, alright, I call a truce!"
Jaska puts her bowl down and goes off to relieve herself.
Vuohkku chuckles. "If you're done, you should come look, sister. She made little images of us, with our bowls even. And even in snow, you're still the pretty one."
Ilyna grins in triumph, and then giggles at Sofie's response; ''I'm taking that as /my/ victory.'' She'd notice Jaska leave through her peripheral vision, nodding to her if she could see, before she'd turn herself around to face her sister; ''Really?''
Sofie shakes her head and then steps around the pillar, walking over to see the snow figures. "Oh, don't say that, you're very pretty too."
Vuohkku flushes a bit. "Thank you... but yes, really. Look! And Ilyna's still prettier. Always has been. Well, since I can remember, anyway."
Ilyna looks to Sofie, and then to Vuohkku, rolling her eyes and muttering something to herself. She'd then look to appreciate the snow figures, locating her own and nodding, seeming relatively pleased; ''The mute's actually talented.''
Sofie shakes her head. "You're both very pretty, I think," she answers, studying the little snow figures.
Vuohkku flushes a bit more, then lightly pokes her sister. "She's not mute. Just very shy. She does some pretty good work in snow even with just her feet. She practices while fishing."
Ilyna wriggles at little as she's poked, before shrugging a little; ''Very shy, which means she doesn't speak, and so.. Practically a mute.'' She'd then nod firmly to her sister, and to Sofie as well, before looking back to the snow figures.
Sofie shakes her head at Ilyna, but she smiles nonetheless. "Well, I think I should do like everyone else and head back."
Vuohkku chuckles. "Fine. She is pretty quiet." She smiles, then sighs softly. "I wish she'd eat more of her catch, though. Or something. I think she might blow away in the next storm." She nods to Sofie after. "Mm. And while I like the fires and all, there's yet work to be done. I should as well."
Ilyna looks between them both again, before her gaze settled on her sister; ''I'll walk with you, since I probably should do some of that work you're talking back as well.''
Sofie smiles some, inclining her head to both of them before she gathered her cloak and things and quietly headed out into the snow.