Ilyna of Forochel

Name Ilyna
Reindeer Herder
Young Adult (Early-Mid Twenties, yet precise age is unknown)
Outward Appearance

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Before you stands the captivating woman that goes by the name of Ilyna. She is of average height, rising to five foot and six inches. The role in which she plays, following the tradition of her family as a reindeer herder, would mean that she is one of reasonable embodiment. Her figure is taut, and she has inherited feasible muscle in the entirety of her body, yet especially to her torso and arms. Despite her line of work, for which proves both strenuous and exigent, Ilyna is an individual who takes care of the way that she looks and does so to the best of her abilities.


Her features are distinctive, portraying her to be a rather vivid and unforgettable soul. The configuration in her face is recognisable, as her cheekbones are undeniably curved, and she has apparent definition in her jawline. Her inquisitive eyes are the shade of verdant green, but upon closer inspection, they would retain speckles of auburn brown, and the colours merge together brilliantly. Her skin is not deprived from a sun-kissed appearance, and a prominent lineament that her facial countenances has adopted, would be the tawny pigmentation that decorates her cheeks and nose.


Her hair is thick and masquerades down her back to her waist. Its natural state is one that is profoundly straight, enhancing her facial features strikingly well. Usually, its kept as it naturally would be, but on occasion, she can be found parading a singular braid.


Ilyna does not bare any visible scars at first sight, yet due to an accident whilst working, she sustained a significant one down her back, for which can explain the episodes of back pain she occasionally experiences. Most would not know of this, perhaps aside from her twin sister Vuohkku, as it is something that would fight against Ilyna's usual confident demeanour. As a woman of Forochel, she can be found in furs in varying colours.


Personality Traits

Ilyna can be described to be a dominant and powerful force. To most who know her, she's incredibly stubborn, argumentative and can be known to be rather mischievous, as she enjoys to play a situation to ensure she gains the most from it. She is an individual who is not afraid to speak her own mind, and so can be rather over-powering and difficult to manage at times. Despite her behaviour, Ilyna has a good, pure and kind heart. To those closest to her and those that she has given her trust to, she's incredibly protective and is known to defend them, regardless of the circumstances and the consequences of doing so.


Background story is a work in progress

She'd declare many to be mere acquaintances of hers, and so she has very few 'friends.' Her closest confidant would be her sister. However, she is also 'friendly' toward Sofie, Jaska, and Ristiinna.
She has a rather extensive family, all of which follow the same life as her, as a herder of the hirvi. Her twin sister, Vuohkku, would be her most well-known relative, as they can usually be found together.
She doesn't trust many, therefore, all are essentially seen as an enemy until they prove to her otherwise.
The reindeer in which she cares for; getting her own way; exploring different areas - yet only areas in Forochel; her family.
Anything that threatens her normality or those closest to her; her back pain and the restriction it places on her.

Ilyna's Adventures

Ilyna's Adventures

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Ilyna's Gallery