7th April: The Rallying of Men

After the word of Yrjänä spread throughout the settlement, the community of Sûri-kylä aggregated into the Great Lodge. Men, women, and children dispersed to stand with their tribes, and they all rallied behind the Elder and their families.

Once the chatter in the Great Lodge dies down, Yrjänä calmly rises from his seat and spreads his hands. "Thank you for coming," he says gravely, looking around at those gathered within the lodge. He steps down, waiting for the lodge to fall silent before speaking again, "For months now, we have not received word from Kuru-Leiri. Merchants cannot reach it through the Gauredain that block the way. The tribe elders have come together to discuss what measures will be taken," he continues gravely, looking upon the people gathered around him. "Some of you have been chosen already. Some of you will volunteer to go. Some of you, I am sure, will be dragged along by family. Those chosen will go to Kuru-Leiri to deliver supplies and aid. You will leave here and travel to Pynti-peldot where you will be able to gather more supplies, and then you will make your way westward. A group of warriors will travel with you. Our Oracle has predicted..." Yrjänä briefly pauses, inclining his head to a group of healers off to one side before he continues. "Our Oracle has predicted that Kuru-Leiri is in great distress. She and two other of our healers have volunteered to go. Several warriors have put their names forth." Yrjänä turns, and slowly makes his way back to his seat. "Elders, I ask you to call forth those you are sending." He sits down, one arm over his knee, and patiently looks around.

Vuohkku moves up to be sure she can hear names said.

As Yrjänä spoke of Kuru-Leiri, and the troubles that now burdened every single individual, it was unsurprising that there was a mixed reaction to the news. The silence was deafening, as not one sound was made, but the looks that rested on some faces affirmed thoughts across the Lodge. The Elders stood proudly in front of their tribes, and as they were called upon, they faced their own people. Launo, the Elder of the Hirvi-Heimo was the first to call upon those that were chosen. Several parts of the crowd moved to the front, in order to present themselves to Yrjänä. Ilta, the Elder of the Mammutti-Heimo went next, and was soon followed by Menikko, the Elder of the Koira-Heimo, and Pentti, the Elder of the Leijona-Heimo. Yrjänä looked down upon his people, with both admiration and pride, for which was naturally reciprocated by those in front of him.

Finally, Rikitsa, the Elder of the Hylje-Heimo stepped forward. She opened her arms and gestured for those chosen to stand with her. Within the ranks of those honoured to be chosen, some were notable individuals in Sûri-kylä and could be recognised. Jaska, Jotunvir, Filpa, Vide, and Ilyna all stood with their respected Elders before Yrjänä. Once all those chosen had stepped forward, Yrjänä spoke again: ‘’Those that have been chosen to represent your tribes-men and women, as well as your Elders, should understand the responsibility that has been placed on your shoulders. It is a great honour to do what you all will be for Kuru-Leiri, and I know that you will all come together to help our fellow Lossoth.’’ He paused, as he allowed a moment for those to be appreciated with an almighty roar of cheers that engulfed the Lodge. As Yrjänä went to speak again, the Lodge soon returned to silence; ‘’I, now, call upon those who wish to volunteer to join them. If you are to volunteer, I hope to be informed of your reasoning to do so.’’

Jotunvir stepped forward when he was called upon by his Elder. A calm expression upon his features as he dipped his head to the elders, but only when the cheer came from those in the lodge did he look uncomfortable. Unaccustomed to the gesture from the crowd, after a glance behind him he simply sets his gaze forward.

Yrjänä called upon those of the Hirvi-Heimo first, allowing them the opportunity to now stand before him to volunteer, and give their reason for doing so.

Ristiinna stands with her parents, and there is a fair amount of murmuring amongst them. Her mother, Nóra, points and gestures, and Ristiinna shakes her head. After this goes on a few moments, Ristiinna sighs and steps forward towards the base of the stairs, while her parents watch.

Many more took to stand with their Elders and their tribes-men, as those from the Mammutti-Heimo, Koria-Heimo, and Leijona-Heimo all followed suit. Again, those from the Hylje-Heimo were last, as those were the final tribes-men and women to volunteer themselves.

Vuohkku moves up to volunteer. "I stand with my sister, please. We work together. I am her strong back for when there is need."

Yrjänä bowed his head low as several stepped forward, Vuo and Ristiinna included. "It is up to your elders whether or not your volunteering will be accepted," he announces. He looks around, but no one protests, and the elders collectively nod.

Vuohkku slowly lets out the breath she'd been holding and moved to join her sister.

Ristiinna glances back to her parents, then says hesitantly, "My mother wishes that I be -- that I volunteer. As you know, honored Chieftain, she works to be sure our home is provisioned. She does not feel capable of such a journey. I... I volunteer to help as I can with what she might have done, though perhaps all I can offer is to be able to carry things."

Ilyna looks over to her sister as she volunteers, and then as she wanders over in her direction, and she smiles at her. She had hoped she would volunteer, if the opportunity has arose. She look a few steps backward, to be at her sister's side, before she mouthed a silent; ''Thank you.''

Jaska takes her place by Ilta.

Yrjänä bows his head low, inspecting Ristiinna and glancing among those who have gathered. "There are no protests to your tribute," he says, leaning back into his seat. "You will meet with the others. They will tell you what is needed." He then addresses them all, his voice louder, "You will leave by next week. You have preparations to make." This seems to be his final statement, as he makes himself comfortable once more, and gestures for those near him to speak. The Great Lodge breaks out in chatter and whispers, and those chosen and those volunteered are the subject of much staring and even pointing.

Vuohkku smiles briefly to her sister with a small nod, but looks nervous as well, and tries not to fidget while eyes may be on them.

Ristiinna turns to look back at her parents, who are smiling proudly at her. She gives them what must be an attempt at a glare, though her natural expression is too cheerful for it to really look very daunting. She looks around, unsure what comes next.

Jotunvir pulled his cloak around him closer around his person as he let his gaze sweep across the crowd, before his gaze then went to those who he'd be travelling with, offering an incline of his head to each.

Ilyna glares, rather harshly at that, at those who seemed to subject her sister to such obvious exposure, determined to ensure the unwanted attention she received, was kept to an absolute minimum.

Jaska returns Jotun's nod.

Sofie glances around and steps over to the twins once she catches sight of them. Despite the ominous warning, she smiles warmly at them both. "I'm so glad you volunteered, Vuo," she says. The others chosen begin to converge as well, so that they start to form a group of their own.

Vuohkku smiles briefly, still too nervous to hold it long. "Thank you."

Ilyna watches Sofie as she approaches, as she playfully grins; 'So we're stuck with you, too?'' Her tone hinted at a teasing nature, whilst she looked over toward her sister once more, as she seemed somewhat concerned for her.

Ristiinna murmurs to herself, "At least I might get to see the sky-dance from the glacier. I've heard it's..." Just as her yammering starts to pick up steam she cuts herself off, and looks around sheepishly.

Sofie shakes her head. "You will be grateful," she replies, almost a little too serious for her nature. She turns, gesturing to Ristiinna and Jaska and Jotun to join them.

Jotunvir had set his gaze on Ristiinna as they began speaking, though once she stops he would take a step nearby and cant his head to the side, as if he'd just not heard her finish her sentence. "What?" He asks in his deep tone of voice.

Ilyna huffs but doesn't comment. Instead, she looks to her sister, her brows knitted; ''Are you alright?'' She lowered her tone, as to not isolate herself from the others, or at least she tried to do so less obviously.

Jaska watches the others near her for an extra moment, then comes over. Each face she recognizes gets a slight nod of greeting.

Ristiinna shrugs. "Just that it's even more breathtaking than here," she says almost apologetically. "I'm Ristiinna, daughter of..." She glances back to find that her parents have already left. "Nôra and Raimo." She flashes the man a small smile, reserved yet still shining, then turns to follow Jaska.

Vuohkku returns Jaska's nod and murmurs back to her sister, "Just a bit daunted by the thought of things we might face. I'll be fine. I just need to get used to the notion."

Jotunvir would have returned the comment of; "Jotunvir," to Risti as he then follows her over to the group.

Sofie smiles at them all, even as the lodge continues to whisper. "I hope that you are all ready for our journey."

Ilyna nods, with her voice still low; ''We'll be just fine. I promise.'' She bares a reassuring smile, before she looked toward the group that seemed to have formulated around her, and she bowed her head to them all, whilst she abruptly blurted; ''Ristiinna.. Can I speak to you?''

Ristiinna sucks on her teeth. "There's going to be warriors going with us?" she asks nervously. "I mean... I can carry things, I guess, but I don't think anyone's going to need any soap made while we travel, or songs sung."

Ristiinna nods. "Yes, of course?" she says, surprised, and steps over closer.

Jotunvir gives a cool dip o fhis head in response to Sofie's question, his arms crossing underneath his cloak as he looks around at their group. His quiet demeanour coming across more clearly in a room packed with people.

Vuohkku smiles weakly. "Well, I will be once I get my things, I suppose. Though I suspect we're supposed to prepare a bit more than my furs and spear would do."

Ilyna breaks herself off from the group slightly, so that she was able to speak to Ristiinna more privately. She didn't beckon her, since she just expected her to follow.

Ristiinna tugs off her scarf as if she's feeling overheated, and even fans at her face a little, as she follows.

Ilyna sighed heavily, and kept her voice low, as she fiddled with the fabric of her sleeves; ''Hm, right, well.. Look, the last time I saw you, I was.. I suppose, quite rude to you in regard to you and your... Idea of making friends.''

Sofie turns to look at Vuo, smiling still. "Are you alright? I bet that was really a lot," she says gently. "Would you like some tea? I can make some. And I bet they're about to finish up with dinner."

Ristiinna frowns and shakes her head. "I didn't think so," she says. "I thought you just said what you thought. My mother disagrees, and I can't tell which of you is right, but you both speak the truth that is in your thoughts, and that is admirable. I .. I know I am young and ignorant and... well, it's no one's responsibility to give me the advice I need, but I thank you for trying."

Vuohkku nods with a bit more of a smile. "That would be lovely. Thank you."

Sofie inclines her head at Jaska, sparing Jotun a shy smile, and then wanders off to one of the nearby fires.

Vuohkku follows after Sofie.

Ilyna shrugs a little but bows her head as Ristiinna spoke; ''I'm not going to say I agree with your mother, because, well, I don't.'' She leans into her a little, but not too far, and whispers this time, as to ensure no-one would be able to hear her this time.

Jotunvir returned the smile to Sofie as she passed by. He glances over to the other pair who had stepped away from the group before looking over to Jaska. "What do you think?"

Jaska stares at Jotun a moment. "Of?"

Jotunvir rolled his head to the side as to indicate the elders, and with that, the announcement.

Sofie seems to be pretty familiar and sets about putting a small pot in the fire and rummaging around in her pouches for the loose-leaf tea she appears to carry around with her. "Ilyna is so lucky, I wish I had siblings!"

Ristiinna nods, thoughtful a moment. "Thank you," she says, quietly, but not so much that she couldn't be overheard. "Well, having many kinds of people is for the best, and the most interesting, even more so!" Her brash cheer has come back, as if she's just forgotten she's irked. But then she comes back to a more thoughtful tone. "When I am too much, please tell me?" she asks earnestly.

Vuohkku chuckles. "I'm glad you think so. I'm sure there have been times she wished she didn't, too, though."

Sofie glances over at her. "You think so? I'm sure she never meant it, though."

Jaska looks thoughtful a moment, sparing a glance off toward Ristiinna and Ilyna before she answers, "If I hadn't been chosen I'd have volunteered for my own reasons, so I'm not... unhappy. Yourself?"

Ilyna nods a little, and even manages a soft, reassuring smile; ''Don't worry. If anyone is going to tell you, it would probably be me, anyway.'' She even goes as far as to chuckle a little at her own comment.

Vuohkku smiles, shaking her head. "In the heat of a moment, or after something happens with the rest of the family, it's easy to be angry for a while. But not long term, no."

Jotunvir shrugs his shoulders. "I don't think that I wouldn't have ever not been volunteered," he says as he looks around the tent before looking back to Jaska. "I am not bothered. Right now, it doesn't feel different from my hunts."

Jaska eyes him. "Right now? Are you expecting that to change?"

Ristiinna glances over at Sofie a moment, but then back to Ilyna. But whatever she thought, she doesn't volunteer it. "Thank you. I honestly have no idea what to expect. I've never gone anywhere near this far. I will ask my mother about what provisions we'll be bringing, and what to ask for in Pynti-peldot, at least."

Jotunvir would say; "The more it deviates from a hunt, the less it would feel like one, no?"

Ilyna bows her head a little; ''That will certainly help. That's for sure.'' She then looked to her curiously, as even still, tried not to be as abrasive as she usually is; ''Is that why you volunteered?''

Sofie finds a wooden cup somewhere, or perhaps she pulls it out of one of her bags. She gestures for Vuo to sit down, almost as if she were tending to her in the healer's hut, and she hands the cup to her. "I bet there's no one better to go somewhere dangerous with, though."

Jaska squints, then shrugs. "Well, you're the hunter, not me. Why's it feel like one now, then?"

Vuohkku moves so she's not planting her rump in tracked-about snow and accepts the cup gratefully once she's seated. "Not so much as we've worked together, no. I don't think there is."

Ristiinna pulls her hat off and folds her scarf into it, shaking her hair out. "My mother thought that she ought to go, since provisioning is how she serves our home, but she is too old for such a journey. So she convinced my father that I should volunteer and try to do what she would have. Not that I've ever learned much from her about it! I took up making candles instead!"

Jotunvir would shrug his shoulders once more. "Haven't done this before, but the prep will be the same. I doubt I'll bring too much different on this than I would a long hunt. The goal is vague and how its going to be achieved is unclear. Feels the same."

Sofie smiles some, looking up at the others who were all spread about. "I hope that everything goes well, but I have this terrible feeling."

Vuohkku nods. "I was going to say, a bit ago, we'll be glad of your company. But then I thought more of what the Chieftain said. I suspect you meant more in terms of healing, for all I still stand by what I just said, too."

Ilyna chuckles, but nods; ''It'll be an experience for us all, I imagine. I don't know much more than how to tend the herd, and well, I'm not sure how many of those attributes are going to be helpful.'' She sighs softly, but continues; ''But, well, we'll see. - I'm going to check on my sister, but.. It was nice speaking with you.''

Sofie smiles slightly. "Yeah? I'm not sure Ilyna agrees with you," she replies, amused. "I'll be glad of yours as well."

Ristiinna nods. "I suppose I should try to do something useful." She walks over to Jaska and Jotunvir.

Vuohkku shakes her head with a soft chuckle. "She likes you. I don't think she'd disagree. She just shows some things differently from how I do."

Sofie smiles still. "I bet you are right."

Ilyna wanders over toward her sister, unfastening her headpiece as she walked, as she was getting a little warm. She just about caught the end of their conversation, and so looks between the pair, her brows arched; ''Who's right?''

Jaska nods at Jotun. "Then I understand you. Some weeks ago one of the other tenders and I took a mammutti out to try and get a look at the Susi-väki ourselves... for the most part it was uneventful, unpleasant, and unhelpful, so let's hope this next adventure at least accomplishes something."

Ristiinna offers a greeting smile to Jaska and Jotunvir, but as they're speaking, doesn't interrupt.

Jotunvir gave a nod of his head to Jaska before looking over to Risti as she rejoined them. He dips his head to her; "Welcome back."

Vuohkku grinsi up at her sister impishly. "Me! Because you're my sister." She nods as though that settled everything, and sips carefully from her tea.

Jaska gives Ristiinna a slight smile.

Ristiinna says, "Thank you. I don't mean to interrupt, I'm just trying to think of how I can help and, well, I'm supposed to do what my mother would have done, so... do either of you know of anything special that should be amongst the provisions we bring? I should be making a list. Oh, I should have gotten some parchment. There, that's the first thing for my list. Parchment, and coal."

Sofie shakes her head. "Definitely not you," she replies to Ilyna, grinning. She leaves the sisters, heading back over to the other group.

Ilyna looks to Sofie, dumbfounded, as glances over her shoulder as she wanders away. She then moves to sit with her sister, again, still as confused as before; ''What was that about?''

Jotunvir would say "For provisions? As in food?" He then looks over to Sofie as she rejoins them, before looking back to Risti.

Ristiinna nods. "Food, yes, that's a good idea, we'll definitely need that."

Vuohkku giggles softly at Ilyna. "Just about who'll enjoy what on the trip. And a little teasing."

Sofie smiles slightly at Ristiinna. "Are you making a list?"

Jotunvir would shrug his shoulders. "Food. Things that don't spoil above what's tastey. Rope, climbing equipment, the necessities to make camp, medical supplies, for this kind of trip it will be more intensive than something smaller. A sled, or something to help carry items, might also be needed."

Ilyna nods a little, unconvinced, but she takes her sister's word regardless. She then looks to the cup, and then back at Vuo; ''Are you sure you're alright? You didn't have to volunteer, you know.''

Ristiinna nods to Sofie. "I was going to come around to everyone and try to make a list, though I didn't think to get anything to write it on. I will memorize it by making it into a song in my head." She focuses on Jotunvir's list, murmuring it back to herself.

Jotunvir would give Risti an endeared smile. "You can go around asking more than once for the list, that was just off the top of my head."

Ristiinna says, "A sled is a very good idea. We can bring several, maybe! I will ask you more about what the things are for camping in case I'm missing anything. Tents, some bone ready for fires, things like that."

Vuohkku smiles to her sister. "The tea is helping. But I did have to. I'd worry myself sick over you if only you went, and what good would I be here doing that?"

Jotunvir would shrug a shoulder back, Risti's words seeming to remind him of something. He draws a ''fresh'' piece of ivory from his jacket.

Sofie seems amused. "Jotun is now the expert on our journey," she says, but it's all in good-nature, and she appears to be teasing him.

Jaska glances at Sofie. "Well, I for one trust his experience."

Ristiinna smiles to Sofie, then to Jotunvir. "Good, I can learn from him!" she says brightly. "If we bring sleds we must bring dogs to pull them. Do we need anything special for them? I have not much experience with the sled dogs, or any dogs."

Jotunvir would glance over to Sofie with a smirk. "Of course. I'll make sure to consult you when we need to light the campfire," he responds in the same good natured manner that she said to him. He then looks back to Risti. "I've a little. They require their own provisions, extra ropes and food, the like."

Sofie cants her head just slightly as she peers at Jaska, but then shifts her attention back to the other two.

Jaska eyes Sofie. "You have a dog, don't you?"

Sofie nods. "I do, yes. He pulled my sled during the races."

Ristiinna nods repeatedly, her fingers twitching as if she were writing, then turns to Sofie. "What sort of healing supplies will we need?" she asks. "I mean, both for us as we travel, and in case any healing is needed when we arrive?"

Ilyna tilts her head slightly, and sighs; ''I would've done the same, if it was the other way around, so I suppose I can understand that. - I spoke to Ristiinna, and in so many words, I guess I apologised to her for being rude to her the last time I saw her.''

Jaska 'huh's quietly. "I remembered something right for once."

Jotunvir draws a curved knife from his belt and would begin carving something into the ivory in his hand.

Sofie tilts her head slightly. "I will have my own healing supplies, as will the two healers I'm bringing. The people who are chosen you do not need to worry about preparing for, because we have been preparing our own things. The sled runners will bring sleds and their dogs, and food for the dogs. The warriors protecting the group will prepare, and the healers will prepare."

Vuohkku smiles warmly at her sister. "That was nice of you."

Ristiinna nods, frowning a bit, and falling silent. After a moment, more hesitantly, she turns to Jaska and asks, "Is there anything... special you know of we'll need?"

Sofie adds, "I do think rations will be most important, though."

Ilyna shrugs, and glances briefly over her shoulder at Jaska, but soon returns her gaze back to her sister; ''I don't regret what I said, since I still think that way of thinking is wrong, but.. I could've said it differently.''

Jaska thinks. "Well... if I forget the mammutti when we leave, you can remind me to go get them."

Jotunvir brushes his palm along the ivory a few times as he carves away at it, slow and purposeful movements of the blade working what seemed to be letters into the item.

Sofie grins. "I think that'll be noticeable."

Ristiinna escapes her more dour moment with a laugh at that. "I will definitely put them on the list!" she says cheerily. "Well, we have a week, is that right? If you think of other things before then, seek me out. If I'm not here, you know where I live?" She points roughly east, to her family's home.

Vuohkku nods. "And that's fair, I think. It's still well done to ease the feelings. Not that I thought you were that awful or anything."

Ilyna shrugs; ''It was only right to clear the air.'' She then looks to the fire that they were stand in front of her, as she felt the warmth a little too much now, and so she gestures to the group; ''Are you feeling up for joining them, again?''

Jaska adds, "I don't suppose you have any spears lying about?"

Jotunvir had his gaze torn from the item in his hand at the joke related to Mammoths, a huff of amusement coming from him before he continues engraving into the ivory.

Ristiinna shakes her head. "I don't have anything!" she says. "But my mother will know where to get things. I can be sure we have some, I mean, if it's possible at all, she'll know how!"

Vuohkku nods after a bit more of the tea. "This should be safe from spilling now. Sure. Even I'm warm enough for a few moments."

Sofie only briefly glances over at Jotun, her gaze soon returning to Ristiinna. "You should check with Filpa to see how much room we'll have. The sleds won't be able to carry too much."

Ilyna lifts herself up to her feet, before she offers a hand for her sister to help her up too; ''Come on, then. Before they accuse us of being unsociable.''

Jotunvir would soon stow the knife once more, brushing his palm over the ivory and blowing upon it a few times before holding it up in the air and narrowing his gaze at the writing to ensure that it looked nice.

Ristiinna nods. "I will, yes!" she says. "Thank you! I will have to find out how many sleds and dogs we can get." She then turns and makes her way, glancing a moment at the carving with evident admiration, before heading around towards the sisters.

Vuohkku chuckles as she lets her sister help her up. "You may have a point, though I've been trying to listen, at least."

Jaska goes off to relieve herself.

Sofie watches the two wander off and smiles some, turning around to observe the others.

Jotunvir would go to stow the ivory once people left the group, looking around once before stepping forward and looking to Sofie. "You seem in high spirits for this." He says with a tone that almost made it out to be a question.

Sofie glances over at Jotun. "I am not," she replies simply.

Jotunvir cants his head to the side. "How do you feel about it?"

Sofie gently shrugs her shoulders, looking to the small group by the fire. "I hope my predictions are wrong," is all she says.

Ristiinna pauses as she's approaching, finding the sisters just on the move. She steps aside a bit to not be in their way, but ready to trail behind.

Ilyna chuckles, and turns to face the others, who she now finds to have dispersed. She then notices Ristiinna, and smiles a little, but does head over toward Sofie and Jotun. She addresses Jotun with a nod, before she directs herself to Sofie; ''Are you alright?''

Vuohkku follows after with little smile for Ris and a head-tilt of the inviting sort.

Jotunvir would peer at her for a long few moment, before looking forward. He stands in silence for a long few moments before he turns his head slightly towards her. "My mother used to tell me a story about my father. That he'd never not take on a hardship for those around him despite their not wanting him to. He used to say, 'my companions are strangers to hardship, so I must bear it for them." He says as he sees the other three approaching. He looks over to Sofie then. "It killed him, taking that weight. Don't do it to yourself."

Sofie inclines her head to Ilyna as she approaches. "Of course. Are you?"

Ristiinna follows cheerfully, but grows more somber at hearing Jotunvir's tale. She watches him with wide-eyed appreciation. "I should write that into a song," she says breathily.

Sofie turns to look at Jotun but, as the others appear, chooses not to reply. "You should!" she says at once to Ris, perhaps eager to change the subject. "Do you play an instrument as well?"

Jotunvir looked forward at Risti's comment. He doesn't have much emotion on his face aside from the concern he was showing for Sofie, but he does look confused that 'that' is what she took from the story, him having a different view of it as he's grown up with it.

Ilyna glances over to her sister, and she smiles; ''I'm going to find our parents. I'll catch up with you soon, alright?''

Ristiinna nods. "My da wouldn't let me get away with not learning one! I shared a little song at the end of the festival, on his harp..."

Jaska rejoins the others shortly.

Sofie smiles at her. "I hope you bring it with you. It will be a harsh journey, and we will need something for our spirits."

Vuohkku nods. "All right!"

Jotunvir dips his head to Ilyna as she excuses herself.

Ristiinna widens her eyes. "Oh, I couldn't bring his harp, it is so beautiful! I was afraid even to walk here with it!" She frowns, then says, "I could bring mine, though, but it seems like if we're hard pressed to fit everything we need, it's a waste of weight."

Sofie shakes her head. "Moral is very important. Anything to keep people's hopes up is not a waste."

Ilyna nods, and offers them all a faint smile. She looked over to Jaska, as she saw her walking back to the group, as she was just leaving. She offered her the same curtesy, yet her smile was a little wider this time.

Jaska gives Ilyna a slight nod.

Vuohkku shrugs. "One harp is more help than hurt. If there's room on my back, I might even bring mine, though it's not very good."

Ristiinna says with a grin, "Maybe you haven't heard my singing..." She turns to Vuohkku. "I ws going to ask if you and your sister know of anything special we might need to bring. I'm making a list to bring my mother, so I can see how I can be sure we have it all."

Sofie smiles slightly. "Perhaps I can play something for us, if I can find mine somewhere."

Jotunvir would give Risti an amused look. "I will bear the weight of the harp should it be that much of a concern for you." He says amusedly. He then looks to Vuo, and then Sofie. "Am I the only one who does not know an instrument?"

Ristiinna looks around with some surprise. "Perhaps!" she says to Jotunvir. "But if you can sing, I think your low register would harmonize well with ... with everyone else's voices. Mine is a bit thin and high if unaccompanied, my da says."

Vuohkku ponders. "I was going to ask what we should bring. It sounds like much thought has already gone into it. I was mostly just thinking my warm clothes, my other warm clothes, and my spears. And those are... well, just in case. I'm not a real hunter or warrior, but I'm better than nothing."

Jotunvir pulls a face at the notion of his singing being anything other than something tolerated while drinking.

Sofie briefly smiles, glancing over at Jotun. "I think you should sing."

Ristiinna nods to Vuohkku. "I will be asking about extra spears. If some break on the journey, it will be hard to find the materials, or have the time, to make more, I imagine."

Jotunvir would look over to Sofie and then just gives a shrug, almost looking more of a 'your funeral' in his expression. "I will be bringing what I do on my hunts, although I will bring my spear, javelins and my bow. I usually only bring one, depending on what I'm hunting."

Ristiinna tugs at her coat, and glances back at the big cook-fire not too far away, then blows some hair out of her eyes. "Extra arrows," she says, "though I expect you always have as many as you'll need!"

Sofie peers at Jotun and then glances to the rest of the gathered group. "I'm gonna get going, I'm feeling pretty tired."

Vuohkku nods. "I was thinking to ask the pack-masters what I could do to help, rather than guessing what they've not already considered." She shrugs. "I'd assume hunters and warriors already have what weapons they expect to need against what we might face."

Vuohkku nods to Sofie after.

Jaska smiles a bit at Sofie. "Rest up while you still can."

Jotunvir would move his gaze over to Sofie, his brow lofting. "Think about what I said," he says as he flashes her a smile. "And rest well. Enjoy the warmth while we have lots of it."

Sofie inclines her head to the group and wanders away to find her cloak before she heads out into the snow.

Ristiinna murmurs, "Too much," and glances back at the fire a moment. She waves to Sofie as she leaves, murmuring to herself.

Jotunvir would raise a brow at Risti. "Too much?" He repeats back to her.

Ristiinna nods. "Am I the only one who gets warm in here?" She tugs at her coat. "We don't keep a fire in our house. Too dear. Just briefly for cooking, after that it's all blankets and keeping the heat we have in. And I don't usually wear furs there. The Lodge always feels so hot!"

Jotunvir would give Risti an odd look. "You should endeavour to change that. We build our homes to be able to enjoy the warmth we don't have outside. It is not like we lack for wood, either."

Vuohkku shrugs. "I'm almost always cold. Not sure why. I mean, I'm probably not really cold? I just feel it more. But I've been in here long enough to be warm for once."

Ristiinna blinks in confusion. "Change it? I don't understand what you mean I should change? Or do you mean, I shouldn't wear the furs in here either? I... Well, everyone else is..." She glances around sheepishly.

Vuohkku tilts her head. "I think he means not just freezing at home? Not to speak for you! Just wondering whether I understood."

Jotunvir would let out an amused laugh at Risti's words. "You say that your home doesn't have a fire kept in it. I was not speaking of what you're wearing."

Ristiinna frowns in confusion. "If there were a fire in that tiny house I would be sweltering all the time! It's too warm already!"

Jotunvir would let out a laugh, apparently seeing his point no longer tenable, so he drops it with a shrug of his shoulders.

Ristiinna can't help but laugh a little along with him. "Anyhow," she says, "it's not my choice, it's my mom and da's house."

Vuohkku ponders, then shrugs herself. "I forget that your family is small. I'm sorry. I'm too used to ours."

Jotunvir would dips his head to the group, having the look of someone who just remembered something. "I must go," he says as he dips his head to them. "We will all speak more in the coming week." He says as he then goes to wander off.

Ristiinna says to Vuohkku, "Your house must be even warmer just from the people's heat! But you always seem so cold."

Vuohkku waves to Jotun even as she nods to Ris.

Ristiinna waves to Jotunvir as he leaves.

Jaska eyes Vuokkhu curiously. "How many are there in your hut, usually?"

Ristiinna murmurs, "I hope we need three more things, it's hard to make this into a memory-song with this many things."

Vuohkku smiles. "I just feel it more, I think, as I said. Of course, I'm often closer to the outside, or the one fetching things instead of rapped up. - Ah. Hmm. six to ten, depending on the needs of the herd."

Ristiinna sings to herself, "parchment, coal, food to last, rope and sleds, dogs run fast; bone to burn, tents and tarps, healing salves, bring our harps; picks to climb, arrows spare, food for dogs, traps and snares; cooking pots... I need three more things there."

Vuohkku ponders. "Something about rags for cleaning those pots? And possible bandages? I know we have healers who will bringi their own supplies, but extra bits of clean cloth can have a lot of uses."

Ristiinna nods, frowning. "I asked Sofie about healing supplies and she was... very curt that they already knew what they would need. I just thought I should make sure it was on the list. Maybe I should leave it off and then it'll be twelve."

Jaska raises her eyebrows between them for a moment. "I'm... going to get home. I guess I'll be seeing you soon."

Ristiinna nods. "I suppose I ought to as well. I imagine it's going to be hard to sleep. I'll be half dreaming of seeing the sky-dance and half wondering what sort of dangers I won't be ready for."

Vuohkku smiles to Jaska. "All right. It's... probably selfish of me, but I'm glad you're coming. It'll be better with people I know."

Jaska smiles slightly. "It's not selfish. I want to come, anyway."

Ristiinna pulls her gloves back on, then her hat and scarf, though she's obviously still uncomfortably warm.

Vuohkku nods. "Ristiinna has a good point about what we might see for the lights over the glaciers, too. I can't wait for that!"

Ristiinna says, "I wonder if it's really that much brighter! My brother has been there, my older brother, and he said it was, but you can't always rely on him."

Jaska smiles at them both and departs.

Vuohkku shrugs. "Less of the village fires, more ice under. I bet it's at least some brighter."

Ristiinna nods. "I can't wait to see!" she says, then goes back to murmuring the memory song. "I wonder if my mother is already asleep," she says as she starts for the door. "You know where I live, right? So if you think of anything else for the list you can tell me if you don't see me here," she calls out behind her as she goes.

Vuohkku chuckles. "All right! Try to sleep, eh?" She waves after her.

Ristiinna says, "One can only try!" and pushes out into the cold.