4 February: The Snowstorm

As the snowstorm outside began to barrel down on Sûri-kylä, residents of the village slowly began to make their way into the Great Lodge with any important belongings or small animals accompanying them. Extra furs and blankets were being passed around. Members of different tribes mingled together, and there was a conjested group around the large fire in the middle as bowls of stew were being handed out to those waiting. Once everyone was settled in the large, the great door was closed and the long night began.

Vuohkku stops on her way in to stow her weapons. She's cold enough that she keeps her cloak for now.
Ruhte is warming herself by the fire with her hood still on. She stands away from the others looking around the lodge.
Ristiinna is one of the last to arrive, along with her parents, who go immediately to the fire while Ris lingers at the door brushing snow off her shoulders.
Ilyna ventured into the Great Lodge with her arms wrapped tightly around her chest, ensuring she had kept enough warmth as they had travelled to the Lodge. She'd take a moment to look around, and whilst doing so contemplated whether or not to remove her head-piece, looking to Vuohkku once she had decided to keep it on for now. Her look was rather expectant, before her mumbles +
Ilyna + quietly; ''Where to? Are you hungry?''
Vuohkku nodded, rubbing at her arms. "Aye. And it looks warm, which would be good anyway. Are you?"
Sofie stands near one of the fires off to the side with her large hound, and appears to be warm and comfortable, for she had already been settled for some time now.
Ilyna shrugs her shoulders a little; ''I suppose I am.'' Without a hesitation, she'd march toward the fire in the middle to await her turn in receiving some of the food, assuming her sister would follow suit and would nod to those she thought were familiar.
Vuohkku followed along, not quite moving as quickly, and greeted more people, but she wasn't too far behind. She waited behind Ilyna, so as not to crowd those handing out bowls.
Ruhte stands off by herself. No family around her. She looks thin, almost gaunt, and is sipping some soup by the fire.
Ristiinna starts to pull off her scarf and hat, but thinks better of it as a blast of chill air finds its way through the tiniest crack under the doorway. "Well, sure is going to be a bitter one! Pity too as the sky was turning all sorts of lovely colors! I saw a deep blue like the bay in summer, and it usually goes purple after that."
Jaska enters shivering and finds a place by the central fire.
Ilyna only dropped her arms when she would be handed a bowl, for which she'd extend out her hands to retrieve with a short smile of gratitude. She'd twist her body slightly, just enough to be able to offer the bowl to her Vuohkku. Once she had accepted, she'd turn back around and wait for her own.
Vuohkku smiled warmly, and thanked her sister quietly, then also the person who'd handed out the bowl.
Ristiinna settles for taking off her gloves and holding her hands out to the fire. As Jaska approaches she turns and says, "Quite a storm for so early into the season, isn't it? Not that it's that odd. I mean, two years ago... welll that was special though, wasn't it? So my father said."
Ilyna paid those who had surrounded the fire after them a quick glance, perhaps a friendly nod, yet no verbal interaction. Instead she'd look to her sister and tilt her head to the right slightly, indicating that they should move in that direction; ''To let others through.'' Again, without hesitation, she'd move toward the right-hand side of the Lodge, taking a few moments to greet +
Ilyna + those she knew whilst awaiting for her sister to follow again, if she wished to.
Vuohkku nodded and followed. "Right." She made quiet greetings along the way.
Jaska looks over and appraises the woman while she warms herself. "Hm. Which do you wager is bigger? I say this one."
Ruhte is still sipping her soup trying to blend in with the decor.
Ilyna appeared rathe content with the warmth the bowl had given her hands, and so she would not intend to take a taste of it just yet. Once they were not surrounded by anyone in particular, she'd look to her sister; ''So, blankets?''
Ristiinna glances at the door as if she might be able to see through it. "I hope not! If we're stuck in here for days I will be bored. I wish I could have brought some work to be doing!" She tucks her gloves into a belt, then gets into line for a bowl of soup. "Though if it's hard but fast that could be all right."
Vuohkku nodded. "None refused who were asked. If that's what you ask? Or are you suggesting we get some of these for the night?"
Ilyna nods, her brows raised slightly; ''You had already asked? I hadn't realised.'' She'd then take another look around, evaulating those closest to her, whilst nodding her head more firmly again; ''I didn't think they would have.''
Vuohkku smiled. "I didn't want to put it off, in case... well, in case I had to ask again. But my worrying was pointless."
Jaska looks thoughtful a moment, then steps into line behind Ristiinna. "What work would that be?"
Sofie turns to survey the room when people began settling into the lodge, hugging her blanket around her shoulders. She had a cup of soup in her hands, but by now it was cold. Curiously, she glanced around at the different faces of those she recognized.
Ristiinna smiles warmly to the cook. "Oh, just a little please," she says, then turns towards Jaska. "Well, today I was working on candles. I have been grinding up bits of lichen really fine, and trying adding it to the tallow, to see if I can give it interesting colors or scents. Most of it doesn't work though, but I'm not going to find-- oh, thank you!" She is handed soup.
Ilyna spotted Sofie as she had taken a look around the Great Lodge, yet only for a brief moment, before looking back to Vuohkku. She'd bring her bowl to her lips for small taste, before nodding in the direction of the fire in front of them; ''I wouldn't want you to freeze to death.'' She'd actually wait for her sister this time, rather than charging ahead.
Jaska takes a fairly generous helping and steps out of line, but remains nearby. "Find...?"
Ristiinna steps out of the way as well, and holds the soup in both hands. "Find?" she asks. "What am I supposed to find?"
Vuohkku chuckled, and looked in the direction indicated. She got the point then, and strolled over toward the other fire, watching for signs of just how welcome they might be, still letting her bowl warm her hands.
Sofie glances down at her soup, as if only just remembering it. She lifts it up to her lips and takes a small sip of it, her attention following the twins as they neared. "Hello. I hope the hirvi are well," she greets.
Jaska frowns a bit. "You said you're not going to find something."
Ruhte sips her soup watching everyone around her. She is simply standing by the fire to shy to do anything else.
Vuohkku nodded to Sofie with a smile. "They are, or as well as we can prepare them to be. Thank you for asking. And how are things with you?"
Ristiinna tilts her head one way, then the other. "Oh!" she says cheerfully. "Find a way to make it work! Candles with nice scents or colors. Imagine if I could get candles the colors of the night sky! I think it's probably going purple now. I wish I could go out and see!"
Ilyna followed swiftly after Vuohkku, giving Sofie a curt nod as she approached. For a moment, she'd look to the other side of the fire, her brows raised. She'd be rather abrupt, yet wouldn't intentionally be rude, as she was more intrigued; ''What're you standing over here on your own for?''
Ruhte goes wide eyed when the girl addressed her. She stammers, "W-w-w-warming up." She hugs her bowl like it is a shield.
Sofie steps closer to the two, still clutching her bowl between two hands. "Things are well. I would prefer to be at my camp, but hopefully the storm will blow over. As it always does." She glances over to Ilyna and lifts a shoulder. "No reason."
Jaska glances back toward the door. "You think you'd be able to see much of it through the storm?"
Vuohkku nodded to her. "Just as I'd rather be watching the herd through a storm, no matter the cold." She chuckled softly. "Though they do help keep me warm, usually." She looked to the other side a moment. "It's a good place to get warm."
Ilyna looks to the fire, and then back to the girl, shrugging a little; ''Well, I gathe-..'' She'd pause, having clocking Sofie's response to her specifically aimed question, and so turned her attention onto her. Perhaps a little bitter from their previous encounter, she'd huff; ''What's for no reason?''
Ristiinna frowns and shakes her head, crestfallen. "That's the trouble! The sky was so bright and full of dance it made me want to dance with it, but now I can't even watch it!" She slurps some soup in an undainty way, then turns and continues deeper into the lodge.
Ruhte nods to the women as they speak ad looks at her feet. She holds her empty bowl awkwardly. Too afraid to walk back over to the line to turn it in. There were people over there...
Sofie takes another sip of her soup, and does not seem to mind it being cold. Glancing over at Ilyna, and then between the four of them, she shook her head. "Nothing. I was mistaken," she replies, unbothered by her own mistake.
Ilyna wrinkles her nose, and that would appear to be her only response to Sofie, before she'd find her attention moving back to Ruhte. Perhaps she would not have realised she was invading the girl's privacy, or she did and did not seem to care of it, as she'd continue to question her; ''Are you on your own?''
Ruhte looks up at Ilyna's question and nods.
Jaska follows after her somewhat. "Well... you could dance in here. I'd give you a song, but I left my drum behind."
Ilyna continues; ''Why?''
Vuohkku shifted how she was holding her bowl so she could start enjoying its contents. "Mmm. Nice to get something warm into me." It was quiet, but not a whisper, either.
Ruhte says quietly, "They died."
Sofie shrugs and, instead, turns to Vuohkku. Whatever she was going to say was cut off, though, as she glanced over at Ruhte. She said nothing at all, and took another long drink of her soup.
Ristiinna laughs. "I'd spill my soup!" she says, then adds, "No, really, I would. I dance like a moose that's had too many berries that have been off the bush too long." She doesn't seem to mind this self-assessment. "Anyhow it wouldn't be the same!"
Ilyna opened her mouth to respond, as if she had already thought of some response, yet even she would stop herself. Instead, she'd lift the bowl back to her lips, using that to silence her. After all of this, she would offer Ruhte a rather sympathetic glance, yet did not know how to respond.
Jaska shrugs a little and starts in on her soup. "Why not?"
Ruhte looks back to her feet still holding her empty bowl. She shuffles her feet and kicks some snow around her into a little pile. She takes a little time making the pile bigger and bigger. Stacking and packing the snow with her foot.
Ristiinna looks up at the ceiling as if she might see the sky through it. "No dancing sky to dance with." She slurps her soup again and then steps to a bench to set the soup down on it so she can peel off her scarf and wrap it around her like a belt. "The fire is warm, isn't it?"
Jaska comes a little closer to it. "Fires tend to be."
Vuohkku nodded a greeting to the others who'd been behind her, but had more soup, at a momentary loss for conversation, though she seemed to be trying to remember something.
Ristiinna picks her soup back up. "Not all of them! The fire in a candle looks hot but you can pinch it and it goes right out without any burn. It's nice to see so many people even if it's for such a reason. If we can't see the dancing sky at least we can see all these nice people!" She waves one hand negligently towards the crowd, spilling a little soup.
Ruhte uses her foot to scoot her carefully built snow 'castle' towards the fire. She watches as the snow slowly melts creating little rivers through the 'castle'.
Jaska examines the nearest group and asks, "How do you know they're nice? Have you met them?"
Ilyna would have acknowledged the others as well, with a nod, yet immersed herself into taking another sip from her soup. Her silence would not last for long, as so she directed her attention to Sofie; ''Have you thought anymore about going to visit your grandmother?''
Ristiinna nods, and shakes her head, and nods again. "Well, no, but sort of. I know those two are sisters. I mean, anyone could tell, though, couldn't they? But they must be nice. Well, don't they? I hope they are. Not being nice is... well, isn't it better to be nice?"
Jaska squints a little. "Well... why don't you go find out, hm?"
Sofie glances up at Ilyna and then nods. "I have given it more thought, yes. But I will continue to think on it and watch the fires."
Ristiinna takes her hat off and tucks it inside the belt that she made of her scarf. "Good idea!" she says, then trots up a few steps. "Hello! I'm Ristiinna. How are you?" she says to no one and everyone at once.
Sofie turns her attention to Ristiinna. "Hello," she greets.
Jaska observes a moment, then sneaks a little closer to the fire.
Vuohkku glanced over toward the door and chuckled. "Not exactly the night to go rushing off for a visit, in any case." She gave a contented sigh as she had more of her soup, then smiled to her left. "I am well, thank you for asking, and I am Vuohkku."
Ruhte looks over at the girl when she speaks, but says nothing. She looks back down almost immediately and goes back to building another snow 'castle'.
Ilyna nods, bending slightly to place her bowl on the bench momentarily, just so she could begin removing her head-piece as a result of the warmth from the fire. She'd then replace the head-piece with the bowl, placing that on the bench and taking the bowl back up with her as she'd straighten her back. She'd then divert her gaze to the her left, nodding; ''Ilyna.''
Ristiinna nods energetically, her unkempt hair bouncing a bit this way and that. "It's -nice- to meet you!" she says, drawing out and clumsily emphasizing the word, then glances back to Jaska. She doesn't wink, at least.
Ruhte is still awkwardly holding her bowl. She sees Ilyna set hers on the bench and mentally kicks herself for not thinking of that. She had been standing there holding onto the empty bowl like a moron and hadnt even thought about setting it down. She sighs to herself and bends to set the bowl on the bench to her left. She quickly returns to building her next snow 'castle' victim.
Sofie inclines her head to Ristiinna. "Sofie, but most people in the village have visited me once or twice," she replies. She finishes her stew, and places the bowl on the ground for the hound to lick clean.
Ilyna looked over to Jaska expectantly, making the assumption she'd introduce herself as well, yet took another sip from her soup rather than mentioning it.
Jaska sticks out her lower lip slightly and gives Ristiiinna her slow nod of approval, but speaks to Sofie instead, stepping around to get a look at her face. "Have they? I don't recognize you."
Vuohkku finally finished her soup, and set her bowl down. After a moment of hesitation, pondering, she removed her cloak and gloves, tucking them appropriately into her belt.
Sofie shrugs. "Well, that's okay," she replies to Jaska.
Ilyna shrugs her shoulders at the group, deciding to venture toward Ruhte. She'd keep a reasonable distance, clearly noting Ruhte's shy tendenacies, but would would raise a brow at the shapes she was making in the snow; ''Do you just like seeing the snow melt?''
Ruhte looks up, "I like building. Like waching melt too."
Jaska stares expectantly for a moment, then just shrugs right back.
Ilyna nods; ''Do you prefer this than.. That?'' She'd then gesture a hand lazily toward the group and their conversation, taking a sip from her bowl, nearing the end of its contents.
Ristiinna turns her attention towards Ruhte and her building. "Oh, that looks like fun!" she says, and, her soup bowl forgotten, hurries around to watch what she's doing eagerly.
Sofie inclines her head politely to Jaska and she smiles. "I'm Sofie, then."
Ruhte looks where she gestures. "Dont like big groups. Too many people." She finishes a pretty snow 'castle', built with her feet, and scoots it towards the fire.
Vuohkku chuckled softly as she watched and listened.
Jaska frowns some. "Well, I heard that part. But... I'm Jaska."
Ruhte looks to Ristinna and nods acknowledging she spoke. She watches the 'castle' melt into little rivers. She has a set of three 'ruins' before her and begins on a fourth.
Ristiinna looks around. "Oh, that's a shame," she says brightly to Ruhte, "as there's a lot of people here, but they're nice people! I think, anyway. They seem mostly nice, don't they?"
Ilyna looked to Ristiinna as she had joined them, wrinkling her nose slightly at her enthuasism. However, she'd refrain from making a comment, and so finished the contents of her bowl instead.
Ruhte nods with a shrug. "Guess so." She makes this snow 'castle' a little bigger than the rest.
Sofie reaches down to pick up the bowl, which was licked clean from the hound. She holds it in both of her hands and turns her attention back to Jaska. "Do you live in the village?"
Ristiinna crouches and starts trying to shape the snow, but not nearly as craftily. She's just making shapes, but at least for the moment she's quiet.
Jaska has as sip from her bowl before she nods. "I do. I help tend the mammutti here. Half wanted to bring them in with me, but I'm sure they'll manage. And I don't think they'd fit."
Sofie smiles, glancing around the large hut. "No, I suppose they would not."
Jaska asks, "So what's your business?"
Sofie hums thoughtfully. "Hard to say," she answers, entirely serious. "But mostly I am a healer."
Vuohkku chortled softly, but nodded, perhaps even amiably.
Ruhte pauses her building and steps back to admire it. She scoots a few more pile of snow towards her building and adds a few more rounded turrets.
Jaska nods a bit at Sofie, but quirks a brow at Vuohkku instead of answering. "And what about you? I hear you're... 'nice.'"
Vuohkku chuckles with a flash of a grin. "My family tends the reindeer herd. And I would have preferred bringing them inside, too - but that wouldn't work much better than the mammutti."
Ruhte finishes her masterpiece and steps back again. This one doesnt go to the fire. She scoots over a little and starts building next to it.
Ristiinna glances over at Ruhte's work and forgets her own, admiring it.
Jaska smiles a touch. "Well... the mammutti are woollier, but I bet your reindeer will be alright, too. Probably."
Vuohkku nodded. "We dug a bit into the ice, and borrowed some blankets. They usually manage for themselves, they'll have that for shelter if they choose it."
Ruhte crosses her arms over her chest as she works. Creating little snow scultures with her feet. She adds mammoths, little huts, and ice bridges around the large 'castle'.
Ristiinna straightens up, abandoning her clumsy shapes, pillars, spheres, squat pointed spires, and takes a step back. "That's amazing," she says in a stage whisper. "Such detail. What is your craft?"
Ruhte shapes a rounded mammoth with her foot. "Fisherman."
Jaska worms her tongue around her teeth while she ponders a response, but she can't think of one, so she just nods her approval and frowns into her emptying bowl. "...Do you know if we're allowed a second helping?"
Ristiinna takes a lock of hair and sucks on it thoughtfully. "Do you work with Olavi? My mother is always trying to get him to bring in his catch. Sometimes she has to send me or other people to get it from him since he doesn't like to come to town. Oh, do all fishermen not like crowds?" she says, pleased at this discovery.
Sofie looks over her shoulder. "I think once everyone has gotten first helpings, we can go back for more. It looks like most everyone has gotten their firsts and are sitting down now."
Ruhte pauses her work a little overwhelmed by all the questions. She tries to think of how to answer. "Work alone. Don't know about others. Only me." She steps back and has made a cute little snow village with a Great Lodge, little huts, some mammoth, and ice bridges. She makes little snack mounds that run under the bridges. This she may pause and use her hands for.
Ilyna appears to have been lost in her own trail of thought after finishing her soup, probably over nothing overly important, but she would not intend to interrupt the conversation the others were having around her. Instead she'd trot back to her sister side, now listening in on them.
Ristiinna is still staring raptly at the craftsmanship, all the more now that so much is revealed. "Maybe I should tell my mother about you! She's in charge of making sure the village has the supplies it needs. Well, not in charge, but, I mean, she does that. She'd like another source for fish, I'm sure! Olavi is so difficult."
Vuohkku looked over, pondering Sofie's words, then shrugged. "Maybe I should think about having a bit more."
Jaska peers over her shoulder at the fire, then just gives Sofie a couple nods and steps off. "Right. I'm going."
Sofie wisely replies, "It will only go to waste if not."
Ilyna blinks a few times, watching the other woman make her departure before she had even been given a chance to catch up, so instead looked to both Vuohkku and Sofie with a raised brow; ''Who was that?''
Sofie shrugs her shoulders.
Ruhte nods curtly, "I bring fish." She curves the snake mound through and around her village carefully. She adjusts a few spots here and there, pausing to step back and readjust. She guides the ends of the snake mounds to the fire and watches as they slowly melt into little rivers running through her village and under the bridges. Carving their way through almost magically.
Ruhte steps back and crosses her arms in front of her. Proud of this one. She grins a little.
Vuohkku shrugged. "Jaska, a mammutti-tender. But that's all I know." She pondered a bit more, looking between the central fire and her bowl.
Ilyna looked over her shoulder in the direction Jaska would have taken, yet thought nothing of it, and so looked back to the pair; ''She seemed rather quick to leave, and I didn't even say anything, so you must've been boring.'' She'd spoke rather bluntly, but a faint smile indicated the brief playfulness in her tone.
Vuohkku chortled. "Probably so. I often am, I think, when I've been working so hard."
Sofie nods. "That was probably it," she replies, settling herself down on the furs and crossing her legs.
You sit with Oven.
Ristiinna looks up from the snow village. "I will tell her! What's your name? I'm Ristiinná, and my mother is Nôra." She points to where she and Raimo are standing by another fire. "So I can tell her how to reach you! Or she could send me."
Ruhte looks to Ristinna, "Ruhte. Find me anytime. I bring fish."
Ristiinna claps her hands. "I will! Oh, but, if you are far from the village, I might have to do it when other people are going that way. I travel the roads sometimes to bring soaps and oils and candles to other places, but only when there's others going that way." She leans closer and whispers, "There's bears and stuff out there."
Ilyna huffs a little, looking down to her empty bowl. She'd then lift a leg over the bench, before doing the same with the other, lowering herself to sit. She'd place the bowl to the side of her, yet gave Vuohkku plenty of room if she was to sit as well, before she'd sigh; ''Has anyone predicted how long this storm will last?''
Ruhte eyes Ristiinna warily when she leans closer, "Live in Suri-kyla. Hut nearby. On water. Not far."
Ilyna sits down.
Sofie nods. "They have been watching it for some days now. They think it will be gone by the morning."
Vuohkku moves her own bowl to sit with her sister, and just holds the empty for now, still contemplating a refill.
Ristiinna smiles brightly. "Oh good! I will come find it when mother needs fish. That reminds me!" She takes a few steps closer to the others. "Are any of you nice people going to Pynti-peldot any time soon, after the storm I mean?"
Ruhte walks over to a corner and gets settled to sleep.
Sofie glances up. "Usually only the merchants go down."
Vuohkku nodded to Sofie's words. "Don't think I've ever been." She pondered a bit more. "Not even sure I'd know the way."
Ilyna nods a little; ''The herd /should/ be fi-..'' She'd divert her gaze up to the right-hand side of her, shaking her head; ''No.''
Ristiinna frowns and then waves a hand. "Oh, it's easy to find, it's just, well, there's bears and things... I just thought," she gestures towards where Vuohkhu set weapons by the doorway, but doesn't finish the thought. "Well, I'll have to wait for the merchants and such, then! Thanks!"
Vuohkku chuckled. "Bears come close to herd. But not too close. Other things come near, too. Those get too near, and I drive them away."
Ilyna squints a little; ''Why do you need to go?''
Ristiinna says brightly, "I have soap to bring, to trade! And some will go on to Zigilgund. If I can find people going through the crevasse I'll bring some all the way to Kauppa-kohta too! And maybe candles. But not cooking oil, too heavy."
Ilyna nods a little; ''Well, I tend to the Hirvi, so. Can't help you.'' She'd look to the others, now deciding to bring herself to her feet; ''I'm going to find our family, and then sleep.'' She'd directly look to Vuohkku, but would then address the others; ''Sleep well.'' On her passing, she'd take her bowl from the bench to return toward the fire in the middle, before going off in +
Ilyna + search for the rest of her family.
Sofie furrows her brows. "Why don't you just trade it to the merchants who come here?"
Vuohkku looked up with a small smile. "I'll be along soon." She looked over to Ristiinna. "I bet they make their own cooking oil, anyway. But nice soaps and candles... I can see why you'd have trade."
Ristiinna waves cheerfully to Ilyna. "It was nice to meet you!" she says as the woman departs. "Oh, sometimes I do! But they don't always come, and I can get better trade when I do it myself. And it's good to see more places and meet more people! People are so interesting."
Sofie frowns. "Since when do the merchants not come here?" she asks, standing as well and brushing her furs off. "But anyway, I think I need to retire for the night. Goodnight," she says.
Vuohkku smiled a bit, nodding after Sofie, and standing with her bowl. "I was about to get some more. Waiting didn't make the hunger go."
Ristiinna watches Sofie leaving. "I wish I had a dog," she says. "Dogs are good at finding the ambergris that sometimes comes up on the shore of the ice bay. I can use that to make perfume. Well, it was nice to meet everyone!"