The Road to Gondor

Any of The Black Steel that wishes to record their journey to Gondor as well as those that travel with them.
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Anyone who takes part in this venture.

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The Black Steel are taking the long road to Gondor. Their journey will be challenging at times, but in reward they will see the beautiful landscapes of Middle Earth and the wonders it has to offer.

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The Black Steel have left for Gondor, choosing to cross over to Rhovanion through the Iron Garrison held Moria, as Freyntar's father was part of the initial expedition there, giving the company enough connection with the dwarves to be granted passage through the mines. From there they will head through Lorien, hopefully be granted passage through by their elven friend Mornenion and from then on will go across Rohan to Gondor, where the true journey will begin.


Anything that has to do with the Black Steel's journey to Gondor. Can be written diaries or stories, as well as artworks or screenshots that capture a moment on the journey.

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