The Bloody Dawn

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25th of July, 2013
To serve as mercenaries for customers across Eriador, all kinds of jobs for the right amount of coins...
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Our Story

The Bloody Dawn Company was founded a decade ago by Hardoleth of Beggar's Alley, as a way to get some of the poor off the streets and into work. In time it grew into the biggest mercenary company in Eriador, its membership including nearly all folk calling themselves mercenaries in Bree-Land. Six captains later, under the command of Ebold of Minhiriath, the Bloody Dawn was well-established across Eriador with a headquarters in Towerglan, Bree-Land, and strong presences in Trestlebridge and Ost Forod.

After a long hiatus when the members of the company scattered for personal reasons Ingrandor took charge and he is slowly trying to find new recruits who want to make some coin taking different jobs across Eriador (at least).

For the most part, Bloody Dawn mercenaries are occupied in regular contracts either protecting merchant caravans through Eriador or properties on the frontiers of Bree-Land. A force of twenty men are also garrisoned in Trestlebridge to aid that town in its defence, and company mercenaries regularly bolster the defenders of Ost Forod. Besides these more mundane responsibilities, the Bloody Dawn also accepts more unique contracts which could range from retrieving missing items to eliminating monster infestations. That being said, bandits, orcs and goblins make more typical opponents.

Furthermore, the contracts of Bloody Dawn mercenaries include commitments to defend the city of Bree in the case of any outside attack or hostile uprising. Similar articles oblige mercenaries to protect the private interests of the Company and its leadership.


Our Membership

--- Officers of the Company ---

Captain - Ingrandor of Gondor

Lieutenant -

Sergeants -




--- Mercenaries of the Company ---








Alwynna Ally Birchbranch Man
Bledigg Bledigg Man
Cutwil Cutwil, Magorion, Trapper Man
Derrock Derrock Man
Ebold Ebold of Minhiriath Man
Ingrandor Ingrandor Man
Kaiell Kaiell of the North Man

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