Reporting to the client

As soon as he left Hellrien at the Blackbird Soothery Ingrandor got on his horse and rushed to Bree. he steered his way through town and reached the building behind the Townhall. The sellsword got off his horse and tied the reins of the rented horse on a post and proceeded to knock loudly on the door. No answer came. He knocked again. Rushing footsteps approached the door and it opened. A young woman was behind it.

-How can I help you, sir?

-I need to see mr Applegate.

-Come in, sir.

The woman lead Ingrandor through the yard that was surrounded by a hedge and lead him to the right of the house, to a humble small building looking like a toolshed. The woman knocked on the door.

-Mr... has come to see you, sir.

-Ingrandor, from the Bloody Dawn.

Within a few moments the door opened and behind it stood the face of a  man that Ingrandor had never see before but they had exchanged one or two letters the past weeks. The man nodded thanks to the woman and beckoned the sellsword inside. Albert Applegate sat at his desk with Ingrandor across him. He studied the sellsword's face briefly, while the latter was just making himself comfortable.

-You're in a rush, something happened.

-Yes, we got attacked. Ambushed when we stopped for the night. We killed two but one of the wagons was taken.

The man who didn't look surprised lowered his gaze and sighed with a low grunt very displeased. He looked away for a moment and then nodded to himself.

-I see. What do we do now then? Do you know who they were? How did they attack?

-Well, the why is obvious enough, goods to steal and sell, I don't know how much they knew about it.

The sellsword's gaze pierced the man's eyes and went on.

-I will return there and examine the bodies. I had to take my associate to a healer. An arrow hit her. You met her.

The man nodded.


Ingrandor nodded this time.

-Yes. Then I will go and see what I can find out. See if I can track him firstly. It was raining hard and their tracks might have been wiped off. Then I will examine the bodies and see if they have any insignia to say who they are. Who knew about the shipment?

-No one! Only you.

-Then it was a random hit and it will be easier to find them. I hope so at least. I'll get to work then.

Ingrandor got up and turned about when the man spoke.

-Good luck and keep me informed. I will send a letter to my client at once and inform them of this misfortune. If you need coins let me know.

Ingrandor nodded and left.