Setting a course

The farmstead was in a bad state after the fight. Ingrandor walked among the destroyed corn and looked at the body of the man with the bow, then walked to the other body, of the man who attacked him. Then he walked towards the stalls, where the wagons were. Nothing was left of them and the horses didn't return. The sellsword tried to see if there were any recent tracks but the rain washed everything away. There were only one or two lines from the wheels under the stall where the water didn't reach due to the roof but that was it. Ingrandor walked to the house. They were all sitting around a table with breakfast but no one touched anything, they gazed at the man.

-No one has come then? More of them or the horses?

Del shook his head.

-We didn't move the bodies or walked around either. Do your thing.

Ingrandor nodded.

-Thank you. I'll be quick.

He made to leave but stopped and turned to look at them.

-I'll get rid of the bodies.

Del nodded gratefully and his wife, Dotty, lowered her gaze at the mention of the bodies and Gustaw, the one who spoke on behalf of the men who transported the goods asked.

-What about us? We can't sit here all day long.

Ingrandor turned to face everyone and forced a smile.

-You all can go, you're not prisoners, all I have to do is take examine the bodies and get rid of them. You can go to your employer, I just spoke to him.

Then left. First he went to the body of the man with the bow and turned the body around to see his face. It was a man older than Ingrandor with graying hair and several scars on his face, he was still clutching his weapon. The sellsword grabbed the man's hands and looked for any kind of marks that would be tray who he was or where he belonged, then pulled his trousers up to see if there was something on his ankles. In the end he opened the shirt and grunted. The man had a symbol on the left side of his body between his shoulder and chest. Ingrandor did not know it as he wasn't dealing with bandits before, he made his way to the other body to see if he ad the same symbol. This one, a much younger man, had it on his wrist.

The sellsword walked to the first body and drew his dagger. He made a cut around the symbol skin and pulled it out, then put it on a cloth from his pocket and folded it, he then cut the skin from the younger man and put it on the same cloth and folded it again. Right at that moment the people came out from the house. He turned to them.

-I'm taking the bodies out of here and I will come collect Hellrien's horse.

He didn't bother covering the bodies. He put them on his horse and threw them in a ditch some three or four miles away, next to the marshes and returned to take care of the last things around the farm before returning to the Dawnhall to dry the skins.