Attacked in the rain

Hellrien was sleeping soundly at her two hour break and Ingrandor was outside wrapped up in the blankets and laying on a wagon in order to avoid the cold wind. The sound of the rain on the windows was like a lullaby for the sellsword and calmed her, the bed was cosy and the living room warm. On the other hand Ingrandor couldn’t sleep, nor he wanted to, being on watch and keeping his senses sharp. The rain was strong at first but slowly it weakened and once it did the neekerbreekers in the distance started singing again. Ingrandor left his hideout and walked around the wagons once, stopping at the corners and watched among the trees to see if he could spot any movement, if there was any, though the lack of moon made it even harder. The only source of light was the fireplace in the house and it slowly going out, making him cursing because it wouldn't be as warm when he would be back the second time. He rubbed his hands together and blew some hot air when he finished his next round and went to the horses. he stroked their manes, both his and hers and spoke to them calmly because for some reason they are still awake and agitated. The usually funny or irritating man was tending to the horses as if they were his children, speaking kind and encouraging words to them without ceasing his strokes. At some point he brought both their heads to his chest and rubbed his face at theirs gently when he suddenly heard footsteps from somewhere among the woods. He tried to keep the horses’ attention away from that and kept going but his horse was rented and not used to such things. Despite his efforts to keep the rented horse calm it pushed its front feet down and thrust its front half in the air and neighed, pushing the sellsword away and out of the stall, right at the moment that the rain got stronger. Ingrandor drew his sword quickly and froze. His eyes darted right and left in an effort to see the movement among the trees.


 Hellrien pushed herself up from the couch, picked up her weapons and strode towards the door. She cracked it open carefully to see what wass going on in the yard and the stalls.


The rain wass too heavy for Hellrien to see anything. The drops whipped the door and her eyes relentlessly.


Hellrien cursed inwardly and shouted:


-Ingrandor? Everything alright?


She would hear a barely audible whisper from where she was. It was Ingrandor who spoke.


 -Someone's here, arm yourself.


And as she squinted her eyes she managed to see his figure, clutching his sword with both hands and standing in the rain out of the stalls looking around.


Hellrien slipped out of the door, fully armed, and ran across the yard behind the big rock. She peered from behind it again to see if she could see something else.


Nothing could be seen around. The rain was falling and the horses were uneasy. Ingrandor stood next to the stalls still, he saw her coming out but he remained in the same position with sword in hands. A loud thunder split the sky and Hellrien saw a figure with the corner of her eye. It seemed that the figure held a bow and aimed at her. At the same time someone was approaching Ingrandor from behind armed with a sword.

Hellrien moved quickly into hiding behind the rock in the yard, out of the line of sight from the bowman, but moved too slowly. The arrow shot by the bowman pierced her side and came out from the other side. She didn’t feel the pain of the shock yet, she barely felt the impact, but her brain registered that something has hit her.


She moved out of the line of sight again.


Ingrandor heard the man when he stepped in a small puddle behind him and turned around quickly in order to face him. Hellrien saw Ingrandor defending himself against a blow.


Hellrien took her bow and nocked an arrow, keeping herself out of sight from the bowman. She aimed at the one attacking Ingrandor and shot, knowing that she had maybe a minute before the shock would begin to stiffen her muscles.


The rain was still too strong and made it hard for Hellrien to aim, her arrow flew past the man's side and and went out of sight. Ingrandor defended against a second blow and took a step back, quickly he looked around him and then towards Hellrien, he ducked out of the way and prepared to fight, now being over the initial surprise. Hellrien headr an arrow getting crushed against the stone on the other side of it. One of the windows in the house lit up as the sound of steel hitting steel echoed in the night.


Hellrien cursed and realized that she had to somehow get the bowman out of the action. She had a few seconds after his last arrow, so she took the opportunity to dash, crouched down, into the cover of the tall corn in the field.


Ingrandor slid to the right and managed to slash his opponent's side with his sword by taking a quick step and getting to the man's left. The bandit or whatever he is swore and took a step away. Hellrien managed to get in the corn-field. She stood close to the middle with corn all over her, it seemed to her like she was under the cover of both the corn and the night.


Hellrien nocked her bow again and tried to get the bowman on sight. She knew she had only one chance now, the bowman must have reloaded so she'd best hit him! If she saw him, she stood up and shot.


Ingrandor raised his sword to defend against an incoming blow as the assailant's sword came on him almost vertically, he held his sword horizontally. The weapons clashed and Ingrandor managed to avoid the serious blow, he only failed to see a knee coming up and hit him on the left leg, Ingrandor groaned and stepped away breaking contact. In the meantime Hellrien looked out of the hiding spot she had and looked towards where the bowman was standing. He wasn’t there though! With the corner of her eye she saw a punch coming straight into her face from the left!


Hellrien tried to step away from the punch, but she was too slow.


ngrandor attacked once more, now angry after he got hit. He sidestepped again and as he did so he lets go of the sword with his right hand and left it in the left, that confused the man and Ingrandor elbowed him in the face and stabed him in the ribs. The man dropped dead and Ingrandor looked around.




Hellrien reeled back when the fist hit her cheekbone and shots the nocked arrow, it flew somewhere in the woods. She dropped her bow and reached for her mace and warhammer.




The man attempted to hit her with his bow by bringing it down on her!

Hellrien let out a warcry and tried to block the bow with her axe and simultaneously hit him with the mace from the other side.


The man managed to hit Hellrien with the bow, nothing that serious but it sure hurts her like crazy! It hurt so much that pain takes over her when she tries to attack but as soon as she lifts her other hand for the attack she drops it, the wound of the arrow now starting to hurt her more.


Hellrien got hit on the head with the bow and reeled backwards again, out of the corn field. She tried to lift the mace, but the pain and shock from the arrow is starting to paralyse her hand from that side and she couldn’t lift it anymore.


Ingrandor saw Hellrien get thrown out of the cornfield and charged towards her assailant, he saw the figure standing at the edge of the field. The sellsword found his target but he was too tired to do much, the man just pushed him away and Ingrandor stumbled towards the cornfield. The man turned to face Ingrandor now that Hellrien was down seemingly for good.


Hellrien wasn’t down for good though, only her mace hand was out of the game. As she didn't have to block the bow hits anymore she tried to implale the man with the sharpened pike on her hammer.


The blow fiound the man's side and he got pushed forward and started to bleed profusely.


Ingrandor took one step back when the man swung his bow towards him even though he did it slowly and it wasn’t hard for the sellsword to move away, the man took a step closer and stumbled.


Hellrien changed the grip of her hammer and now swng it from beneath, trying to impale him with the curved pointy end.


Hellrien's pointy end dug itself in the man's right side and he fell down, pulling her weapon with him. He drew a last breath and fell down. At that moment Hellrien and Ingrandor heard the horses' neighs and turned around to see their distress. They managed to see their horses running from either side of the cornfield and as they turned they saw that one of the wagons was moving away from the house! The other two horses are running behind it but disappeared in the night as soon the wagon did!


Hellrien tried to yank the hammer off the man's corpse. In frustration she hit the man one more time on the head with the face of the hammer before turning towards the wagon.


Ingrandor looked at the wagon and cursed. Hurriedly he sheathed his sword and started running towards his horse cursing even more, mothers and mud.


-'No, sons of whores! Get them. Get on the horse! Get the bastards!


Hellrien started running after her own horse.


-Bitsy! Bitsy, come back here right this instant!


The two got to the horses easily and made to mount on them. The moment they grabbed the reins and stepped on the stirrup the whole saddle fell down, causing the horse to neigh loudly.


Ingrandor stumbled forward and hit the horse with his face, then fell on the side, the horse raised is front legs in order to avoid him and turned to the side. Ingrandor looked up at the horse from the mud where he fell.


Hellrien 's right hand was now almost completely useless, and her right side was covered in blood that kept pumping. Barely noticing that, she managed to sheathe her weapons and tried getting on the horse, but the saddle dropped on the grass in front of her. She cursed.


They both noticed that the straps of the saddle were cut!


Raging and cursing like a maniac, Hellrien attempted to climb on the horse for some bare-back riding, using only her left hand! But to not avail.


Ingrandor looked at the strap and turned around to face her holding it up for Hellrien to see the cut. Then let his hand fall in anger and walked towards her with his palm outstretched in order for her to wait.


-Wait! You can't. It's too late!


-We have to get them, dammit! They are getting away!


-They have and we lost. But, we'll find them.