Out of the slumber

The last warm rays of the autumn sun came through the window and hit his face. The heat did not bother him but when the sun reached his eyes the man grunted in his sleep and moved slightly away without any intention of getting up. But the light persisted and as soon as he started to feel dozing off again the rays reached his eyes on more, forcing Ingrandor to pull the thin sheet over his face. The only thing that he managed was to get even warmer as the sheet was too thin to keep the sun away from his face. The Gondorian threw it away and sat up on the left side of the bed rubbing his eyes. His left hand reached the jug on the stand next to the bed and tried to pour himself some ale but it was empty. He put it down again and rubbed his eyes some more and looked at the window, it was a little later than 12 o’clock. He got dressed and left the room.


Barliman happily accepted Ingrandor’s last coppers for some sausages and mashed potatoes with half a pint of ale and the man sat in a corner and ate quietly and in contemplation. This was the last of his coins from the deal with the two merchants that went to Ost Guruth and back. It wwas high time to find another job or he would spend the next days on hay, like the good old days of his arrival in Bree. He looked around and saw no one who seemed like a traveller or in need of sellswords and got up and left The Prancing Pony, maybe he would have some luck in Combe or even Archet. He took the reins of his horse and started walking to enjoy the good weather, it wouldn’t last long.


-Aren’t you with The Bloody Dawn lot? Asked Lizbeth Honeymeade after a while that they spoke in conversation.


-Indeed I am.


-I haven’t seen any of you around lately, why is that? Are you too busy for small Combe?


-What? No, too busy in general I suppose, I don’t know.


-How you don’t know, aren't you on of them? Asked the woman furrowing her brows.


-I don’t know woman, I mostly worked alone, then worked with one from the Company but later I am working alone. I am looking for work now. Do you know anyone?




-That’s helpful.


-Me job is to serve food and drinks in here, not manage cut-throat jobs! The woman said defiantly and ingrandor just waved his hand dismissively and looked around at the empty inn again.


-Right, thanks. I’ll go find something now but I may return in the evening.


-Good luck.


Ingrandor walked through Staddle and Chetwood aiming to visit the inns in the small hamlets of Bree-land, there will surely be someone there who needs a sellsword he thought while riding his horse. The Gondorian walked following signs to inns and didn’t lose time, he asked in many of them but none seemed to need any sellswords. That made him regret spending a lot in the past three nights. He turned his horse around to make for Bree again, settle in The Prancing Pony and wait for anyone who would seek to hire him, it was late afternoon and the sun was setting already.


He didn’t ride with hurry as he usually did, he had a feeling that he’d get disappointed again and end up spending the night somewhere outdoors. The shadows started to longen as the sun started to lower and Ingrandor looked West at the setting sun. He smiled, recalling the sunsets at the Bay of Belfalas and then turned his face East to look at the empty sky. There, in the distance he saw a tree line of chestnuts and at its edge a tall building, a familiar building and without much thought he turned the horse and urged it to a gallop.


The Dawn hall was empty and now half-furnished, there weren’t any signs of occupation for a long time and him being the only Bloody Dawn member he could spend the night there without being disturbed. But first, he took a good look around at the rooms and what furniture remained. He walked to the room upstairs that once was an office, now only a pile of parchments reminded one of that. He looked at the empty fireplace where the wind scattered the ashes and a quick thought passed through his mind. He took the parchments and rolled and tied them together and mounted his horse. He would be at the Scholar’s Stair by 9 or 10 and then he’d set to work. To find new recruits for The Bloody Dawn and to find work for it.




(If anyone wants a sellsword to hire message me here)