A typical job

A shipment from Dale is coming to Bree and the owner of Applegate Transports, Albert Applegate contacted Ingrandor to arrange its protection. The Gondorian sellsword was going to Trestlebridge to see how the village fares after the withdrawal of the forces of the Dawn and sent a letter to Hellrien. The two have done a great job some months ago in defending a farmstead against a rich farmer and his bandits. Now the job was a routine. Reach the Forsaken Inn, find the merchants and escort them back to Bree. A job that takes four days. Two to reach the Forsaken Inn from Bree and two the way back. He sent a letter back to Albert telling him that the price would be thirty silvers but a meeting must be arranged. Ingrandor was leaving town and he sent Hellrien to meet the man.


The sellsword and Albert met at the Prancing Pony and discussed about the job and the goods on the wagons. Household goods from Dale. Routine job. No threats expected. The man will pay any expenses in the case of a fight, injuries, broken equipment and whatever may be needed. Hellrien and him had a thorough conversation and shook hands over the agreement. The next day her and Ingrandor met and after a final conversation over the matter they agreed to set off three days later so that on the fifth they’d reach the Forsaken Inn.



The Inn was full of Dalish people and Dwarves. Sellswords and merchants. It didn’t take long for the pair to find the ones they came to find, as they looked around carefully being also careful of the ale served there. Holgeir was the man in charge of the caravan and Kilvari was the Dwarf leading the sellswords protecting it. After a brief and to the point talk Ingrandor and Hellrien made themselves comfortable for the night and after a quick breakfast they set off.


The first day passed uneventfully. They reached a small farmstead at the edge of the road served as a makeshift inn for travellers and there they stopped. They took turns for watching. First watch was on Ingrandor, then it was Hellrien and then Ingrandor again and they were ambushed…