Belegos Turotaur

Name Belegos
Imladris, if anywhere.
Outward Appearance

Belegos is old. Very old. Because of the years that he has walked the earth, he has had dealings with every race and so has been enriched by the knowledge he has gained. He is wiser than he may first appear and is extremely tolerant, so slow to anger. He is full of jest, and his grey-blue eyes usually have a hint of mischief within. If you look closer though, you may just find his sorrow that haunts his steps.


Born in the 53rd Year of the Sun, Belegos was once a warden of the sixth gate of Gondolin and an archer of the House of the Swallow, it was there that he grew fast friends with Glorfindel.

He is the keeper of Alcarinar (Aglarach) 'The Glorious Flame' that was previously wielded by Glorfindel and was used to smite the Balrog that persued the refugees of Gondolin within the Echoriath in the Elder Days.
Whence Gondolin was sacked, Belegos despaired of the wars of Beleriand. Long had the Noldor suffered at the hands of Morgoth, and he fell into a great despair and abandoned his folk to wander alone. The War of Wrath came and went, and he shied from the trumpet call of the Host of the West. For long years he walked aimlessly among the sinking paths of the west, drawing ever closer to the Ered Luin. When he finally arrived in Lindon, he resolved himself to stay for a while at the Havens and to take a ship to Valinor, for the world and it's toils had wearied him. Ultimately this was not to be his fate. Whilst at the Havens, his friend Glorfindel arrived unlooked for and together they rejoiced at his coming back to Middle-Earth. Belegos was persuaded to rediscover his hope for those lands, and took it upon himself to guard them against evil.
Upon Glorfindel's return from the Halls of Mandos, Belegos returned his sword but was bade keep it in the hope that it brought more luck to it's new owner. Inscribed in delicate Tengwar is 'Glorfindel christ, i Valaraukar Dagnir!', or, 'Sword of Glorfindel, the Balrog's Bane!'
Whilst occasionaly resting at Imladris when weary of his travels, Belegos has now turned mostly to wayfaring. Far and wide have been his travels and he has seen many marvelous and wonderful, if not perilous sights of Arda.
He is now of the Order of the Arrow of Bar-En-Vanimar.
The world around him. Danel.
Servants of the Enemy.
To help in healing Middle-Earth before he departs it forever. To see all of what the lands East of the Sea have to offer before he is sundered from them.

Belegos's Adventures

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Belegos's Adventures

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Belegos's Gallery