Carnifinde Istanis 'Danel'

Name Danel
Mistress of Lore and Jewel-Smith.
Born in 278 of the First Age.
Outward Appearance

Though not among the fairest or most physically imposing of her folk, Danel's  appearance clearly identifies her as one of the Noldor. She has the fine, elegant hands of a jewel smith; the confidence and bearing of one raised to grace a court;  the innate strength of form and will typical of her people. 


Danel's skin is pale of hue, with soft rose undertones. She tends to blush more than she likes when strong emotions are evoked, though that is a rare occurrence these days. Almond shaped blue-grey eyes show curiosity even now; a willingness to learn and understand that age has not dimmed. Her most striking feature, her hair, is thick and long. Usually it is worn loose or with combs to hold it back from her face. Sometimes it is braided for travel. The copper-red colour gives clue to her heritage. 


Usually her garb is modest, chosen for practicality rather than adornment, though she does wear fine robes and gowns on occasions. She is also fond of a few well chosen pieces of jewelry that hold special sentiment for her.


Danel's weapon of choice is Sarphir, an extremely fine Noldorin sword, forged for her by Estarfin. 


Although at times she can seem pensive, she is keenly observant. Her usually considered mood can become obdurate, given reason, though such is rare. Danel is open to Quendi of all backgrounds. She is hesitantly tolerant of the Race of Men, having known some of exceptional character as well as some less exceptional, and she has from her youth had high regard for the Dwarven folk. She usually speaks Sindarin, but has much fondness for the Quenya she was raised with. She speaks Westron fluently and, far more unusually, a very small amount of Khuzdul which she only uses with extreme discretion.



Carnifinde (Q) Red-haired female.  Father-Name
Istawen / Istanis (Q) Knowledge girl / woman. Mother-Name and Chosen Name. 

Danel (S) Go back / return female.  After-Name / Epesse ( See: Danedhel. Apparently a Sindarin term for one of the Nandor. A combination of Dan 'go back' and edhel 'elf'.)

Carafindel (S) Rarely used Sindarin version of her Father - Name.


Her father, Urundir, and mother Aldanis were both slain in the First Age. Her paternal grandmother Nerdaniel has been in Endor, as possibly is a cousin.
Her people, their culture and history. Knowledge. Gem crafting.
Hate is a weapon of the enemy. It clouds the mind.
At present she is focused on solving a family matter, and on finding any remaining artifacts of the Noldor before they sail West.
I remember.

Danel's Adventures

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Danel's Adventures

Danel's Gallery

Danel's Gallery