Name Rainith
Wandering elf
Outward Appearance

Rainith is a slim, serious-looking elf, with long dark hair framing a pale, thoughtful face and green eyes. Her expression is often slightly cautious, as though she is feeling her way through a world she does not fully understand, but she has a wide, joyful smile, and when she laughs she appears to lose all traces of anxiety.


Rainith has always been fearless, almost to the point of recklessness, and so it was almost no surprise when she insisted on leaving her home in Rivendell at a fairly young age to travel across the lands and discover the places she'd so far only read about. It was a surprise when she failed to come back.

The journey had gone well until Rainith found herself in a rather dark forest. She would never remember the accident - all she knew was pain and darkness for some time, before eventually waking up in a small cabin owned by an old woman, and knowing nothing of who she had been, or what she had done before that point. The old woman told her that she had had a serious head wound, which had healed slowly. For a long time Rainith's life was simply a slow period of recovery. The old woman was skilled in healing methods and other old lore which she claimed to have had passed on to her from her mother, and her mother before her, and once she was well enough Rainith began to study such things - her keen appetite for new knowledge undimmed by her experience. As she was unable to remember her name, the old woman called her 'Seqariel', and for a long time Rainith lived quietly under that name in the forest - her peaceful life only interrupted when the old woman died.

After a while Seqariel began to feel restless, but knowing nothing else than the life she now lived, she feared leaving the forest for the unknown worlds beyond. It was a fortunate coincidence that brought her to the camp of another elf some 100 years after she'd first awoken in the cabin, to meet Aelaer. Aelaer was on a journey to fight against the troubles stirring in the world, and easily managed to convince Seqariel to join her, and travel as her companion. Not long afterwards they met Tingruviel, Bofrid, and Zarhiel, and Seqariel began to revel in the new world that was opening up before her - finding inspiration in the struggle against gathering forces of darkness, and joy in the friends who stood beside her in that struggle. She found the adaptation to her new way of life difficult at times, often feeling overwhelmed in the whirl of new people and rules to learn, but was always comforted by the dedication of her friends, all of whom she loves fiercely as a result.

One last surprise remained for the young elf, however, in Rivendell. One evening she was approached by an elf called Sidhon, claiming to be her brother, and calling her 'Rainith' - his lost sister. Rainith recognised the name as her own, although she had no memories of her brother. Rainith has rediscovered her name, at least - but discovering who she is now must surely be a harder task.

Brother: Sidhon

Rainith's Adventures

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Rainith's Adventures

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Rainith's Gallery