Odelynne, Daughter of Holdwine

Name Odelynne
Artist, specifically painting.
Young adult
From Edoras, she tagged along with a caravan from Dale through Eregion to Bree. Currently in Bree.
Oaths of the East
Outward Appearance

Odelynne is a young woman from the Riddermark. She appears to be not much older than twenty winters. 

She has long red hair that she lets flow freely down her back. Her face is plain, conventionally pretty, but hardened by long years spent living in the Rhovanion.

Her hands boast callouses that speak of years tugging on reins, and her attire is often splattered with mud or paints. 

She dresses in plain, simple dresses that are easy to move around in, and are not hard to repair or wash. When she speaks, it is with a thick Rohirric accent, but her voice is soft.

Banner: "Miranda - the Tempest" (1916) by John William Waterhouse

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a song

Odelynne was born to Holdwine and Odwena, and as the younger sister to Holdferd. 

 From a young age, her mother instilled in her a love of the wilds and nature around them. Odwena was a weaver and a painter, and although Odelynne was a willful spirit, she eventually showed talent in painting just as her mother did. Holdwine was a horse-breeder by profession, though the tapestries and paintings that Odwena would create also made for a fair share of their (albeit limited) wealth. 


There being six years between Odelynne and Holdferd, her brother left the family home at sixteen out of a desire to travel and settled in Bree, and the last time Odelynne saw him was when she was ten years old. After this occurrence, Holdwine taught his daughter how to ride a steed - the one that belonged to her mother. The steed's name was Felgar, and he was built for speed more than battle, so he was kept by the family. 

When Odelynne was fourteen, her mother was stricken down with a serious illness in the spring of that year and had passed by the winter months. Odelynne took to spending more time riding Felgar out in the plains of the Riddermark - to her father's dismay, as the lands were far more dangerous than they were even when she was younger. Holdwine began to attempt to marry his daughter off to curb her wild enthusiasm at sixteen, but every suitor that came her way was sent running by her unbreakable spirit and love of the free, open temptations of the Riddermark.

When Odelynne realized her father was disappointed in her spirit, and that she felt trapped by his overbearing nature,  she left his home at nineteen winters to explore the world as her brother did. Upon her journey to his home in the Bree-lands, she met a caravan of merchants and sellswords heading west from the Dale-lands. She traveled with them and met the siblings Mercwri and Jacir, and formed a friendship with them ere they reached Bree. Though their paths now separate, she hopes to see them again before she returns home to Edoras.

"I had thought that, by speaking with the lovely Odelynne only of dance, and art, and merriment, and the pleasure of good company, I was taking a step in the correct direction." - (as said by Fenley)
"But as Men may master their bodies to fight, so they may master fear. You are the type more likely to die by the sword than by sensibility." - (as said by Arthur)

"Soul of the Rose" John William Waterhouse  | "La Belle Dame Sans Merci" Frank Bernard Dicksee | "The Lady of Shalott" John William Waterhouse

The siblings Fenley and Piper. She has grown close to Arthur as of late, and is recently acquainted with Belfry, Loakee, and Catalinna.
Her mother passed when she was younger. Her father remained home in Rohan, but she has a brother in Bree.
All are her friends until proven otherwise. That being said, Corbray is of no good standing in her eyes.
Besides painting, a craft she learned from her mother, she is very fond of flowers and goes out of her way to walk the scenic route. She has a sweet tooth, and a love for mead.
Those who care little for their health. Sickness is no joke to her.
Although she plans to one day return to her father and family home outside of Edoras, for now she wants to find some inspiration in Bree.
"Yes, well, the Men of the Mark wear helms that will defend them in battle, and not audacious, gaudy hats that they can be smothered with."

Odelynne's Adventures

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Odelynne's Adventures

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