Odelynne "Odie" Beebalm

Name Odelynne
Artist, specifically painting.
Young adult
A Bree-land native, she has a shared family home within the walls of Bree.
Outward Appearance

Odelynne is a young woman who hails from the fields and the woods of Bree-land, as wild and spirited as the singing morning larks that perch high in the boughs of her home. Her hair, long and auburn, is let loose down her face in loose waves (though she does pull it back while working to keep it free of paints and knotting thereof). Her face is softened by a life free of manual labor and indulgence in her artistic work; her cheeks are sprayed with freckles due to the long hours that she spends outside.


She dresses in plain dresses or tunics that are easy to move around in, and are not hard to repair or wash. This is due to her habit of collecting her own materials for mixing paints and making paintbrushes on her own account rather than forking over her money; mud spattering the hem of her clothes or paints staining them are not uncommon occurences. Her hands are often dirtied with charcoal, which also pose a threat to unblemished skin and attire. 

Though her voice falls softly when she speaks, she has a temper and a fiery tongue to rival that of the drunkest braggart in the bar when she feels so called upon.


Odelynne was born the second, restless child in the small hamlet of Archet, hidden within the Bree-lands. From a young age, her mother instilled in her and her older brother a love of the wilds and nature around them. Her mother as a weaver and a painter, and although Odelynne was a willful spirit, she eventually showed talent in painting just as her mother did. Her father was a farmer by profession, though the tapestries and paintings that his wife would create also made for a fair share of their (albeit limited) wealth. 

There being a six-year age gap between Odelynne and her elder brother, Ogden, her brother left the family home at sixteen to take up an apprenticeship in the nearby town of Bree to hopefully improve his prospects for his own future family. When Odelynne was fourteen, her mother was stricken down with a serious illness in the spring of that year and had passed by the winter months. Her father began to attempt to marry his daughter off to curb her wild enthusiasm at sixteen, but every suitor that came her way was sent running by her unbreakable spirit and love of the free, open temptations of the wild fields and whatever lay beyond--and a vicious tongue-lashing oft sent them running, too.

When at nineteen a fire and a brigand attack razed Archet and her father's farm, they packed up what remained of their belongings and moved in with Ogden in Bree, now sharing a family home with his wife and child. Though the adjustment to a larger town has been hard on her father, in the years since, Odelynne has flourished as a local artist.

"I had thought that, by speaking with the lovely Odelynne only of dance, and art, and merriment, and the pleasure of good company, I was taking a step in the correct direction." - (as said by Fenley)
"But as Men may master their bodies to fight, so they may master fear. You are the type more likely to die by the sword than by sensibility." - (as said by Arthur)

The siblings Fenley and Piper. She has grown close to Arthur as of late, and is recently acquainted with Belfry, Loakee, and Catalinna.
Her mother passed when she was young to a strange illness, but she lives with her remaining family (a father and a brother) in Bree.
All are her friends until proven otherwise. That being said, Corbray is of no good standing in her eyes.
Besides painting, a craft she learned from her mother, she is very fond of flowers and goes out of her way to walk the scenic route. She has a sweet tooth, and a love for food she does not have to pay for.
Those who care little for their health. Sickness is no joke to her.
An artist finds inspiration everywhere.

Odelynne's Adventures

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Odelynne's Adventures

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Odelynne's Gallery