Fenley Plumwood

Name Fenley
barely an adult, but seems a bit older
Outward Appearance

Somehow, despite being only a few years a man now and clean-shaven to boot, Fenley projects an air of being notably older than his age, through something ineffable about the air of cold, distant, serious indifference in his pale blue eyes. His dark hair is cut short in a strict, orderly bob, betrayed only by a single cowlick that (much to his silent irritation) is unwilling to behave. His hands are rough from work, but unless you see him on a work site you will rarely find any other sign of his labor, as he fastidiously cleans even the least speck of sawdust from his impeccably fitted clothes. In most affairs, he gives an impression of distant affability; he is willing to listen, which goes a long way with most people, but remains reserved and disconnected, as if the world around him is a play being put on for his amusement, and he isn't nearly as amused as one would like. He's of middling height, around 5'8", with a slim, wiry build that does not betray the strength that comes from long hours working with axe, chisel, and saw. He moves fluidly and gracefully, with the precision of a dancer.


((art from https://overwatch-fanon.fandom.com/wiki/Andrej))


Twin brother to Piper, Fenley left his family and their Inn at the age of seven for an apprenticeship in carpentry in Trestlebridge, choosing a life of hard labor for reasons that he has never made clear to anyone else; it certainly didn't fit his wiry frame or his interest in being a lettered man (nor the airs he sometimes puts on about the latter). Perhaps he simply felt a need to get away from his family, and took the first opportunity that came up.

If he regretted that distance when a tragic fire took his parents and nearly destroyed the Inn, he showed no sign of it. His aloof indifference, however, did not go so far as to make him stay away at such a time of need. His skills in carpentry proved valuable when he returned for a short time to help rebuild the Inn and get it into working order. He and Piper grew somewhat close in that shared grief and struggle, despite his tendency to mock and tease her (and be teased in return). But his aloofness reasserted itself as the work finished; to her surprise, perhaps, he ceded his half of the Inn to her and returned to Trestlebridge to continue his work there.

Work that has completed, apparently, as he has recently written to Piper of his intent to return to Bree.

Liffey, perhaps Odelynne
Piper (twin sister)
elegance, beauty, art, music, dance, merriment, a warm smile
indignity, being cheated, unearned awards
boot-strap Plumwood Furnishings; enjoy merriment and the company of fine friends and lovers

Fenley's Adventures

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Fenley's Adventures

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Fenley's Gallery