Purple is the color I associate with indulgence. It is the color of nobility in the eyes of some, but to cease one’s opinion only there is to do oneself a disservice. Purple is not just nobility, but all that those who are not noble desire to be. It is the color of what we want to attain for ourselves, and that which some do. It is one who becomes that which what they want for themselves.

Purple is the grapes before they are pressed into wine; wine before it stains the drunkard’s lips in their misery or their madness; purple is that which no finds no balance in its hues - it is delicate or it is tempting, and it is telling of a person which shade of purple they delight in.

Purple tells you of the façade; it is that which is noble and also that which pretends to be. Those who drench themselves in the color are the very nature of duality.

GENPOCKER VERSUS MENDEM: Actresses and felines (2)        

art by Arthur Wardle | art by Sir Edward John Poynter | art by John Michael Wright