Piper Plumwood

Name Piper
young adult
Outward Appearance


Piper is a girl that can't be anymore than twenty years old. She's lithe, petite, and stands at only 5'5''. She has a freckled round face framed by wavy and unruly brown hair with pale hazel eyes. She speaks with a soft voice and a Breeish accent.


She is a friendly and cheerful girl. She's bubbly, able to make friends with just about anyone that she talks to. Piper used to be very naive about the world and her mindset has changed a lot since then. She still wants to believe the best in people no matter what but Piper takes slights against herself or her family very seriously. Once she feels like her loyalty has been broken, it is broken forever.


Her clothes are always finely-made, usually seen in beautiful and colorful gowns and dresses. Piper has an expensive style, and it's easy to see that when looking at her. She does wear a few jewels, around her neck or on her fingers.


Piper Plumwood was born and raised in the town of Bree. Her parents were the owners of an Inn in the neighborhoods, and Piper grew up learning the family business at her mother's hip. She was taught how to read and write by a tutor, and she learned how to play the harp before she was ten years old. She was always a very rambunctious girl, she loved playing and going outside and making friends. Piper grew up alongside her twin brother, and the two could not be more different in personality. Where she was cheerful and bubbly, Fenley was cold and aloof and distant. They were never close as children.

When she was still quite young, Fenley left the family Inn to travel to Trestlebridge for work. She wrote him occasionally, but Piper was more glad that her brother was out of the house. 

Piper's parents died right after she turned eighteen. Her brother returned from Trestlebridge and together they rebuilt the damaged parts of the Inn, where a fire had consumed her parents. It was reopened a few months later and refurnished, and Piper grew closer to her brother in the short time he was there. She became the new owner of the Peaceful Peach, though she kept things very traditional to how her parents had run the Inn when she was a young girl.

With her brother off in Trestlebridge again, Piper flourished in her role as the sole proprietress of The Peaceful Peach. The Inn's business grew as Piper worked really hard to keep it running with only herself and a handful of other people. With her brother newly returned to Bree and living in the Inn again, Piper expected to fight over the ownership of the Inn, and was pleasantly (and guiltily) surprised when Fenley had no interest in it.

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Piper cares deeply for Belfry and she considers Odelynne to be a close friend. She has also made amends with Arthur.
a twin brother, Fenley.
Piper does not have many rivals or enemies.
Piper can spend the entire day laying in the shade of a tree and reading a book. She has a fondness for yellow flowers, and her favorite food is raspberry tarts.
Though she doesn't necessarily hate them, Piper isn't a very good rider and she has a deep-rooted fear of horses.

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