Catalinna “Cat”

Name Catalinna
She gets by on her wit and her charm, and maybe some light thievery here and there- though the latter would be tough to prove.. If there's anything else that she needs, she can usually get it through successful scamming bets with people.
Adult; Looks to be in her late 20’s, early 30’s
Nobody knows. She has to sleep somewhere though... maybe... if she sleeps at all.
Outward Appearance

        Catalinna is easily recognized around Bree due to her fiery, ruby red hair which falls in uneven, wispy strands just past her shoulders. Her thin frame and short stature (she is approximately 5'4) might make her seem like an easy, malnourished target to some; however, her confident posture and sly smile signal that there might be more to her than first meets the eye. She doesn't give her name away for free (it will usually cost a stout or two), but those that know her normally call her "Cat."


        She looks to be in her late 20's or early 30's, but her light green eyes, which once always held a gleam of pending mischief, now seem to harbor a wisdom beyond her years- though her impish grin might cause one to question that. She can normally be seen wearing long-sleeved navy dresses along with a tribal-looking navy shawl or typical Bree clothing in muted browns or rust colors with an ordinary shawl that any Breelander woman might wear. She doesn't care much for shoes anymore and so, it would not be unusual to see her walking around barefoot. 





        It would be very easy to notice the silver cat shaped pendant that she wears on a leather cord around her neck and the ring with a black star sapphire gem that she wears on her right index finger. If one were observant, or if she just so happened not to be wearing full-length sleeves (which is rare), it might be seen that she always wears a very worn leather band, about an inch wide with a tarnished, silver name plate, on her left wrist. (Her full name could be learned from this if it were seen) 




        Hidden underneath that bracelet, etched into the very flesh on the underside of her wrist, is a bright golden symbol of an eight pointed compass star. (Click HERE for more information)




        Due to an ambush on her traveling party over four years ago, Catalinna was left with burn scars on both of her feet and legs and without any memories of her past life - she wasn't even sure that her name was truly Catalinna. However, she has recently started to unravel the mystery of who she was then and what that means for the present. The clues that have helped her: the leather bracelet with a silver name plate, her navy blue shawl (which one might note has a tribal look to it), and the tale of the horrific scene that those who found her told her. She also has one other piece from her past for which the full story hasn't been revealed- the silver ring that she keeps on a chain around her neck (hidden from plain sight).

        That was before her latest trip to Fornost; now everything has changed. The witchfire has been reignited, which has healed her of the scars of the past and removed the curse that was placed on her mind; however, this "blessing" held its own curse in that her memories were thrown into the "collective pool" along with those of her ancestors. Her mind is currently a jumbled mess as she tries to sort through the vast knowledge of the witches that came before her, and her new purpose seems to be trying to cope with what she was always destined to be.


Cat doesn’t think of any as a “true” friend; however, she is slowly starting to consider a few to be a welcomed part of her life. She is not one that easily trusts so, don't expect her to tell you her troubles or her life story.
Mother: Rohina (deceased); Half sister: Sablelinna (deceased) -- Others she considers "Family": Kimbell (honor sister); Gregwald (pact brother); Cirvedui (heart-seer)
Some might consider Cat to be a nuisance or "too much", Butterbur for one; however, she's not one to be threatened or intimidated by any. Life is her worst enemy, usually reminding her that it is delusional to hope for good things.
Cat is a woman of simple enjoyments; as long as she has a full belly, a drink in her hand and someone to talk to, she’s content. She likes to gossip as well so, a good rumor will always catch her attention.
Cat doesn’t like the watch or any lawman and tries to avoid them. She also detests those that flaunt their wealth, but refuse to help those that are less fortunate. She "hates" being hungry or thirsty and living on the streets of the alley
Cat desires to earn things honestly; she wants to buy her own house one day, pay those back that she has stolen from, and help the others that are forced to live on the streets in the alley.
"This Cat can be a lion when threatened."-Kimbell

Catalinna's Adventures

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Catalinna's Adventures

Catalinna's Gallery

Catalinna's Gallery