Cyanite Quartzhand

Name Cyanite
None of your business!
The Iron Hills are her homelands, but she's traveling at the moment.
Outward Appearance


For a Dwarf, Cyanite is rather tall, nearing an impressive 4'10! She carries herself with dignity and possesses a youthful face, hardly creased with wrinkles besides those that speak of pleasant memories. Though her charcoal hair (that reaches to her rear) is streaked with mithril-coloured strands which betray her to be older. 


A sharp profile and overall impressive disposition do not keep her from often giving a demure and coy air. Bright blue eyes appear to see right into whoever they're fixated on; always analytical they are, but almost never hold an unpleasant gaze.


Usually most of her hair is tucked into her cloak, if one is wrapped around her shoulders. If wearing a robe and plain attire, she would be certainly mistaken for a male dwarf if one doesn't notice recognize her purposefully feminine attitudes, as her voice is deep and resonant, her figure less than petite. But in comfort, or when she otherwise wishes it, she enjoys wearing fine fabrics and a myriad of jewelry: gems on her neck, rings on her hands, bangles on her wrists, and often a circlet on her head. And — she never forgets to keep her corset tight.



Cyanite Quartzhand may be known among some Dwarves as a self-made lady that usually resides in the Iron Hills, though makes the occasional travel to the Red Mountains or the Lonely Mountain. That she is in the West now is a first-time occurrance!  A keeper of lore by trade, and a reader of runes and stars by hobby, Cyanite is well-learned. Both a socialite and bookworm, she's versed in being politic and astute. She thinks she's intelligent on most topics, and perhaps occasionally shows conceit, but overall she's known to be kind and wise (and long-winded...!).

At meat her manners were well taught withal;
No morsel from her lips did she let fall,
Nor dipped her fingers in the sauce too deep;
But she could carry a morsel up and keep
The smallest drop from falling on her breast.
For courtliness she had a special zest,
And she would wipe her upper lip so clean
That not a trace of grease was to be seen
Upon the cup which she had drunk; to eat,
She reached a hand sedately for the meat.
She certainly was very entertaining,
Pleasant and friendly in her ways, and straining
To counterfeit a courtly kind of grace,
A stately bearing fitting to her place.

Chaucer, Geoffrey. The Canterbury Tales. Lines 131-144.


Maddoct, Bíld, Rofda, Thrufi.
Some in the Iron Hills and Red Mountains; Maddoct is her cousin-by-affection.
Anyone who treats her friends/family poorly.
Wine, long conversations, writing, reading, and those who are dear to her.
People who fold book pages rather than use a bookmark.
"I have better things to do with my time than choose pain over happiness."

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