Captain Calagand Silversong

Name Calagand

A Captain watchman of Bree

He looks to be in his old age
Outward Appearance

He looks old, but not quite that old. He would have only a few wrinkles, and his hair and thick beard would be a silver-ish grey and white...his eyes blue, and his skin, a light tan. He stands up straight and rarely slouches, he keeps in good health. You might see him in a traveler's outfit with a hat, small backpack and sword at his side. That or he would be in a Bree-land's guard outfit with light/medium armor, a shield, sword, and cloak. He looks fairly strong for an older man with a fine muscular build, and is quite tall (6,2). He would have the symbol of the Bree-land watch on his shirt/uniform, whatever he is wearing. Lastly, his sword that he carries would actually be of elvish make if one could tell.


Calagand wasn't always that boring old watchman standing around in the pony looking around... in fact, it was only about 7-10 years ago that he decided to join the watchmen of Bree. In fact, if you must know, Cal wasn't even from Bree or any other towns in Bree-land, in the first place. He hails from Dale, a city to the far east, over the misty mountains. The tale of how he traveled all the way from Dale to Bree, and became a Captain watchman is quite a long one. If you really would want to know, then you could try asking him yourself sometime...but he is quite busy, and now that I think about it, he most likely wouldn't tell you! Is it because he's lazy? No...tired? Perhaps. Or maybe he doesn't like you for some reason and would rather not talk? Who knows? Well, could try if you want!


Edhelfaron Celebsarn, Agromnir, Mumphis, his dog Tod, and a few others.

None that are player controlled.
Brigands, orcs, and outlaws...anything of that sort really.
Simple things like... music, peace, quiet, and cool rainy weather with a nice breeze...
Cal very rarely truly HATES anyone.
To protect and help his friends and all the decent folk of Bree.
"What the... how? Why?"

Calagand's Adventures

Slow and Silent 10 months 6 days ago
Unfathomable 1 year 7 months ago
The Thoughts of an Old Captain 1 year 9 months ago
Calagand's Adventures

Calagand's Gallery

Calagand's Gallery