Hellebore's Perilous Plan

Ryton, Calagand, and Cherawyn head slowly back towards the inn, soon meeting back up with Lomiphell (with Cherry inside recovering). Lomi learns the details of what happened, then Ryton reveals the taking of Cherry’s relic was actually meant to be. Lomi and Cal are deeply confused of course, and Ryton himself does not know the reasons for everything — but Daltor apparently does.

Hellebore’s plan underneath —

The team was likely never going to make it in the end, and even if they were to, the other half of the artifact to the east may have already been taken some time ago by Angmar, according to Daltor’s gathered knowledge and assumptions. For that was mainly what Daltor’s plan was based on — safe assumptions after studying and watching his enemies and allies alike, like pawns in the game he was carefully playing before his death (which the team knows not of yet.) He knew of Melsulvon and gathered that he sought a particular artifact within Draugmir, one that could defeat Alestair if combined with the relic to the east. And so, since the Grey Mountains-relic could not likely be retrieved from the hands of Angmar, the other half Draugmir possessed from days long past had to be given to them — an enemy to destroy another enemy. A very risky choice, but a necessary one nonetheless — the hope here is to have enough of the strongest warriors left over to strike at the right time, keeping Melsulvon from claiming and using the power entirely if the Wolf is to be defeated. Of course, it could not be given so easily and freely as to make it look to Melsulvon like it was intended. No, Daltor had to make it look like the whole thing was real. And so, he made a small team to set out with the goal to supposedly find the other half, with the members themselves thinking it was a real effort, so the effect could be at its fullest. Cherawyn was chosen to hold the item because her innocence and unique inner light made it so that Alestair could not detect her or the item for a time as she and the others made their escape when Alestair came at the same time, making another attack. And so the team made it to the Lone-lands where Melsulvon caught up, disguised in his grey uniform, later making his move in the ambush near Ost Guruth. Ryton was sent to prevent any serious injuries or deaths that he could from the event, knowing at least the part of Daltor’s plan where the relic was to be taken.

Of course, the remaining team does not understand all of this yet, but Ryton and Cal do know that they must travel north now, to aid if they can. The letter supposedly from Mortanas might've been a trap, but now it means nothing for them now that Avaru's force and such will be going in first. Lomi however, who is distrusting of all of this and Daltor, splits from the others, following a messenger bird that would lead to Daltor to finally speak with him herself. As for Cherry, she heads back to Bree — Cal’s dog going with her.