... I can hardly believe it, nor understand. If what I have now been told is true, then I– we have been deceived. He is dead. Edhelfaron Celebsarn is dead... slain and taken by that crimson monstrosity, who still somehow walks this earth.

Alestair... Alestair betrayed us all. Whether possessed by a darkness beyond his will, or somehow evil at heart from the beginning, he took the stone for himself and... and marched on the island. I cannot fathom what might be going through his head, if anything. He was always rather peculiar, wanting me to somehow guess his true name before he would help Avornith and I begin tracking the Cargul in the beginning – then he’d resorted to a riddle game, as if that’s exactly what the situation had been like. He had indeed helped us in the end, even though I had failed both games – yet he’d only aided us in merely beginning our hunt. But it was Duindos himself (who I understand has now finally returned) who had sent me to find him in the first place before disappearing. How Duindos or anyone else could not at all foresee this kind of betrayal is half-beyond me. And so, if I get the chance, I will have to speak with the elf myself for details - as I indeed have much to ponder. 

 And now I sit here, within the partly-ruined walls of Draugmir, waiting for further information on this journey to the Grey Mountains I am to take part in. And though my dull, heavy blade no longer shines like silver – the elvish blade I once carried no doubt in Wolfe's possession now – I will do all that I can in avenging Celebsarn... to the death if it must be so.