Enidh Rend

Name Enidh
Scavenger, tinker, treasure hunter, an Eglain
Twenty six
Lone lands
Outward Appearance
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Thin and tall, with sharp blue eyes and shoulder length blond hair. Her robes are comfortable for journey, made to be not a burden but still offering some protection, with bright colors in details. She speaks with merry tone, while her eyes glisten with mischief. On her belt one can see few tied raggedy satchels and bundle of her lucky charms tied to one iron ring. All that chimes as she moves, with head in clouds and prance in her step.


Her major skills:

- Pathfinding and survival in wilderness

- Climbing and orientation

- Reading old marks and writings, writing and reading, drawing.

- Skilled with bow and with her short sword.


Her minor and other skills:

- Able drinker

- Gambling and trickster (cheater)

- Able to repair simple yet delicate items, in progress with her whitesmithing (repair of jewelry, sewing, leather work)

- Used to hunt with hawk, so she has some skills as Hawker too.


Flaws and lacks of skill:

- Does not like to ride horses, and she is pretty bad in riding.

- Loves to drink, and she is not so wise with her coin.

- It is hard for her to be faithful to one man or woman

- Absolutely hates onions and cabbage

- Has few wounds and former broken bones that are known to be painful during the weather change

- Known to abuse some of remedies she would steal from uncle Ostwic


This woman is one of the Eglain’s most pre-eminent relic-hunters. Based in the Eglain’s current ruin-hold, the Rhudaurian fortress of Ost Guruth, she often packs her bags and goes out by herself into the Lonelands or further in search of likely sites to excavate. Arnorian ruins dot the landscape, as well as ruins of two of Arnor’s successor-realms, Rhudaur and Cardolan. She knows that these are the best places to dig up potsherds, old coins, jewellery, weapons, and other artefacts. She has a good eye for these items, knowing which have the most value when traded to collectors and scholars in the Bree-land. Her many trades have provided well for her people — food, blankets, clothing, weapons, and even livestock.


"I was born in wastelands east of Weathertop, and my grandfather wise as he is, gave me name by the land I was born on. Nain Enidh, he said, so I became Enidh. Truthfully that is known to do some confusion among strangers, but all would end in laugh. I cant say my sister Agarwen had more luck, though we all call her simply Aggy to avoid the ominous sound of her name. Well that is us, the Rends, sharp yet odd in our way of life.

Breelanders look at us as we are their distant unwanted cousins, Hillmen look at us as we are nothing but locusts, wandering rangers take some confidence in us, perhaps cause we understand them more then any other. We accept foreigners to drink, work or lie with us, and many of children born within family is son or daughter of man or women, from foreign lands, that find place among us or just carry on with their way. Either way we are family."


Head of the Rends is Enidh's grandfather Rhudric, man with sour face and long silver sideburns. He keeps us in order, solving the problems or fights, counting the coin and teaching children of the Eglain life.


His first wife Trude, her grandmother, died few years ago, but he took two of her sisters as his wives also as both of their husbands died (they were of Hargmer family, that had Forsaken Inn).


She has many siblings cousins and relatives, many of them stay around Nain Enidh, Ost Guruth, namely.


Agarwen Rend

- Oldest granddaughter of Rhudric, aged 54, will be head of family after grandfather. She has five children with different fathers: Rhudlaf (36 ), Avery (31), Mayleaf (24), Cealy and Cloty (twins 19).

She is very mercantile and takes good care of the family, ever worried about their future, though she is renown as quite of a trickster and skilled gambler.

Ostwic Rend

​- uncle of Agarwen, son of Rhuric sister Rhian and raggedy ranger Hemloc. Age of 43, sage of Eglain, having only one child that died early. Since then he focused on healing, mending bones and wounds in Ost Guruth. He has cat named Totsy, and its all in his world now.

His potions and ointments are renown around this parts and further. Even few Breelanders are known to seek his advice. (some say its cause his father was a one of those rangers from the north)

Annulos Rend 

- son of Trude and hillman (savage attack), aged 41(missing for 3 years now) and caravan guard for wealthy merchant,  seen the world and has been lost since he went to east.

Has three known children and they keep appearing in Ost Guruth.  They are Ostforth (21), Ann (13) and Eryn (6). Ann and Eryn mother Aubrey used to be barmaid in Bree, now lives with Rend's.

​Talath (Tally) Rend

- daughter of Trude and Rhudric, mother of Enidh, aged 40, has four children with Enidh to be oldest.


Enidhs siblings: Gaune (17), Forson (15), Trudith (11) and Sienna (5).

Enidhs father was wanderer with flaxen hair and tall stature, he spoke of land to the north, beyond  High Misty Mountains. He left not so long ago after Enidhs birth.

Rahvic, Harthator, among others
The Rend family
Few rival families of Eglain and Half orcs that raid Eglain caravans and camps.
Gambling, mischief, whole of her family and the Eglain way of life.
To be in one place for too long.
To provide for family, to get wealthy so she could afford all the things she could think off.
"Ar, ye for a one roll of a dice?"

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